Monday, December 29, 2008

Lipodiesel Leftovers

A plastic surgeon-- Craig Alan Bittner-- is in trouble for allegedly using leftover fat from his patients to fuel two cars, (among other things which may be more serious). Apparently some law says this is a no-no. Myself, I think it is an excellent idea. Though if the fat in question was being sliced off of me, I would want it to fuel my own car. Of course, by time the idea runs through red tape, it won't be cost-effective anymore. Purifying the fat and rendering it sterile is the rub. Hmmm, perhaps the future holds plans for a fat factory.

There is indeed the possibility that Bittner's spiel on a website was a created fantasy.
More will be revealed.

radical sapphoq

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Fussing over Christmas 12/25/08

Christmas is here and the commercialism factor continues to run high what with grown men in Santa suits, "must have for happiness" advertisements, and dwindling parking spaces at the malls. As usual, some stores have instructed their employees to say "Merry Christmas," others have instructed their employees to say "Happy Holidays" or nothing at all. People get up in arms over all of this. I understand why. As a non-believer I myself get sick of hearing about "the Reason for the Season" at 12 step meetings. As an atheist, I endeavor to extend to believers the tolerance for their beliefs that they often deny me for my unfaith. And there are those sincere Christians who grumble about the retail circus that Christmas has become. I have a solution that should satisfy everyone with a bit of work.

Quite frankly, if Christians want to "take back Christmas" I think they should be encouraged to do so. Here are some things I wish the Christians would do in order to reclaim Christ-Mas:

(1). The date that Christians celebrate Christ's being born should be changed. In this way, Christians can easily dissociate themselves from the retail madness that occurs every December.
Let historical research be done and let the Christians agree on some other date.

(2). Santa Clauses, Christmas trees, lights, decorations, the sending of Christmas cards, and presents should all be given the hatchet. Don't import the messy secular commercialism into the new date. Teach little Christian kids that only the ungodly indulge in such things in December and that as a Christ-like family, real Christians don't engage in worldliness. After all, the sacred and the profane shall not mix.

(3). Rename the new day. Christians can call the new holy day either Christ-mas [an old pronunciation] or simply "Christ's Birthday."

radical sapphoq