Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I have noted with some interest the fanfare that emerged after Hugo Chavez called President Bush "the devil" at the United Nations recently. Who is Hugo Chavez? Is he an enlightened leader or something else?

Hugo Chavez is the current president of Venezuela.
He is openly Marxist and a socialist.

Hugo Chavez has been building diplomatic relationships with such notable countries as Cuba, mainland China, North Korea, and Iran. He has been accused of having ties with Al Queda, the Taliban, FARC, and ELN.

Venezuela is providing oil to Cuba at discounted prices. Hugo Chavez also imported Cubans to help him in his bid for power in Venezuela.

Venezuela and Red China are also planning to exchange ideas for the economic and development good of both countries. China is currently not capable of refining Venezuela's crude oil exports. Hugo Chavez is hoping to encourage Chinese government investments in his oil refineries.

Chavez is sympathetic to the North Korean government. He visited North Korea after missile testing.
Hugo Chavez considers the current Iranian regime to be worthy of imitation.

Venezuela and Iran are partnering to build an oil refinery in Syria, among other joint projects.

Hugo Chavez has been accused of having terrorist ties with Al Queda. Although publickly he espouses many of the same 9/11 conspiracy junk-science "theories" which have been popping up all over the web, he may have contributed financially to Al Queda in order to get the job done.

Hugo Chavez wanted to send troops to aid the Taliban when the United States attacked Afghanistan.

Hugo Chavez may also have ties with two strong terrorist organizations-- FARC and ELN-- in Colombia.

He has also been investing money in poorer South American countries in order to build political alliances.

Hugo Chavez is not worthy of admiration. He is not "enlightened." He is a dictator and he admires repressive governments which are very far removed from democracy. He has promised to alleviate the plight of South America's impoverished residents. Even if he can deliver on that promise, at what cost? Taliban. FARC. ELN. Al Queda. Iran. North Korea. Mainland China. Cuba.
Taliban. FARC. ELN. Al Queda. Iran. North Korea. Mainland China. Cuba. No Thanks.
~spike q

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Sunday, September 24, 2006


By now, some of you have heard that the pagan veteran Patrick Stewart is getting a pentacle on his tombstone as he would have wished. The Office of Veteran Affairs continues to be unable to render a decision on the request of his widow to have Wicca recognized as a religion and the pentacle recognized as a sacred symbol. There has however been a partial victory-- the state cemetary received an indication that it was free to go ahead and have a pentacle carved in the veteran's headstone. And it did just that. The story can be found at: http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/09/14/D8K4DACO0.html

Happy Mabon to those who are celebrating the turning of the wheel as I am.
Blessed Be!
~ radical sapphoq

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hassidic Jew removed from airplane for praying

Hassidic Jew removed from airplane for praying: "Headline News
Thursday, September 07, 2006 by Staff Writer

Hassidic Jew removed from airplane for praying

A Hassidic Jew was removed last week from a Canada Jazz flight from Montreal to New York after nervous passengers complained about the way he was praying in his seat prior to takeoff.
As the aircraft was taxiing towards the runway, several passengers noticed the man praying in his seat and alerted the flight crew of suspicious and erratic behavior. The flight attendant approached the passenger and told him that she knew he was not Muslim, but that he was causing some of the passengers to be nervous. A Canada Jazz spokesman said that the passenger did not speak English of French and the crew had no choice but to return to the gate and find an interpreter.
“The situation on the flight was tense. More than one passenger complained about him. The crew had no choice but to be considerate to the other passengers,” he said.
Once they arrived back at the gate, the passenger was escorted off and the plane took off without him. He was allowed to continue to New York on the next flight an hour and a half later.
One of the passengers on the flight spoke to the media after the incident and said that the man was not disturbing anyone and that, to his knowledge, nobody had complained. Other passengers said that he did not pray out loud, but was swaying back and forth in his seat.
Jewish leaders in Montreal called the incident insensitive and said the flight attendant should have explained to passengers that the man was simply praying and not harming anyone. Sources in the Jewish Community called the decision racist and the B’nei Brith organization of Canada offered to arrange a course in religious tolerance to airline employees."

radical sapphoq comments:
Did some of the passengers think that the man would concoct a bomb out of his spit or what?
The man was not praying out loud, demanding loudly that other passengers convert to his spiritual traditions, or otherwise act in a rude or obnoxious manner. He was not drunk, not asking for sexual favors, not fondling the flight attendants. He was removed for "swaying back and forth" in his seat. radical sapphoq believes that if other passengers had a problem with his praying, that should have remained THEIR problem. Political correctness once again gone astray!!!