Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Obummer Nation

unDear President Obama, I mean Obummer,

     I hate what you are doing.  I hate big government looking over our shoulders snooping our e-mails with their bots and programs and lists of phobic words.  I hate drones and the N.S.A. and the mockery that you have made of your promise for "more transparency in government."  Yeah right.  Ain't gonna happen.

     I hate you calling the sanctuary that Russia offered to Ed Snowden a product of a throwback to the Cold War thinking.  You, Obummer, are the one engaging in shameful antics.  Russia is doing the right thing.  Sanctuary, or political asylum, used to be something that the United States insisted upon offering those who were being persecuted for their political statements.  If someone was in danger of persecution or electrocution, the United States was considered to be a defender of liberty.  It's in the pledge.  Those words "liberty and justice for all."  Do you still believe those words?

     I get it.  You are pissed off at whistle-blowers in general and at Ed Snowden-- the one who got away-- in particular.  Ed Snowden saw something and said something; as a current popular meme states.  He has guts.  He is an hero.  Nothing you say will change my view of that.  

     I suspect that Ed Snowden had been following what was happening to Bradley Manning in custody.  He followed closely enough to understand that your utterances about transparencies were convenient lies.  He gave up his cushy life so that way the American people [and many other peoples] would become informed about the shit over at the N.S.A.  Meanwhile, Manning is going down.  He will more than likely never walk as a free man again.

     Thankfully, Ed Snowden was able to get himself a top Russian lawyer who advised him that the process which the Wikileaks folks had him engaged in-- requesting asylum from numerous countries-- was FAIL.  Thankfully, as far as we know right now, Ed Snowden is safe from a fate similar to the one that befell Bradley Manning.  You have only your stupid mouth and the mouths of some other politicians to thank for that.  So you didn't exactly go gunning for a "hacker".  You convicted him with your own words before he even saw a court of law.  Some other politicians joined you on that one.  You have no one to blame but yourself and your comrades.

     I am angry, Obummer.  I am really angry.  I don't like what you are doing.  I don't like the direction that I view the country as heading.  I love my country.  Lately, the government has gone all cray cray.  You, Obummer are part of that wank.

          No Love,

          radical sapphoq who will not be part of Obummer Nation