Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brendan Eich and the Petition of Shame

     I have been actively involved in Queer Nation. I am a bisexual, currently in a monogamous opposite gender relationship hopefully until death do us part. I believe that the government should get out of the marriage business. If two people are married by a clergy-- marriage. If two people are partnered by a justice of the peace-- domestic partnership, with all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage. [No religious body ought to be forced to perform a marriage ceremony that it is opposed to].

     I don't have enough words to adequately describe my disgust at you people who signed the petition which "asked" Brendan Eich to resign from his C.E.O. position because he dared to give a thousand bucks to Proposition 8. We do not all agree on every political issue. Big whop. We do not have to. In a work-site, we really can work at something without agreeing on stuff. My outside politics or political activity should not interfere with my relationship with my co-workers or my ability to perform my job duties. Brendan Eich donating money to whatever cause he wants to ought to have been a non-issue. Oh, but I forgot. Corporations are now people. Obviously, you signers of the petition of shame picked up on the faux-fended butt-hurt feelings of Mozilla. How freaking brilliant. Not.

     The oppressed have truly become the oppressors. I am ashamed of my community. I am ashamed that I share the description of "human being" with everyone who signed that petition-- regardless of their sexual orientation. This is the goose-step of political correctness forcing people into boxes and those boxes have to be the same. Screw political correctness. Screw your petition. You FAIL.

     This is a small potato blog in a social media-sphere of giants. I don't imagine that Brendan Eich, Andrew Sullivan, or Steven Colbert will ever read any part of this blog. I want you to know that I stand with Brendan Eich. And I don't give a damn if he is "for or against" gay marriage or any other pet project of the politically correct folks who are not in favor of freedom of speech for all who agree with them.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

unDear Son of Cuomo

To Son of Cuomo,

     I wasn't real happy with your dad's governance of New Yak and I don't like the job you've been doing either. Your comment about gun advocates/ "extreme" conservatives/ patriots not belonging to New Yak is FAIL. Those who want to protect themselves and their families do not live everywhere but New York State. They live in New York State too. So do those who use guns for hunting, shooting, and target practice. You don't get to choose who "belongs" in New York State. 

     You don't get to choose your constituents, period. For you to declare that any group of people are not what New York State residents resemble is bovine fecal matter. Say that you disagree. People fight about stuff they believe in. Hey, that's fine. As a public figure, it behooves you to consider your words carefully. You don't get to decide who is Other, who doesn't belong, who ought to not live here. Marginalizing people does not work. 

                               No Love,

                               radical sapphoq