Friday, May 19, 2006

Homophobia Rules in the U.S. Senate

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By DOUG THOMPSON May 19, 2006, 09:37
© Copyright 2006 by Capitol Hill Blue

Sadly, homophobia rules in the United State Senate.
I suppose I should expect such intolerance in a legislative body ruled by the Republican Party - the home of racists, bigots and hate. Led by the biggest homophobe of all - President George W. Bush - the GOP continues to represent repression at the highest level.
The latest assault comes at the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee in a session so heated that Democratic member Russ Feingold stalked out as Chairman Arlen Specter chanted "Good riddance!"
The committee, in a private session, approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage - just the latest Republican assault on liberty - a measure that mandates that marriage is only legal between a man and a woman.
Bush, the homophobe-in-chief, declared the constitutional amendment a major part of his "political capital" after the 2004 election. His fellow homophobes in the Senate appear determined to back his bigoted ways.
I'm not surprised. I worked with enough Republicans while in Washington to realize the party is overrun by gay-bashers, racists and bigots. What they call "family values" is nothing more than a call to arms against anyone who doesn't buy into their limited, hate-filled view of life. What they call decent is nothing more than old-fashioned intolerance at its worst.
These right-wing fanatics tout the Bible when they think they have found an obscure verse that supports their narrow-minded views and then ignore the overall teachings of religion that promote love and tolerance. Not surprisingly, they treat the Constitution with the same, callous disregard.
Bush claims to be a Christian but calls the Constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper." In fact, "goddamn" is one of Bush's favorite obscenities. At the very least, this is odd behavior for a so-called Christian.
But I don't, for a second, believe Bush is a Christian or a religious man. He is an opportunist who uses religion as a political tool as do far too many of the so-called family-value Republicans who infect Congress like a rampaging cancer.
True Christians would not promote the hate, intolerance and bigotry that come out of Congress. True Christians would not continue to back an illegal invasion of another country, one that had led to the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and many thousands of Iraqi civilians.
True Christians would not try to amend the U.S. Constitution to declare love the sole province of heterosexuals.
True Christianity cannot exit in a Congress ruled by the Republican Party.

~thanks to my sister Ischade for forwarding this to me. sapphoq

Saturday, May 13, 2006


To those of you who think you know what is best for me better than I myself do-- you don't.

To those of you who think your religion is better than mine and that I should convert-- I won't.

To those of you who think that someone else should decide which religious symbols are acceptable on the grave of a dead veteran-- you are wrong.

To those of you who think that the internet should be restricted to electronic communication of only those ideas that you agree with-- so long.


~radical sapphoq

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Monday, May 08, 2006


Inhuman Creation Station
Artist - Cky
Album - Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild

Driving in at work behind
Speed up the assembly line
Don't force units together
Follow the instruction sign
This isn't happening a fourth time..

Work the parts responsibly
Place them biologically
Release the incomplete
Bury the unfaithful fleet
This isn't happening a fifth time..
This blood is flowing through a warped mind..

See what's inside all the things you will find
Can you see yourself doing that
When you're out on the move seeking something to prove?
Can you see yourself doing that?
You were in their design,
Just thrown into a mind
And the world becomes a path
How the subtle divide
Manufacturer's' bride.

In the wake of aftermath,
Compatible reality.
Forming separate entities,
Dead heads and holy water.
We instill the wants and needs.
Work with the team to make the deadline.

Modern man cannot survive
Drowning in formaldehyde.
Inhuman creation station,
that's where we control your lives
And it's been happening since the dawn of time.
This blood's still flowing through a warped mind.

[to Chorus]

A hard-driving song with a catchy beat that my australian friend Deb sent me. ~radical sapphoq

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


*a public service announcement from on behalf of nosotros amigos mexicanos quien vivent en los etados unidos e trabajant obtenir unas monedas*

"On May 14 - the most important Latino film of the year will be out it's called... A Day Without A Mexican. It's about what would happen one day if all the Latinos in California disappeared. Who would mow the lawns, pick the fruits, wash the cars and do all the menial jobs that so many take for granted?
This film is about cultural appreciation. We need your support. Latinos need to be recognized. Please spread the word by downloading this image and promoting the movie in any way you can (put the flyer up at work or at your neighborhood restaurant or give it to your friends). Thank you all... Mil Gracias!"