Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Thumbs down Changing My Own Television Channels

PHILIP ROSEDALE: "look at how we can make the overall experience appropriately safe and controlled for everybody. So that's the general direction that we're taking there."

I am responsible for my own safety thank-you. Furthermore, I do not need nor want a controlled experience. Nor do I care for the overused word "appropriate" or derivatives thereof.

I am an atheist. I do not call the cable company and demand that a rep come right over to turn off the preachers on my television. I change the channel myself.

You don't like something going on in a parcel? Then get out. Change your own television channel. If you linger there, well that's just mental masturbation.

And yes, forcing the PG places to move to a PG continent would be far better than this "we Lindens are instituting this move to Porno Land" mentality. Let them who wish to be controlled (or have a controlled environment) opt in for the move.

So the merging of the two grids is a bloody rumor. Fine. I for one hope it never comes to pass. I'm sick of hearing WE MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN. Parents, monitor the activities of your own rug rats. I don't have children for many reasons. It is not my job to watch your kids. But I digress.

As for the child avie sex thing/porn ring/German reporters/ propositioning no0bs/whatever it really was...that launched all this silliness in the first place: I don't care. The courts are taking care of that case. Pedoheads should not be allowed on the internet, period. Civil rights for all civils.

Those adults who are not fantasizing about baby raping (the vast majority of us) basically-- well, okay. I cannot speak for anyone else. I would like to see a reasonable response to all of this, such as checking the "Yup I've of age and I am willing to live with the idea that not everyone does or believes the same way I do so let me in" box.

By actively policing content, Lindens, you very well maybe subjecting yourselves to more lawsuits and legal responsibilities. That is, unless you --like Live Journal-- also plan to sell out to a Russian company or someplace else where an oppressive government imprisons their citizens for attempting to have some form of creative expression.

I have lived through the Live Journal messes of the last several years (and the ultimate selling of Live Journal to the Russians for a heap of money). And now this.

Land prices: falling.
Blood pressure: rising.

Hey, I'm an adult. I'm going to make the healthy choice and go out for some vigorous exercise. Then maybe later on I will be in a calm enough state to enjoy some simulated sex act between pixels.

The intrawebs are for pr0n.

SpikeQ Frog

civil rights for all civils