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The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard

This is the movie "The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard" by Simon Klose.

According to this L.A. Times article,,0,6470750.story, Simon Klose wants you to pirate his movie.  It is free and freely available for download.  Also, mixers are welcome to add their own bits to the movie itself.


Or, you can watch it on YouTube at: if for some reason the vid doesn't work here or you want a bigger screen or something.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Utterly Amazing

Legal disclaimer: It is not my intention to defame anyone, to call anyone names, or to drive them to do bad things.  Everything that I've expressed below is my own opinion and only my opinion.  It does not bear the weight of law or of much else.  These are my opinions.  Part of the risk of freedom of expression is that we will run into others exercising their freedom of expression that we do not care for nor agree with.  If you do not care for my freedom of expression as found in this blog post or on any of my blogs, then by all means use your back button.  To remain is a sort of mental masturbation.

Once again-- just today-- I notice that there is yet another headline on related to Lori Handrahan courtesy of "Bigs".  This is rather unfortunate.  When I surf over to cyberwarzone, I certainly am not there to read more about the latest claims of widespread conspiracy and pedophile rings involving one child.  Claims which the courts have steadfastly rejected.  There is something underneath the clamor in this particular chain of events that really bothers me.

What bothers me is The List.  The List in this case refers to the people, organizations and agencies within the state of Maine, and various departments within the government of the United States all of which Lori Handrahan is accusing of terrible and grave wrong-doing.  In reading through the various court documents available on-line [and there are many of those], I found some indication of a conspiracy theorem at work in Handrahan's brain.  It was not until I began to read through the emails written by Handrahan-- also freely available online-- that I caught a glimpse into the machinations of The List.  [ref:].  While The List may not exist in a literal sense, it is obvious to me that the number of bad guys are ever-expanding.  Here is an example:  Over a period of months, Handrahan writes to the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement [I.C.E., or ICE] alleging that her ex-husband is residing in Maine illegally, got a green card under suspicious circumstances, should have been deported, was granted American citizenship under compromising circumstances, was involved in organized crime in Eastern Europe along with his family.  [Note the escalation there].  Having not received the satifaction of the Department doing her biding, a later email asks ICE if they are profiting from the selling of the young child into sexual slavery via a vast pedophilia ring operating in the State of Maine.  First she emails them for help over a period of months.  Then they become a target of her pedoheads-under-every-bush campaign.

In the United States there is something called the chain-of-custody.  Every bit of evidence referenced to or presented in a court proceeding must have gone through it.  When a woman brings the feces of a child into the Emergency Room, there is no chain-of-custody.  That particular feces sample might have originated from the child.  It also may have been picked up from a pile of dog shit in the park.  Or perhaps Mom, a second cousin, or the homeless dude on the street corner could have been pressed into service.  We simply don't know.  Taking it further, when Mom gives a friend a sample of the child's urine we don't know if the child urinated that sample of urine or not.  Even if the friend is a nurse, that friend did not gather the urine sample during the course of her duty.  That friend obtained the urine sample from the hand of Handrahan. 

Having studied all of the court documents and other items related to Lori Handrahan available to me on the web, I've got an educated guess about what will happen on April 17, 2013 when Handrahan is slated to show for a court hearing.  Whether the excuse is her fear of getting arrested in the State of Maine or that the date and time is inconvenient to her, it is my bet that she simply will not be there.  Handrahan has a partial history of skipping court.  If she does show up this time, I will admit to being shocked.  

Quite frankly, I think nothing short of a stint in the state pen will get Lori Handrahan to knock off the web publicity that she has been ordered to stop.  I am not entirely unsympathetic to the existence of a real or suspected personality disorder in an individual.  Nor am I unsympathetic to the difficulties involved in treating a human being for any mental condition and in particular personality disordersBut Handrahan has not sought out treatment.  She has remained without any sort of counseling rather than get some counseling in exchange for being allowed to visit the child.  Voluntary treatment can and does work well for some number of people.  Handrahan does not wish mental health services.  While it can be argued that both options are dehumanizing in various degrees, to me talk therapy is preferable to doing prison time.  The evidence all over the Internet remains: Handrahan continues to publicize unsubstantiated information about the existence of a child porn ring in Maine.  It seems to me that she is using the existence of the child for her own self-promotion.  She keeps doing so in spite of a judge's order to quit it.  Although I hope that Handrahan will be able curtail the exhibition of her narcissistic rage all over the Internet, there is also the health and well-being of the child to consider.  The importance of the life, privacy, and security of the child must outweigh any consideration given toward the possible role of any mental conditions in the actions of the mother.  Even a mental condition that may have had partial origin in the possible abuse of the mother herself as a young child.

radical sapphoq says:  Maybe I am just another jokester hanging out on the electronic wires.  Even this jokester does not make fake Anonymous accounts on Twitter to give artificial credence to the lie that Anonymous is my personal army.  Anonymous is not my personal army.  I hate that the name of Anonymous was brought into this whole conflict between a woman, a man, and their child.

I have no axe to grind, I have no checks from Michael Waxman to cash, and any attempts at trolling that I've made in my youth resulted in FAIL.  Mad skillz in trolling-- I don't got 'em.  

Lori, I don't know you.  I am just another blogger in a vast sea of bloggers.  I wish for you the best but I fear the worst.  The worst is to live in the misery imposed by a personality disorder and/or other mental condition and/or untreated childhood trauma without the recognition that it doesn't have to be this way.  The only true shame in having a mental condition is to give in to it on a daily basis rather than addressing the issuesIt takes bravery and strength to ask for helpLori, I believe in you.

Monday, March 18, 2013

So, Who's Abusing Who ?

Legal stuff: Opinions and snark expressed on this post are my own.  It is not my intention to discredit, dump, or otherwise dis anyone whose name is included in this post.  I am not a journalist.  I am merely a small potatoes blogger with opinions.  Thank you.

Who is Lori Handrahan?  Lori Handrahan is a highly educated and articulate woman.  She is currently a guest lecturer at American University in Washington D.C. according to the information that I found.  She is a biological mother.  She gave birth to a daughter [referred to below as "the child" or "the young child" because the child is in fact the product or offspring of two people.  Continually writing "child of Handrahan and Malenko" felt awkward to me.  And although the child's name is still all over the web-- and by necessity some of the urls mention the child's first name-- I elected not to do so as far as possible].  Handrahan is outspoken and is capable of writing copious emails.

In investigating information on the Internet pertaining to Lori Handrahan, I read through blogs, articles, presentations, and numerous court documents.  All of this took well over a week.  No, I did not interview Lori Handrahan, the young child, any of her lawyers, her ex-husband Igor Malenko, his attorney Michael Waxman, any of the judges involved in the case, any of the doctors or personnel in emergency rooms, or any of the workers in various human service agencies.  While my opinion is not based upon interviews or attendance at court, I certainly have one.

radical sapphoq says: I was dismayed and horrified by what I found.  The child's full name, birthdate, and address are on the Internet.  Child is a minor and deserving of protection and privacy.  

     I was also disheartened by the amount of hijacking of topics under discussion by Lori Handrahan [and supporters?] happening on the web.  I cited a very few examples at the end of this post, below references.  When a blogger posts something that is not remotely connected to child abuse or divorce or pedophile rings and someone comes along and responds with a comment that has zero to do with the topic, that is hijacking the topic.  It is uncool.  Doing this is not helping Lori Handrahan's cause at all.  Even on Twitter a couple of nights ago, there was a hashtag [designating a specific topic] for the rape trial going on in #Steubenville.  And yes, it was hijacked.  Utterly annoying and tasteless.

     In considering things like the meth story, I understood instantly that if a drug was found in the child's urine it did not necessarily follow that the father Igor Malenko administered it.  Mothers can and do some sick stuff in order to get back at their exes.  Period.  I've lived that one.  Been there, had a mother who done that, got the tee shirt.

     The thing is, kids don't remain toddlers forever.  The child was not capable of distinguishing truth from pretend [or a lie] at the age of two years seven months.  But she was capable at the age of four, when she was able to tell investigators that her mommy told her to say it, even though it was not true.  All children grow up.

     Do I think that Igor Malenko sexually assaulted, administered illicit drugs to, battered, or otherwise abused the young child?  No, I do not.  My opinion, based on what I've read-- including every court document on the Internet that I could locate-- is that it is Lori Handrahan who is the abuser.  I could not ignore the court documents and decisions.  I also could not ignore the Handrahan lists of who and what organizations had it out for her, were against her, injured her, were plotting to keep the child in sexual pedophilic slavery.  I read through every one of the emails that I found that Lori Handrahan had posted online.  There were an awful lot of emails.  The list of her detractors and evil political figures who were not doing their job kept growing.  I found it to be incredible that soooo many people and organizations colluded in a massive cover-up.  Yeah, I been around and I am well aware that cover-ups can and do happen.  The degree and intensity felt wrong to me.

     Quite a bit of what I think is not what Lori Handrahan wants the public to think.  I think she does have signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  I think quite a bit of what she does on the Internet reflects those symptoms.  I think it is absolutely horrible that she chose to wage an Internet campaign over getting treatment for the N.P.D.  And I also think that a supervised visit with one's child is better than no visit at all.  I think she did abuse the child.  

     In Lori Handrahan's drive to get back at her ex-husband Igor Malenko for real or imaginary slights, she succeeded in medically abusing the child.  Carting a little one to the emergency room numerous times, exposing her to rape kits and intimate exams, forcing her to give urine samples for drug screens and a few fecal samples as well are not what a loving parent does.  Healthy people learn how to mitigate their anger and resentments.  A healthy parent who is divorced does not strive to keep the child from loving the other parent, does not talk bad about the other parent in front of the child, does not do the things that Lori Handrahan did and does.

Disclosure: I got interested in the plight of the child via Twitter®.  My recall is that I was contacted by a user-account which was purporting to support Lori Handrahan seemingly at random.  Another user urged me and others to do our own research before committing to support Lori Handrahan's version of events.  

Sara Tyrrell also found me then or shortly thereafter.  My interactions with Sara Tyrrell, members of the Anon Family who do not support Lori Handrahan, and others who do not support Lori Handrahan have been gracious and friendly.  They were willing to wait for me to do my own research in order to formulate my own opinion.  

My impression of any user accounts that I interacted with who were Lori Handrahan or who purported to be supporters of Lori Handrahan has been that they were shrill and demanding in repeating their information and their insistence on various points.  I did not care for what I perceived to be their badgering.  To put it another way, I did not care to be tweeted at continually one night by them after I said that I needed to research the issue myself.

I based my opinions as expressed in this blog post on my own research rather than on my interactions with others.  Any mistakes are probably my own.  My chief hesitation and regret in publishing this blog post is that the little girl's full name is out there on the Internet.  Although some of the documents that I reference do use the child's name in full, it is my hope that one day all appearances of her full name, address, and other identifying information will be removed from the Internet permanently.

A word about socks or alternate accounts:  It is alleged by detractors that Lori Handrahan uses some number of accounts to pose as other people besides Lori Handrahan.  Whether I suspect that this is so or not, I myself have not run any IP traceroutes on any of the suspect accounts, period.  Ergo, I do not have any clear evidence that she is using socks.  Only suspicion.  

I myself have used socks and will continue to do so, having found both ethical and unethical reasons for their uses.  The ethical use of socks does not involve having the socks "talk" with each other or inflating the number of supporters that one has on any given internet platform.  Just saying.

I support the child spoken about and her right to privacy and a healthy life absolutely.  I also support Igor Malenko and his family which include the child, attorney Michael Waxman, the Honorable Jeffrey Moskowitz, Sara Tyrrell and countless others who have worked devotedly in the discharge of their civil duties as citizens of the universe, judicial duties, and professional duties on behalf of this one child.

What you will find below is a timeline which includes some [but not all] of the email correspondence between Lori Handrahan and others that I could locate on-line, significant events, court dates and decisions, medical tests and results, abuse allegations and actions taken.  

Following that are a few references.   So, that's it then.

May 2005  Macedonia and Holland.  Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko meet and became involved.

Summer 2005 - May 2006  Lori Handrahan believes she is pregnant a number of times.  Test results are negative.  She then reports to others that she has had miscarriages.                           

May 30, 2006  Igor Malenko and Lori Handrahan are married in Bar Harbor, Maine. 

June 21, 2006  Lori Handrahan files a grievance against Cynthia C. Arn-- an immigration attorney who had terminated a working relationship because of Lori Handrahan's behavior.

Spring 2006 - Fall 2006  Lori Handrahan argues with Igor Malenko over jobs she thinks he should apply for.  She claims that Igor Malenko suffers from mental illness.  She leaves books around the home with information highlighted about various mental conditions that she believes that Igor Malenko has.      

Fall 2006  Lori Handrahan claims that Igor Malenko threw food at her [the hot chicken?].  Incident is not reported to police in Ellsworth County [Sorrento] where they are living.

Fall 2006   Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko move to Portland Maine.  Igor Malenko obtains a job.  He is teaching swimming at a local Y.

2006      Female child is born. 

February 22, 2007   Lori Handrahan has detailed a list of foods and vitamins and supplements that she believes that her "mentally ill" husband Igor Malenko should eat/take/use.  List also includes spiritual and physical exercises for him, scheduled playtimes with their daughter, participation in family therapy and work.

Spring 2007     Lori Handrahan purchases an exclusive home in South Portland, Maine.  She begins consulting with Dr. Frank Hoffberg via telephone.  She researches various mental illnesses on-line.  Dr. Frank Hoffberg never talks to or meets with Igor Malenko.

April 2, 2007  Lori Handrahan states to Portland Orthopedics that the reason why the baby's head is flat on one side is because the baby spends many hours in her car seat while Handrahan is working.   

April 2, 2007   Igor Malenko knocks an empty jar of peanut butter off of a shelf during an argument about his "mental illness."  Lori Handrahan calls the police.  She bails out Igor Malenko.  Alternately, her parents bail out Malenko.  Igor Malenko moves to Framington Maine in with Lori Handrahan's parents.  Lori Handrahan gets a lawyer for Igor Malenko so that he can remain in the United States even though he was arrested for domestic violence.  

May 8, 2007  Igor Malenko pleads guilty to charges of domestic violence.  Case filed for one year and will be dismissed if no other arrests are made within that time frame.

May 2007    Lori Handrahan makes a lot of phone calls at night to the pediatrician over minor issues. 

May 2007      Lori Handrahan sends an e-mail to Igor Malenko regarding her notes for a "treatment plan" that the couple is going to form with mental health counselor David Pritchard for Igor Malenko's individual counseling sessions.                                        

June 2007     Lori Handrahan writes about the reasons why she needs for Igor Malenko's domestic abuse charges to be dismissed by the court. 

June 2007 - May 2008  Anytime that Igor Malenko disagrees with something that Lori Handrahan wants to do or have done [e.g. a nanny for the child], she threatens to reinstate the domestic abuse charges against him and bar him from seeing the child.  

July 5, 2007     The couple is to see Dr. Sean McCloy for couples' therapy and Igor Malenko is to see David Pritchard for individual.  This doesn't happen. 

Summer 2007       Lori Handrahan makes a chore list for Igor Malenko and herself.  It is very detailed.  Igor Malenko is promised a full-time position beginning in September 2007.  

Summer 2007     The couple and young child move to Budapest, Hungary because Lori Handrahan has been offered a teaching position.  She accepted.  Igor Malenko is upset because they keep moving and he worries that the child's stability is being threatened or not taken into consideration. 

October 12, 2007  Lori Handrahan fails in an attempt to have Igor Malenko psychiatrically committed in Budapest.  She stages an intervention with a crisis intervention team.  Then after they leave, she calls an ambulance on Malenko.  It doesn't work.  Igor Malenko does allow a crisis intervention team to speak with him and says he will accept therapy if needed.  He tells the ambulance personnel that he will go with them voluntarily.  The ambulance leaves without him since it is not necessary.  Malenko is cooperative.  Report by Dr. Monika Horvath indicates that the team do not find that he has any sort of mental illness. 

October 17, 2007  Igor Malenko voluntarily visits a social worker at the Centre.  He demonstrates emotional control.  No psychiatric symptoms are noted. 

October 18, 2007    Lori Handrahan requests that either her boss and/or co-worker and/or co-workers state that Igor Malenka is dangerous.   She does this via e-mail to her boss Allaine Cerwonka.  Allaine Cerwonka declines to do so by telephone and in a return e-mail, stating that this would be unethical and that then Igor Malenka would be committed to Budapest [psych ward in a hospital or psych hospital?]. 

October 19, 2007  Igor Malenko voluntarily visits a social worker at the Center for a second time.  As in the first visit, he demonstrates emotional control and no psychiatric symptoms are noted. 

October 24, 2007  Lori Handrahan receives an e-mail from her now former boss Allaine Cerwonka.  Lori Handrahan has been terminated from her teaching position.  The boss indicates that Lori Handrahan's behavior is "delusional and self-serving."  The boss indicates that she will no longer respond to any of Lori Handrahan's e-mails.

October 22, 2007    Lori Handrahan and child return to Maine.  Lori Handrahan cancels all credit cards, leaving Igor Malenko stuck in Budapest.  She does not tell him that this is happening.  She and the child spend the night on 10/21/2007 in a hotel and board a plane the next day.

November 2007    Igor Malenko is finally able to return to the United States.  He is able to prevent Lori Handrahan from becoming his Medical Power of Attorney.  He does agree to take medications so that way he can move back in with his wife and child.  He moves back in. 

November 2007 from November 2006 pulled from verbatim:

The following are the findings of each doctor, facility name included, and what evaluations of Igor showed:
Dr. David Pritchard - True North (Maine, USA):  Multiple evaluations have shown Igor without mental illness; he has no concerns about Igor. Dr. Pritchard notes not only that Igor is the "primary homemaker and has been for several years" but also that he has a "significant relationship with Mila."  His assessment of Igor and the domestic situation was that "Igor has shown a great deal of patience".

Dr. Miles Simmons - True North (Maine, USA): "NO discernable evidence of mood disorder other than the reports of his wife." He does find that Igor exhibits symptoms similar to PTSD and minor depression as a direct result of the ongoing, aggressive behavior by Handrahan. Handrahan attempts to coerce Dr. Simmons into declaring Igor mentally ill despite these findings, to which Simmons replies:  the source of Igor's emotional upset is "the extreme relationship stress" and "Terrible stress and manipulation using his attachment to daughter by his wife."

Dr. Sean McCoy - Maine Integrative Wellness (Maine, USA): Recommends couple counseling; again, Igor is not found to have any discernable evidence of mental illness.

Dr. Judit Harangonzo, Dr. Zsuzsa Kantor, Laszlo Szepesi (social worker) (Budapest) - Kozosseigl Pszichlatrai Centrum -No sign of mental illness, but rather adequate emotional response to the current situation (domestic aggression).

Dr. MonikaHorvath - Central European University (Budapest) - Igor does not display any evidence of mental illness, is not violent, and does not pose a risk of imminent harm to anyone, including himself.  /unquote 

December 2007  Lori Handrahan still insists that Igor Malenko is suffering from a mental illness.  He is evaluated at a place called True North.  Dr. Miles Simmons recommends couples therapy.        

March 20, 2008  Lori Handrahan files a grievance against Dr. Sean McCloy [from 7/2007]. 

Sometime in 2008  Lori Handrahan tells GAL Liz Stout that Igor Malenko thinks a chair that she had purchased in the Winter of 2006-2007 is "possessed."  GAL Liz Stout notes the controlling list that Lori Handrahan has created for Igor Malenko on 2/22/2007. 
April 2008  Igor Malenko's beloved dog Bakai is shaved close to the skin during the time that he is at work.  Lori Handrahan takes the child and runs out of the house.  In a verbal screaming outburst, she claims she is afraid "for her life." 

May 2008  Lori Handrahan and young child  go to Washington D.C. without Igor Malenko.

May 16, 2008   Igor Malenko files for divorce while Lori Handrahan and child are in Washington D.C. 

May 23, 2008  Igor Malenko serves notice upon Lori Handrahan via registered mail, Washington D.C.

May 23, 2008  After receiving the divorce notice, Lori Handrahan files a Protection from Abuse Complaint [P.F.A.] against Igor Malenko, alleging that he is suffering from a mental illness, and that he threatened her on this date, and that she is afraid he will be violent toward her with a gun [although he does not own a gun].

June 16, 2008  A letter from Michelle Quinn, Victim/Witness Assistant at the Cumberland County District Attorney's Office to Lori Handrahan showing that Igor Malenko's domestic assault case has been finalized since he completed the requirements of the court and a year has passed. uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/2012.

Summer 2008  Both Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko are evaluated by Dr. Carol Lynn Kabacoff.  She finds that Igor Malenko does not suffer from any mental illnesses.

September 10, 2008  Judge Mary Gay Kennedy orders that visitation between Igor Malenko and the minor child continued to be supervised. 

November 16, 2008   Jacquelyn C. Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN of John Hopkins School of Nursing, only using information supplied by Lori Handrahan, concludes that Handrahan and the minor child are both at risk for serious injury or death by Igor Malenko.  [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]. 

December 8, 2008  Court denies motion by Lori Handrahan to have her witness Dr. Jacqueline Campbell and her additional witness Dr. Leslie Drodz, psychologist [both] testify via telephone.

December 8-9, 2008  Lori Handrahan alleges during a two day court hearing re: custody of the child that Igor Malenko suffers from a mental illness.  She also alleges that he was violent and abusive.
She alleges that Igor Malenko was involved in a "head-butting incident in high school"; "threw hot chicken" at Lori Handrahan when she was pregnant; threw a sweater at her when she was holding their infant daughter; slapped her hand when she was holding their infant daughter; threw a jar of peanut butter at her head.  Further, Igor Malenko was verbally abusive on at least a weekly basis.  Court papers    Lori Handrahan endeavored to get Igor Malenka involuntarily committed, insisted that he take psych meds, bid to become his power of attorney [failed], and had him evaluated and treated by mental health professionals on an outpatient basis.

December 8 - 9, 2008   Court hearing: Leslie DeVoe, L.C.S.W. prepared report regarding Igor Malenko had been conducted in absentia; with the information about Malenko used on a danger accessment questionaire administered by Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell had been solely furnished by Lori Handrahan .  Dr. Carol Lynn Kabacoff discounts Leslie DeVoe's report because DeVoe had not interviewed Igor Malenko.  Dr. Carol Lynn Kabacoff also states that she was able to diagnose Lori Handrahan with Narcissistic Personality Disorder as a result of the psych eval.

December 8 - 9, 2008  Doctor Frank Hoffberg, whom Lori Handrahan had consulted by telephone in Spring 2007, states to Carolyn Kabacoff that he refuses to testify that he has diagnosed Igor Melanko with P.T.S.D. or with any other disorder, having never spoken with or interviewed him. 

December 9, 2008  Court notes that Lori Handrahan had called emergency personnel and an ambulance to her home twice as a direct result of her utter belief that Igor Malenko suffers from a mental illness.  [This was while the couple lived in Budapest].

December 29, 2008  The Honorable Jeffrey Moskowitz issues a divorce decree for Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko.  Lori Handrahan is awarded custody and Igor Malenko is awarded rights of visitation.  Malenko is ordered to attend bi-weekly individual counseling.  Lori Handrahan is ordered to attend dialectic behavioral therapy [D.B.T.] for treatment of her narcissistic personality disorder.     

January 2009 - May 2009  Lori Handrahan does not honor the court ordered visitation schedule.  Igor Malenko files several Motion to Modify the visitation order because of her actions and then because his employment hours change and she allows him only several hours a week with the child..
Lori Handrahan rehearses sexual abuse complaints with her two year old child and repeatedly records the child saying these things. 

February 25, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murray asking for an investigation into Elizabeth Stout, guardian ad litem for the child. 

April 21, 2009  Guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout asks to withdraw, citing Lori Handrahan's testimony before a legislative committee in which Handrahan cited Stout by name and described Stout in highly negative terms. 

May 15, 2009 - May 18, 2009  Correspondence regarding Igor Malenko picking up his daughter at day care.

May 15, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murray asking for an investigation into Elizabeth Stout, guardian ad litem for the child.

June 1, 2009  Lori Handrahan wrote an article for the Bangor Daily News which is published on this date.  In it, she criticizes Judge Jeff Moskowitz for his handling of the divorce case and his decisions.

June 27, 2009  Child is examined at Freeport Medical Clinic by Brian Knighton, D.O. and found to have a U.T.I.

July 10, 2009  Child is presented at Freeport Medical Clinic to Julie Gray, P.A. for follow-up of U.T.I.  Lori Handrahan asks child to say what child had told her kitty [stuffed animal] the night before.  Child responded, "I told kitty last night that Poppy touched my gina."  [Video of child saying this to kitty had been uploaded to YouTube on some unknown to me date and taken down.  On scribd, the next shot is of a black blank rectangle and a caption over it reading, "* telling her Kitty about Poppa July 2009."] 

July 14, 2009  Spurwink Medical Doctor Lawrence Ricci examined the young child and found that her hymen was intact and that there was no evidence of recent trauma to either her vagina or her rectum.  This report was uploaded by Lori Handrahan on January 28, 2013  The full name of the child is not blacked out on the uploaded report. 

July 24, 2009    Igor Malenko takes and passes a voluntary Polygraph Examination.  [dated March 30, 2012] 

July 29, 2009  Lori Handrahan wants a modification of the divorce decree.  She argues that the automatic transfer of physical custody of the young child to Igor Malenko should Handrahan move out of state is unconstitutional.  Decision 9/1/2009  

Sometime in August 2009  Lori Handrahan alleges that Joyce Wientzen opines in a report by the Spurwink team that the child was sexually abused by the father and that visitations by the father be supervised.  The report found here at  in my own opinion [as a person reading through the documents on the internet] appears not to be original.  The heading on the report is similar in style to the heading that Lori Handrahan placed on the video she had recorded of the child telling her stuffed kitty that "Poppa touched my gina."  The other thing that bothers me is the Notary Public that also signed the report did not write in the date of expiration. 

August 13, 2009  An e-mail written by Dean Staffieri to Lori Handrahan advises that Spurwink findings are not used as the sole basis of any CPS decisions regarding allegations of abuse.   Lori Handrahan writes an e-mail to Dean Staffieri in reply requesting "...that HHS extend a similar courtesy of providing me with copies of whatever documents and testimonies Waxman is using to attempt to influence HHS’s decision.  I can only assume he is trying (as he has been for over a year) to prove I am an unfit mother."  She goes on to state her belief that Michael Waxman is able to exert much influence on the decisions of other people/agencies.

August 14, 2009  Lori Handrahan takes child to scheduled medical examination at Spurwick Child Abuse Center.  Results of physical exam were negative for recent vaginal or rectal trauma.    August 14, 2009  Lori Handrahan transports the child to a second [vacation] home in Sorrento Maine where she files another P.F.A. in Ellsworth District Court alleging that child was sexually abused by Igor Malenko and that Malenko held a gun to the head of an officer of the Yugoslavian Army and thus was discharged.  [There was no incident regarding a gun and the Yugoslavian Army]. 

August 14, 2009    Michael Waxman writes an e-mail to Lori Handrahan's newest attorney.  In it, Waxman expresses a strong dislike for Lori Handrahan.

August 20, 2009   Portland Maine Police Department finds that the complaints of abuse by Lori Handrahan are "unsubstantiated."  Lori Handrahan complains to the Department of Health and Human Services.

August 25, 2009  A de novo review is conducted by Dan Despard, the Director, Division of Child Welfare,and upholds the Portland Maine Police Department's findings and the findings of Beth Fawcett, Child Protective Caseworker.  Beth Fawcett, Child Protective Caseworker finds that the complaints of abuse by Lori Handrahan are "unsubstantiated."

September 1, 2009  Court hands down the decision on the unconstitutionality of the automatic relocation requirement of Maine divorce law to transfer custody of the child to the parent remaining in Maine.  Court modified the automatic relocation from the divorce decree but awards physical custody to Igor Malenko   See 7/29/2009

October 2009  Several pictures of the child show some scratch-like marks on her left cheek which appear to me to be reddened and superficial. [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12] There is an email from Lori Handrahan dated 10/14/2009 asking about the "baseball-sized welt or abrasion" on the child's face when she was returned to Lori Handrahan on10/11/2009.  Igor Malenko's return e-mail reply indicates that the child had been playing with the dog.  He also states that the child had been returned to the past to him with scrapes, wounds, bruises, and abrasions without explanation.

October 13, 2009  A written note from Angie Del Vecchio, FPN with the words "new [patient]" but no identification of office, clinic, or practice name [which is Cadillac Family Practice, Bar Harbor].  Note states that the child said she fell on the road and that a ball had hit her face. 
[uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]

October 16, 2009  Angie Del Vecchio, FPN has a conversation with DHS regarding the abrasion on the child's left cheek and "the family history of possible abuse."  
[uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]

October 23, 2009  Angie Del Vecchio, FPN [continued on written note of 10/13/2009] has a conversation with Lori Handrahan.  Handrahan states that the child's outer labia were swollen and puckered as if soaked in a tub for a long time.  Del Vecchio tells Lori Handrahan to bring the child in the next time any redness like this "flares up."   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]

October 28, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murry requesting an investigation of Guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout.
       October 26, 2009   P.F.A. case is transferred back to Portland District Court and Judge Jeff Moskowitz.  Lori Handrahan declines to show for court because it is not convenient to her.  The P.F.A. is dismissed for lack of evidence.

October 29, 2009  Deputy Chief Judge of Maine District Court Charles C. LaVerdiere replies for a third time to Lori Handrahan's third letter requesting investigation of  the child's guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout.  The District Court is unable to investigate during the time that litigation is current and on-going.  

November 2, 2009  A stipulated agreement is reached whereby Igor Melenko has visitation rights with the child from Thursday or Friday through Sundays every weekend.  [Pick up days were alternated: one week Thursday, the next week Friday].

November 2009    Lori Handrahan claims to the Child Support Enforcement Unit that Igor Malenko owed her more than 7000 dollars in back child support.

November 3, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murry and includes some notes on why she is requesting an investigation of Guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout.

November 6, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murry requesting an investigation of Guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout.

Thanksgiving week and weekend 2009  Igor Malenko sees his child for the first time in over a year.  Thanksgiving is spent with the family of his attorney Michael Waxman [who is representing Malenko pro bono throughout the entire ordeal].

December 2, 2009  Child is seen at Maine Coast Medical Emergency Room for a cut ["laceration"] to her thumb.  
[uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]

December 16, 2009  Child is seen by Angie Del Vecchio, FPN for follow-up of injury to thumb.  Lori Handrahan was not in the room when Angie Del Vecchio asks the child what she does when she visits her dad.  Child says her father puts his penis next to her "gina" and that it is a secret.  Child does not appear upset.  No redness or swelling is observed around genital or anal areas.  Angie Del Vecchio, FPN reports the disclosure as she is a mandated reporter.  [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]
The handwritten notes are initialed and the typed report is not signed. 

Lori Handrahan files a Protection from Harassment Motion [P.F.H.] once again in Ellsworth District Court rather than in Portland District Court against Michael Waxman.  She claims that he threatened her and the child. 

December 27, 2009  Lori Handrahan writes a letter to Chief Judge Ann M. Murry requesting an investigation of Guardian ad litem Elizabeth Stout.

January 7, 2010  Child is seen by Angie Del Vecchio, FPN for contact dermatitis on her buttocks but not in the fold.  No rashes are observed near the labia.  Child states that a bug bit her this summer and then states that "he put his penis near my 'gina'."  Angie Del Vecchio, FPN prescribed cream for the dermatitis and recommends counseling for the child. [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].  Hand-written note, initialed.  Lori Handrahan e-mails Igor Melanko, requesting permission to take child to a therapist without explanation that this recommendation was made by Del Vecchio and is denied.

January 7, 2010  Angie Del Vecchio, FPN types an addendum.  In it she asks the child if her father poked a crayon near her vagina and then a bowling ball.  Child said yes. [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].  Lori Handrahan believes that the addendum is manufactured.  Shortly after this [date not specified], Angie Del Vecchio, FPN drops both Lori Handrahan and child as patients allegedly with no written notice and no explanation.  [I believe that when medical personnel intend to drop a patient, that they are encouraged or required to give thirty days notice in writing. ].

January 25, 2010  Daniel Despard, Child Welfare Director, Department of Health, State of Maine states in an email to William Harwood, attorney for Lori Handrahan that the rash on the child's buttocks was consistent with diaper rash and not with sexual abuse.  He also states that the child did not appear to be in distress when disclosing alleged sexual abuse and that no new investigation will be started unless there is new evidence.  [It is my opinion that child used similar words whenever disclosing alleged sexual abuse by her father in the years 2009 through 2010.  For example, the child has said things like, "Pappa put his penis near my gina...Pappa poked my gina with his penis" without any substantial variation].   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].
       Lori claimed to have a recording of a conversation with Angie Del Vecchio, FPN in which Del Vecchio believes that the child is being abused and never had claimed otherwise to the authorities.  [I was unable to locate such a recording on the www and even if I had, I would have no way of telling whether or not the voice on the recording is Angie Del Vecchio's].   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].

 February 12, 2010   Michael Waxman has a hearing to dismiss the [temporary] P.F.H.  The hearing is held in Portland District Court under Judge Honorable Roland Beaudoin.  The order is dismissed. 
February 12, 2010    A court decision is referenced to regarding refusal to hear testimony by two of Lori Handrahan's witnesses via telephone.

February 16, 2010    Police form recording alleged attempt by Igor Malenko stealing cough syrup and his arrest for said shoplifting incident.

March 4, 2010 - March 5, 2010 Honorable Jane Bradley, Portland District Court Judge hears the P.F.H. complaint by Lori Handrahan about Michael Waxman.

April 7, 2010   Honorable Jane Bradley dismisses the case against Michael Waxman. 

April 20, 2010  Board of Overseers of Bar upholds decision to bring to hearing thirteen counts filed against Attorney Michael Waxman as per document uploaded to scribd by Lori Handrahan on 12/27/2012. 
Also see:
Please see 12/2/2010 for final disposition.

April 2010  Polly Campbell,R.N. from Attorney General's Domestic Violence Unit secures a sample of child's urine from Lori Handrahan who stated that she was fearful that Igor Malenko was giving the child "street meth" and then sexually abusing her.  The urine demonstrates only the L form of methamphetamine, not both L and D that would have showed if it was "street meth."  Because Lori Handrahan had given the sample of urine to Polly Campbell who did not observe that it had come from the child, Dr. Baum's statement that meth was present and due to exposure to Igor Malenko's alleged use of the drug was discounted.  [entry dated March 30].

Sometime in 2010  The Child Support Collection Unit releases Igor Malenko's tax refund to him, which had been withheld due to Lori Handrahan's complaint regarding owed child support. 

July 7, 2010  Igor Malenko attends Supreme Court in Portland but Lori Handrahan does not.  The purpose of the hearing is an appeal of the lower Court's decision that the preponderance of the evidence does not point to a legal decision that Igor Malenko had sexually assaulted the child when she was two years seven months old.  See 1/25/2011 for final disposition.

July 13, 2010  Lori Handrahan takes child to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Emergency Room for a bruise on her left arm and superficial bruises on her left thigh.  Child states that her father grabbed her arm in order to prevent her from running into the road and that her father punched her with a cardboard box while she was watching cartoons [in the area of her left inside thigh].  Injuries were not deemed to be a result of child abuse.   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].  

August 4, 2010   Malenko, Igor vs. Campbell, Mary Polly - Complaint is dismissed for lack of evidence of distress to Igor Malenko.  [Mary Polly Campbell had had a "feeling" that he had child porn on his computer back in 4/2010].

August 9, 2010  Sorrento Dental Associates saw the child in reference to sores at the corners of her mouth which Lori Handrahan believes may be herpes from sexual abuse and/or are evidence of having been gagged.  Lori Handrahan is advised that this is not typical presentation of herpes simplex.  Photos are taken.   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]. 
August 9, 2010  Handrahan then transports child to the Maine Coast Medical Hospital Emergency Room in Ellsworth.  A swab was taken for testing.  Diagnosis was given as cold sores.   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12].

November 4, 2010  Lori Handrahan sends a second request to the Board of Psychologists about Carol Lynn Kabacoff.  Handrahan wants Kabacoff investigated because "Carol Kabacoff continues to grossly misuse her  professional license."  Handrahan denies that Kabacoff diagnosed Handrahan with anything up until a deposition in Michael Waxman's office. 

December 2, 2010  Judge Alexander, Maine Supreme Judicial Court, exonerates Michael Waxman of all 13 "counts of unethical conduct" filed against him on the basis of three grievances filed by Lori Handrahan and one by Polly Campbell.


December 28, 2010  In a letter cc'd to Nightline, Dateline, and the Oprah Winfrey Show, Lori Handrahan states in a letter to Cathy Newman of the Complaints and Investigation Division, Office of Licensing and Registration, Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, State of Maine that Newman's responding letter dated November 9, 2010 is inadequate.  Handrahan says that, "...Maine [has] psychologists and other mental health professionals [who have] been allowed by the State to use their licenses as political weapons."  Handrahan believes that Kabacoff is misusing her licensure as a psychologist in "supporting" Michael Waxman's campaign to take Handrahan's bio-daughter away from Handrahan.  Handrahan takes issue with Kabacoff's diagnosing Handrahan as suffering from a severe mental illness [Narcissistic Personality Disorder].  Handrahan states that no other mental health professional involved in this case has expressed any concerns about the state of Handrahan's mental health. 

January 13, 2011 and January 16, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives two emails from Jeffrey Thayer at Westport/Swiss.  In the first one, he indicates that they have not insured Michael Waxman since 2005.  In the second, he indicates that he cannot get involved with Handrahan's issues with Waxman, since Thayer still works at Westport/Swiss. 

January 14, 2011 Both Igor Malenko and Lori Handrahan with their lawyers attend court hearing on Igor Malenko's motions to win full custody of the female child.  Judge Jeff Moskowitz presides over Portland District Court.  Lori Handrahan is reportedly relocating due to her employment.

January 17, 2011  The child allegedly draws a picture of a "black rock" that Igor Malenko and Michael Waxman "smoke" which turns them bad, makes them kick the child, and makes her sick from breathing it.

January 25, 2011  Supreme Court in Portland upholds decision of lower court that the preponderance of the evidence does not point to a conclusion that Igor Malenko had sexually assaulted the child at the age of two year old seven months.

February 1, 2011  Judge Jeff Moskowitz in Portland District Court orders that Igor Malenko is to have physical custody of the child and that if the two parents cannot agree on a decision regarding the child, that Malenko's decision would take precedence.

February 1, 2011  Lori Handrahan sends a first class letter to Mary Mayhew, Commissioner asking for a meeting with Handrahan [and Dateline NBC].  She sends along some background information which includes allegations that Igor Malenko has left the child alone in the car twice while he went to work early and once when he stopped in at a dry cleaner's.
  February 26, 2011  Child is transported to Maine Coast Regional Hospital in Ellsworth where Lori Handrahan presents Doctor Joseph Nabozny, M.D. with a stool sample that she maintains is from the child.  Lori Handrahan claims that the child is constipated.  Lori Handrahan wants the stool sample that she brought in tested for the presence of methamphetamine.  She states that the child had recently drawn a picture of a "black rock."  No drug testing is done on the stool.  Diagnosis: constipation. 

March 1, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails the Office of the Inspector General.  She alleges that  Beth Fawcett, Dean Steffanari, Dan Despard, and Marie Kelly are all in cahoots with Michael Waxman in a plot to keep the child in the custody of Igor Malenko so the abuse can continue.  She wants an investigation into DHHS of Maine. 

March 4, 2011  Lori Handrahan and Kathy Veilleux exchange emails.  Handrahan resends a packet of information for Commissioner Mary Mayhew and Kathy Veilleux verifies that this packet of information was received.

March 17, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails the Office of the Inspector General and asks again for an investigation into DHHS Maine.  Some of the things that she wants investigated are why the DHHS contracted with Deb Poole of Michigan regarding allegations of child abuse investigations, if proper protocol was followed [three bids], and why Spurwink was dropped in favor of Deb Poole. 

March 10, 2011  Lori Handrahan brings child to emergency room at Maine Coast Regional Hospital with complaint of "blood in her nose."  According to Handrahan, child has strep throat for which child had been placed on an antibiotic.  Further, child's nosebleed  has been intermittent these last couple of days.  Handrahan says that child told her that Igor Malenko blew methamphetamine smoke into the child's face.  Urine was sent for drug analysis.  Diagnosis: nose bleed.  

Spring 2011, actual date of publication unknown to me: Michael Waxman has an excellent article published in The Maine Bar Journal  pps. 71-75 titled, Children's Voices and Fathers' Hearts: Challenges in Implementing the "Best Interest" Standard.  It can be found here at: 

March 25 or March 29, 2011 [date discrepancy]   Lori Handrahan claims she noticed a hematoma on her daughter's forehead upon picking her up from child-care for visitation. 

March 27 or March 31, 2011   Lori Handrahan transports her daughter to the emergency room in Ellsworth county.  Hospital photograph shows the child's lightened birthmark on her forehead between her eyes which was a reddish pale color.  Photograph also shows a yellow mark above the right eye which is described as a healing bruise, not in any way something that can be construed as a hematoma.  Child states that her mother forced her to say that Igor Malenko hit her with a frying pan even though it was a lie. Lori Handrahan claims that Igor Malenko applied arnica that weekend which had then resulted in an overnight cure for the hematoma which the hospital physician did not find.  Hospital physician does not report findings to the DHHS because the bruise is not considered upon examination to be the result of child abuse.  Diagnosis: eccymosis, contusion. [a bruise, not a hematoma]. 
The scribed docus list the date of E.R. visit as March 27, 2011 rather than the 31st.   [uploaded by L.H. on 5/14/12]. 
Slideshare [uploaded by "fortheloveofMila" and not by L.H., with last name of child blacked out,] lists this report as March 27, 2011 rather than the 31st.   Also listed as March 27, 2011 here

April 1, 2011, approximate  Lori Handrahan reports to Child Protective Services, D.H.H.S. that child had a hematoma and had been hit by a cooking pot.  She reports that physical abuse had been going on for two months by Igor Malenko.  [The forty-five days or so in which Malenko had the child?] 

April 5, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Kathy Veilleux and asks her to give Commissioner Mary Mayhew some information.  Handrahan intents to file a new complaint with the Office of Inspector General about the DHHS' failure to protect the child in spite of recently allegedly having been hit in the forehead with a frying pan and refusal to look into what Lori Handrahan charges is falsification of medical reports.  She also claims that the DOJ is now involved. 

April 7, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives an email from David Newkirk in response to one that she had sent to two other employees at Westport Insurance.  Newkirk states that they are the incorrect people to contact, and that furthermore Newkirk has reviewed the insurance settlement that she spoke of and that it was not irregular.  

April 29, 2011  D.D.H.S. unsubstantiates Lori Handrahan's complaints regarding the frying pan, the meth, and the sexual abuse of the child by her father Igor Malenko.  Further, claim re: frying pan is found to be untrue as well as unsubstantiated.

May 15, 2011  Steve Pickering [Lori Handrahan's Private Investigator] sends Lori Handrahan a lengthy email of his notes of a conversation he states he had with Daniel Despard on 4/13/2011. 

May 23, 2011  Steve Pickering [Lori Handrahan's Private Investigator] has a conversation with Doctor Karen Simone, Director of the Maine Poison Control.  She clearly stated that the presence of meth in the little girl's urine is a minute amount and can be explained by the use of a specific company's over the counter nasal inhaler.  Steve Pickering's notes of the conversation are unsigned.

May 26, 2011  Sworn affidavit of Carl Baum regarding tox results on urine alleged to be from the child.  He had not examined the urine directly or interviewed the child.  This is urine that was obtained by Lori Handrahan.  This urine had not been observed by anyone in a hospital or physician's office setting to have come from the child.

May 30, 2011  A letter written by Eli Newberger substantiating Lori Handrahan's claims of the young child being hit in the head with a frying pan and meth in the urine.  He had not examined the urine nor did he interview the child. 

May 31, 2011  Schedule for the D.H.H.S. Commissioner Meeting held that day.

May 31, 2011  A closing speech by Lori Handrahan.

May 2011 or June 3, 2011   Lori Handrahan alleges sexual and physical abuse of child by Igor Malenko as well as medical neglect.

June 6, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Daniel R. Levinson who is an Inspector General in the Office of the Inspector General for HHS about the Commissioners' meeting on 5/31/2011 [where she gave closing remarks and a detailed history of her allegations of abuse of the child].  She states that she is enclosing three affadavits about this abuse.  She states that the child protection investigators have not been following the manual.  She alleges that Daniel Despard is responsible for what the child is going through since Despard has refused to separate the child from Igor Malenko.  There appears to be an undated page with a letter to Commissioner Mary Mayhew about Despard.  This page may or may not have been sent with the email to Daniel R. Levinson.
June 13, 2011, approximate date   Lori Handrahan alleges that Igor Melenko has "connections" with D.D.H.S. in both Portland and Ellsworth county offices.  The Biddeford office of D.D.H.S. in York county opens a file regarding Lori Handrahan's complaints that Igor Malenko was giving the child methamphetamines and that Igor Malenko had child porn stored on his computer.

Lori Handrahan contacts Maine Governor Larry LePage over these matters.

Child has to stop attending day care.

June 17, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Igor Malenko stating that she wants to pick up the child for vacation time which will be spent at the house in Sorrento.

June 17, 2011  Igor Malenko states that Lori Handrahan is not welcome to pick up the child.  He states that he will not release the child for unsupervised visits until after court.  He also states that Handrahan will have to "accept services" in order for unsupervised visits to occur at some point in the future.  Malenko directs Handrahan to send any future email correspondence to his lawyer Michael Waxman rather than to Malenko directly.

June 17, 2011  Igor Malenko sends a second email to Lori Handrahan regarding Mark Dalton-- supervisor to Rebecca Austin at DHHS.  Malenko states that he has learned from Dalton that the latest false accusations [that Malenko had hit the child in the head with a frying pan] have been found by DHHS to be unsubstantiated [he does not say this, but the claim about hitting the child in the forehead with a frying pan has been found to be both "unsubstantiated" and "untrue."].  Malenko states that Dalton was phoning Handrahan in order to offer DHHS-supervised with the child sometime over the weekend.

Monday June 20, 2011  Mark Dalton sends an email to Lori Handrahan offering the option of a meeting with him [Dalton].

June 21, 2011  Lori Handrahan goes to the home of Igor Malenko and has a screaming fit outside, demanding that he surrender her child.  The child does not want to go to her mother.  Police have to escort Lori Handrahan off of Igor Malenko's property.

June 22, 2011  Igor Malenko obtains a P.F.H. for himself and on behalf of the child against Lori Handrahan.

June 23, 2011  Stephen Pickering, private investigator for Lori Handrahan shows up at the residence of Carol Amoroso.  Carol Amoroso is the former wife of attorney Michael Waxman.  Together they had four children.  Carol Amoroso is upset by Stephen Pickering's demands to speak with her.  She contacts Yarmouth police. 

June 26, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Neria Douglass, State Auditor about the events on 6/21/2011 when she [Handrahan] showed up at Igor Malenko's residence demanding her daughter.  Lori admits to having a tape recorder under her clothing.  She alleges that Igor Malenko and Michael Waxman showed the police an order from DHHS placing Handrahan on supervised visits only with the child [i.e. no unsupervised visits].  She claims this order is made up; that Malenko and Waxman falsified the non-existent order. 

June 27, 2011  Letter from Mark Dalton, DHHS Regional Manager for York County unsubstantiated the complaints of Lori Handrahan.

June 27, 2011  Igor Malenko files a Tort in Portland Court, Cumberland County alleging injury via "assault, libel, and slander" by Lori Handrahan.

June 28, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails a sort of P.S. to Neria Douglass, State Auditor.  Handrahan says the police recorded the conversation between Waxman and themselves. 

June 28, 2011 - July 8, 2011  Communication between Carl Baum and D. H. H. S. Eileen King.

June 29, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives a reply email from Neria R. Douglass, State Auditor.  Douglass states that the matters which Handrahan had reported are personal matters.  Douglass states that copies of the complaints were forwarded to the Attorney General, Governor Larry Le Page, and Commissioner Mary Mayhew. 

July 2011  Undated and unsigned Motion to Enforce [visitation as ordered on 1/11/2011] by Lori Handrahan. 

July 4, 2011  Michael Waxman writes an email to D.H.H.S. stating that Mark Dalton and Mary Mayhew of the D.H.H.S. as well as the agency itself has shown preferential treatment to Lori Handrahan as illustrated by a sit-down whith Handrahan when Waxman's emails have not been replied to. 

July 22, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General.  The body of the email appears to be a copy of a snail mail dated July 9, 2011.  In there, Lori Handrahan writes that it was suggested that she contact Homeland Security because Igor Malenko and his family were involved in organized crime in Eastern Europe; and that he had gotten his permanent green card under false pretenses.  She goes on to claim that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was going to pick Igor Malenko up at a traffic stop and deport him within two weeks.  She alleges that after that suddenly no one was willing to do anything about it anymore.  She alleges that then an unidentified "we" got in contact with the Harvard Immigration Law Clinic and a Boston Immigration attorney after that.  Nothing came of anything.  Obviously, powerful people are protecting Igor Malenko.

July 28, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives a reply from Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General directing her that her complaint has been referred to the Joint Intake Center and that she can check the status of her complaint by going there.  The Joint Intake Center is for both the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

August 1, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to Attorney General William J. Schneider.  She again [her email says this is her second request] asks for investigations into former Attorney General Janet Mills, current Head of Child Protection Dan Despard, former DHHS Commissioner Brenda Harvey, and Michael Waxman.  She believes that Michael Waxman wrote the decision which absolved him of thirteen counts of Bar violations.  Handrahan includes an email written by Michael Waxman on 7/31/2011 which points out to Maureen Flatly that Flatly is legally not able to interfere with the judicial branch of government since she works for the executive branch of the government.

August 1, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to the Inspector General Offices for three agencies: Department of Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and Department of Justice.  She states that the staff of a senator [whom she does name] has followed up, ensuring that Handrahan will be sent updates of her complaints. 
August 3, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Attorney General William J. Snyder alleging that Michael Waxman is tampering with a potential witness. 

August 4, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to William J. Schneider, Attorney General alleging that when Igor Malenko is search engined using Google, sites related to child porn are the results.  She further states that although psychologist Carol Lynn Kabacoff apparently does not spread her name around the web [N.B. Carol Lynn Kabacoff diagnosed Lori Handrahan with Narcissistic Personality Disorder], Kabacoff's husband Robert was an early adopter of gopher net [as if this is a bad thing? It isn't].  She further states that Robert Kabacoff has puzzles on what she refers to as "a girl's site."  The site is for Girls Inc.  That he happened to author some puzzles at one time does not strike me as something awful. 

 August 10, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives a reply from
from Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General directing her that her complaint has been referred to the Joint Intake Center and that she can check the status of her complaint by going there.  The Joint Intake Center is for both the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

  August 16, 2011  Undated and unsigned reply by Handrahan which indicates that she now reluctantly agrees that Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz should recuse himself from Malenko vs. Handrahan. 

 August 20, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails the Office of the Inspector General for the Homeland Security.  Handrahan says she will fax materials to Charles Edwards as directed to do.

August 24, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Attorney General William J. Schneider and Maine Governor Larry Le Page.  She wants Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz removed from the bench because Moskowitz allegedly wants Handrahan to agree to supervised visits with the child.  Handrahan claims that this is in spite of "...court ordered joint custody...".  Handrahan also refers to Igor Malenko as a criminal and an illegal alien.  Handrahan also slams psychologist Carol Lynn Kabacoff in the email.

August 30, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Mary Mayhew, Commissioner of the State of Maine DHHS.  Handrahan wants all correspondence from Michael Waxman to DHHS released to herself.  Handrahan also wants all correspondence "related to former Attorney General Janet Mills" released to herself.  She wants these things because she believes that Michael Waxman gets Dan Despard [who she describes as "Head of Child Protection"] to do whatever Michael Waxman wants, the results being that the child has not been protected from sexual abuse.  She believes that upon an unknown judge's order, Janet Mills ordered DHHS to "do nothing to protect" the child.  She wants these things released under FOIA and she wants all of these things without having to pay a copying fee.

August 30, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Jennifer Tarr, Inspector General for Department of Health and Human Services, hope that Tarr will be able to "take action."  The subject says FWD DHHS FOIA.  This is the shortest Handrahan email I have seen to date. 

September 22, 2011  Summary review from 10/2009 through 9/2011 by Ombudsman completed and signed by Dean Crocker, Ombudsman for Child Welfare.  

Fall 2011 Lori Handrahan launches the "Saving ****" site [using her minor child's first name]
/quote"... many claims that Malenko has abused his child, has raped his child, has poisoned her with methamphetamines, has sold her to obtain money for a green card, has “trafficked” her, has been visiting child pornography sites on the internet, has placed M.M. in a pedophile ring, has conspired with others including his attorney, judges, district attorneys, DHHS workers and others."  /unquote

Lori contacts various government officials and others via e-mail regarding her claims against Igor Malenko and also her new website.  She posts a picture of her daughter's genitals on the site.  Said picture is believed to have been taken during one of the child's many exams for sexual assault or sexual abuse at one of the several hospitals.

September 5, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Maine Commissioner Mary Mayhew complaining about Igor Malenko's wife who is allegedly telling a bunch of people in Portland Maine what a bad mother Handrahan is.  Handrahan also alleges that Handrahan has info on the woman [Lilly] which is detrimental to [Lilly and Igor's claim] that they [Lilly and Igor] knew each other in childhood.  Handrahan asks for a new investigation. 

September 10, 2011  Lori Handrahan sends an email to the Maine Bureau of Insurance, alleging that Attorney Michael Waxman has committed insurance fraud.
September 11, 2011  Lori Handrahan sends two emails to Sargent Glenn Lang of [I believe] Biddeford Maine.  In the first one, she asks him to not refer to her as "crazy."  She asks why there aren't any arrests in Maine for child porn.  IN the second email, she references this article which states, in part, that in Brazil P2P networks are used primarily for the exchange of child porn.  She wants to know why Lang doesn't know that.  [She seems to infer that P2P networks are also used in the United States primarily for the exchange of child porn.  This may or may not be so, but cannot be inferred from the article she references].
September 13, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives an email response from the Office of the Inspector General which indicates that her complaints are not within their jurisdiction.

September 14, 2011  Therese Cahill-Low responds to an email from Lori Handrahan.  Cahill-Low indicates that Joyce Giguere, Unit Manager will have someone contact Handrahan for a new intake based on "new allegations of child abuse or neglect."

September 14, 2011  in response to a responding email from Therese Cahill-Low, Lori Handrahan writes an email to Therese Cahill-Low about "the training of DHHS staff."  She goes on to ask a series of rhetorical questions which to me imply that the staff is poorly trained to do investigations and incompetent.

September 14, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Maine Governor Larry LePage alleging that all of the investigations conducted by DHHS staff are shoddy and improper.  
September 27, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Maine Governor Larry LePage alleging that Dan Despard helped to manage a "slush fund," asking why Dan Despard is "still head of Child Protection" and that Handrahan wants her daughter back.

October 18, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives an email response from the Office of the Inspector General which indicates that her complaints are not within their jurisdiction. 

October 19, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives an email response from Jim Stolley, Director of Field Legal Operations at DHS/ICE/OPLA asking for her phone number so that he can call her about her concernsIn an email to Stolley written before his request for her phone number, Handrahan goes on a rant about how Igor Malenko's immigration status is not legal.

October 23, 2011  Lori Handrahan emails Noah Kroloff of the H.H.S. asking him if he will allow the child to remain with "a criminal alien" instead of protecting her and the mother. 

October 24, 2011  Lori Handrahan receives an email response from the Office of the Inspector General which indicates that her complaints are not within their jurisdiction.

November 3, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Director Robin Brooks of Health and Human Services.  In it, she calls for the investigation of Dan Despard, "Head of Child Protection in Maine."  She says she suspects that the child is trapped in a pedo ring in Maine, or something that resembles a pedo ring.  She references an earlier reply from Robin Brooks and states that she Handrahan has phoned in more than six complaints and will keep doing so until Dan Despard is investigated. 

November 15, 2011  Pastebin in which Lori Handrahan has things to say about Dean Crocker who is a Maine Child Welfare Office Ombudsman and President of Maine's Children Alliance.  The paste appears to be a copy of an email that she had sent and cc'd to various places.

November 16, 2011  Pastebin in which Lori Handrahan complains about child's passport being returned to Igor Malenko via Judge Moskowitz's court order.  She asks why Maine's Governor Larry LePage had not removed Moskowitz from the bench for his conduct in her case.

November 21, 2011  Lori Handrahan attempts to hijack a discussion on an article about the sex abuse scandal at Penn State. 

November 25, 2011 - November 30, 2011  Posts written during the month of November include an e-mail by Lori Handrahan alleging bad reporting by a newspaper on the situation concerning child pornographers on the streets of Maine due to a backlog of cases; a rant complaining that Lori Handrahan has had to drive her daughter 500 miles round trip every weekend for visitation, and that Judge Moskowitz had ordered her to drive that much [when the child was between the ages of two and three years old, child is now almost five as of the blog post]; an e-mail to a Maine Legislative Rep; a letter to a Commissioner of Public Safety and his response [links indicate that the material had been removed]; an author named "MilaWitness" who posted a video of the child telling her stuffed animal that Igor Malenko touched her "gina" [video removed]; a blog post thanking some Argentinian musicians for deciding to help "save" the little girl on their pages on another site; and responses [not found] to letters [not found] to Governor Larry LePage's office about why that office didn't order the child removed from Igor Malenko's care.

November 25, 2011  Steve Pickering emails his response to the Ombudsman report to Dan Crocker of Maine Kids. 

November 26, 2011   A pastebin by Lori Handrahan alleges that Igor Malenko's computer  was used to trade kiddie porn pictures and pastebin also bashes John Morris and others in Maine for not investigating this allegation properly.  Polly Campbell is referred to by name but the allegation that she made about Igor Malenko's computer containing child porn being based on a "feeling" is not.

November 30, 2011  Lori Handrahan comments on "her child" on a comment thread about an article of a man who wrote an open letter to an "alleged" vic of Jerry Sandusky.

December 3, 2011 [approximate]       + Pixie Dust puts up a save Mila petition at Petitions 24, alleging that Lori Handrahan has been denied access to her child since May 10, 2011.  Also that the child was placed into an abusive home.

December 3, 2011  Blogger irishgreeneyes includes a link to and to a petition for saving the child in a brief blogpost.

December 11, 2011  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Agent Paul Pritchard of the F.B.I., Portland Office asking him to open an investigation into the interference of Igor Malenko and of Attorney Michael Waxman into her joint custodial rights.  She also wants the F.B.I. to call for a Federal Grand Jury. 

December 14, 2011  Lori Handrahan calls into the Diane Rehm radio show and rants about the case and also about Michael Waxman.  She claims that Michael Waxman is "grooming" her daughter.  At 39 minutes 10 seconds through approximately 40 minutes 29 seconds, Diane Rehm takes a call from Lori Handrahan.

December 20, 2011   A pastebin from Michael Waxman criticizing someone unnamed as far as I can figure for willfully ignoring evidence of Lori Handrahan's deceit.  The pastebin also contains these lines, "The ONLY other 'expert report' with which I am familiar is one from a mental health worker in the South somewhere, I think Georgia, who Handrahan's attorney found and paid. That is not even CLOSE to the objective, court-appointed report from Dr. Kabacoff, who evaluated BOTH Malenko and Handrahan."

December 20, 2011  Lori Handrahan makes one   comment about "saving her" own child.

December 20, 2011  Lori Handrahan makes three comments about the supposed pedo ring operating in Maine which got "her child" in a comment thread of an article that was not written about "her child." 

December 23, 2011  comments #8-13  Lori Handrahan hijacks a discussion on a toddler in Maine who went missing. 

December 28, 2011  Lori Handrahan makes five comments about "saving her" child, basically hijacking the comment thread of an article that was not written for her or her glory.  

January 5, 2012  Lori Handrahan makes nine comments on an article about another Maine child, eight of which pertain to "her" child.  Another attempt at hijacking a comment thread.

January 9, 2012  A discussion re: the child custody case vs abuse claims is started here at:

January 18, 2012  Screenshots of FedBook, I mean FaceBook comments by Lori Handrahan alleging that her ex-husband brutally raped their daughter and that Maine officials are involved in a massive coverup of a pedo ring.  [January 18, 2012 is the date that this record was uploaded to the slideshare site].

January 26, 2012
Blog post by a person identified as "watching lori" quotes Igor Malenko's attorney Michael Waxman as wishing that memories of time the child spent with Lori Handrahan could be wiped away.
January 26, 2012 and January 27, 2012 comments /quote allege that Lori Hanrahan would not "fabricate ramming a coke bottle up a child’s vagina" /unquote and that Michael Waxman is rude and crude.

January 27, 2012    Lori Handrahan shows up at the child's day care center and attempts to snatch the child from Lilly Malenko in the sleet/rain.  Lilly Malenko is five months pregnant.  Lori Handrahan kicks her and pries the screaming child away.  People try to get them to go inside.  The child becomes very wet from the weather.  Police have to escort Lori Handrahan from the property. 
Lori Handrahan had contacted a child advocacy organization and asked them to stage a kidnapping of her daughter.  When they refused, she did it herself.
[more]  January 27, 2012  She says that her child's holding on to Igor Malenko's wife Lilly is proof of emotional distress rather than evidence that the child did not want to go with Lori Handrahan.  She claims that Lilly jumped on [Lori Handrahan's] back and knocked [Lori Handrahan] to the ground.
When Judge Moscowitz was contacted, according to Lori Handrahan in this account, he stated that he intended that Lori Handrahan's visiting hours with her daughter be upheld, which allegedly started during the time that Lori Handrahan was trying to grab her daughter and prevent her from attending preschool that day.  Mysteriously, a social worker appeared and contradicted the Judge's order.
Or, alternately, a D.H.H.S. official instructed that the child be released to Igor Malenko, regardless of what a district attorney instructed. 

January 28, 2012   Blog post by Lori Handrahan asks for prayer to bring her daughter home.  She adds that her lawyer wishes her to not post about the situation on social media for an unspecified few days.  She asks for prayer at 12 noon daily for 60 seconds until the child is home with her again.

January 28, 2012  Willowtree1 offers a direct prayer.

January 29, 2012  Lori Handrahan thanks Willowtree1.  Handrahan's name points to a site that WordPress indicates was taken down by its owner.
Lori Handrahan, in her reply to willowtree1, retells a version of when she tried to "kidnap" her child from the daycare center.

January 31, 2012  Lori Handrahan and Igor Malenko agree to take down all sites and references to the child that are under their control. [uploaded by L.H. on 5/8/2012].

February 1, 2012  Lori Handrahan files a Motion to Enforce Court Order Requiring Visitation and a Motion to Reduce Child Support.
Lori Handrahan files a Contempt of Court against Igor Malenko and Michael Waxman.
        referred to in: 
        see also: 

February 3, 2012   Lori Hanrahan's Private Invesigator Stephen Pickering writes a letter of complaint to the D.A. regarding Michael Waxman's alleged actions in a courtroom on 1/31/2012 in front of Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz.

February 7, 2012   Site withdraws its' support of the Pixie Dust petition "save Mila" in the announcement tab; stating that,
/quote "In the case of Mila, court documents have been shown that her mother has in fact had the chance to see her child but the mother herself as reportedly refused this access to the child.'
We are closing this petition and withdraw our support of this until further notice." /unquote. 

February 9, 2012  The Portland Daily Sun publishes an article about Igor Malenko's suit against District Attorney Stephanie Anderson for violating his civil rights by attempting to interfere on 6/21/2011 when Lori Handrahan had showed up at Malenko's residence demanding the child.  Stephanie Anderson allegedly stated that she had checked with a judge and that the child was to go with Handrahan. 

February 16, 2012  Kevin Ohlson of the F.B.I. responds to an email written by Lori Handrahan sometime between 2/13/2012 and 2/16/2012.  The situation she had written to him is outside of the jurisdiction of his office and of himself. 

February 19, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Timothy H. Kistner and Noah Kroloff of the DHS, charging that Igor Malenko had obtained his green card and possible citizenship [if he is a citizen by now] fraudulently.  She says that the offices in Portland Maine which did this are corrupt.  She says the corruption has wrecked the life of the child and wants to know when they are going to fix this. 

February 19, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Gloria Damgaard who she identifies as the Director of the North Dakota Board of Nursing.  [She does not include Damgaard's email addy in the scribd upload].  Handrahan expresses outrage that the porny nurse was allowed to keep his license.  Handrahan says she is cc-ing the Griggs County Courier and his workplace.  She talks about the powerful porners in Maine and that the child has been trafficked.  Handrahan uses an undefined "we" in her email. 

February 21, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Heather Melson whose paper the Griggs County Courier ran an article on a porn-viewing male nurse.  She mentions the state of Maine and that "her" child is suffering.

February 21, 2012  Heather Melson emails Lori Handrahan and indicates that Melson has decided not to run Handrahan's email about the article.  Said article had been published on 5/28/2010.  

February 18, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Valerie Harrett and C. Tina Chen, informing them that Igor Malenko is having the nerve to sue Stephanie Anderson, District Attorney.  Handrahan wants to know if Immigration Customs Enforcement office is benefiting from the sexual abuse and trafficking of the young girl. 

February 21, 2012  Lori Handrahan receives an email from the Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General and asks her to contact the OIG via the Department of Homeland Security instead.

February 21, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Valerie Harrett and C. Tina Chen, informing then that the DOJ's Office of Inspector General's response is unacceptable.  She alleges that every Office of Inspector General tells her to go to another one. She mentions Dean Crocker and Dan Despard by name, alleges that a ton of federal monies to fight child porn given to Maine has come up missing, that Maine makes almost no arrests related to this, and that there is quite the child porn/child trafficking business going on in Maine.  She also alleges that Igor Malenko benefited from all the corruption because he hasn't been deported. 

February 22, 2012  Igor Malenko files for motion to modify; the custody agreement so that Igor Malenko will have sole rights in the matter of the child.

February 24 - February 27, 2012  Lori Handrahan sends a series of e-mails to Igor Malenka regarding her being in Maine over the weekend to pick up the child.  Lori Handrahan was not in Maine.  She was in Washington D.C. the entire weekend.  She stated that she was had a flight available to her on "stand-by" should she have been given the go ahead to visit the child by Igor Malenka.

February 25, 2012   Statement allegedly from Polly Campbell R.N. uploaded to Scribd by Lori Handrahan using her daughter's full name.  Michael Waxman has information from Polly Campbell that this is not her statement and she is prepared to testify in court to the same.  March 5, 2012

February 25, 2012 and March 5, 2012   A draft from Polly Campbell and a draft for release regarding child and sexual abuse cover-up.  Again, this statement is not from Polly Campbell.  

March 8, 2012  Lori Handrahan is interviewed by Fox News regarding sex slavery. 

March 8, 2012 - March 9, 2012  Emails exchanged between Lori Handrahan and her attorney / former attorney Judy Potter.  Handrahan asks for a copy of a letter regarding the incident at day care in which Handrahan attempted to kidnap the child from Lilly Malenko.  Potter hopes that Handrahan will not forward the letter to Stephanie Anderson [a District Attorney in Portland, Maine] as that is a lousy thing to do.  Handrahan is planning to do exactly that.  She says the crimes against the child are lousy.  And that at one time Potter and Polly Campbell both were happy to be able to "get Waxman."  The letter that Handrahan is referencing apparently says that legally Handrahan is able to use force [?] to get the child. 

March 10, 2012  An AP article appears in a Maine newspaper [BDN Maine] stating that a computer error caused 19,000 people to receive MaineCare services that they were not supposed to be able to receive.  Mary Mayhew is quoted in the article as saying that she should have admitted to this problem sooner.  This is one of the articles that Lori Handrahan uses to support her various theorems about federal funds disappearing from Maine coffers and about the alleged incompetence of Commissioner Mary Mayhew.

March 11, 2012  A supporter of Lori Handrahan congratulates her regarding said interview.  Screenshot of the comment reveals that an allegation is being made that Lori Handrahan's child is "forced to live in sex slavery in Maine, USA." 

March 2012, approximate  Petition is started to bar Lori Handrahan from using her daughter's name and photos on the Internet.

March 15, 2012 - April 11, 2012   Tweets begin showing #SaveMila hashtag and pointing to a wordpress site. 

March 15, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Rachael Norris of the Department of Human Services about what she wants to discuss with Charles Edwards.  She claims that the child has been "raped, beaten, drugged, and now trafficked" by Igor Malenko. 

March 15, 2012 A series of email exchanges between Lori Handrahan and Judy Potter regarding emails that Lori Handrahan had sent to Potter's Blackberry regarding the attempted kidnapping of the child by Handrahan and the idea that she should have gotten the child that weekend.  Potter had erased the emails a long time ago.  Handrahan accuses Potter of destroying evidence.  Potter states that she has a specific routine for saving important Blackberry emails and that the emails from Handrahan do get rountinely discarded if Potter does not judge them important enough to offload and save electronically somewhere other than on the Blackberry.     

March 19, 2012  George Lincoln, PhD emails American University about Lori Handrahan's actions on the Internet.  
And yes, I believe that he is a "real" person.  The George Lincoln I found is an academic who is associated with Lancaster University in England.

March 22, 2012   An article for the BDN Maine written by Jackie Farwell talks about Republicans calling Senator Joe Brannigan's (D-Portland) request for an independent auditing and investigation of the DHHS a "publicity stunt."

March 27, 2012  A BDN Maine article written by Glenn Adams reports on Democrats claiming that Republican officials for Governor Larry Le Page are stalling an independent investigation of DHHS and the MaineCare computer glitch in hopes that it does not happen.

March 27, 2012 by Sara Yin   Article alleges that Lori Handrahan called Rhode Island Representative (R) Dan Gordon who supports the hacktivist group Anonymous in an effort to get in touch with people in Anonymous.  Also here at:  Comments are critical of the article and note that research should have been done prior to publishing the piece on TakeDownNews.  Also here at by UFOHUNTERORGUK.  Also, another article written by Jacob Kleinman here at: .

March 30, 2012 by illuminate   Someone identified as "illuminate" puts up a singular blogpost which appears to be a word-for-word reproduction of a summary report of two D.H.H.S. investigations prompted by complaints of Lori Handrahan.  The report itself is written by G. Dean Crocker, MSW,Ombudsman for Child Welfare. 

April 3, 2012  Jason Edge publishes short article asking why a video was taken down from You Tube.  Screenshots show that after he tweeted the question, the answer was that there is a court order in effect protecting the privacy of the child.  Other screenshots show that Lori Handrahan supporters/or possibly alleged sock puppets thanking Jason Edge for the publicity on Twitter and also blaming Michael Waxman for the takedown.

April 5 - 6, 2012 and   Lori Handrahan uploaded recordings of herself and her daughter from various dates.  Dates appear to be predominantly from 2010 and 2011.  Although the recordings can still be heard as of 3/7/2013, there is no telling when or by whom they will be taken down.

April 10, 2012  Igor Malenko files yet another Order of Contempt against Lori Handrahan because she does not show up in court to respond to the Motion to Modify the custody agreement for the child. 

April 12, 2012   Article published by Jacob Kleinman at International Business Times site which was later edited at the request of commenters.  In the article, Lori Handrahan claims she is the vic of a massive smear campaign.  Michael Waxman remains steadfast regarding the interests, safety, and privacy of the little girl in the middle of the controversy.

April 19, 2012  Lori Handrahan publishes an article on the Huffington Post regarding the idea that a woman running the Secret Service would prevent "business as usual" [of course in terms of less porn on work time and stuff like that].  At least she puts in a good word for the idea  known as Anonymous.  And at least there is no mention of the bad ol' state of Maine.  There is one rah-rah "fan" in the commentsThat is always to be expected when it comes to Lori Handrahan.

April 20, 2012 from April 14, 2012  Blogging site which appears to me to have been written by Lori Handrahan which is a record of various court decisions, recordings of the child talking about abuse, and various articles from other websites. 

April 26, 2012     Lori Handrahan does not show up for a court hearing for motion to modify.  The judge on this date elects to proceed without her presence. 

April 29, 2012  Jason Edge publishes short article pointing out that Lori Handrahan created a FaceBook page instead of attending the latest court hearing regarding her daughter.

May 1, 2012  Keith Harmon Snow publishes an article which mentions Lori Handrahan as being an outstanding woman who had not actually lost custody of her child.  Reference is also made to the idea that Igor Malenko and his new wife Lilly were granted American citizenship in an unspecified, underhanded manner without providing any evidence for said idea.

May 3, 2012  by Robert Franklin, Esq.   Igor Malenko is awarded sole physical and legal custody of his daughter.  Also an update to the Jason Edge piece notes that Lori Handrahan was ordered to pay back child support, attorney fees for Michael Waxman, and to remove postings on the Internet regarding her daughter.     Also:
shows that Igor Malenko was granted custody: "Superseding Motion Granting Sole Rights and for Contempt (As a Motion to Modify)."
And: [uploaded by L.H. on 5/8/2012].

May 4, 2012; May 6, 2012; May 8, 2012 Michael Waxman sends e-mails to Lori Handrahan reinerating that her sites/content/postings must come down.  He plans to ask Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz to issue a warrant for her arrest if this is not done. [uploaded by L.H. on 5/8/2012]. 

May 14, 2012  Lori Handrahan uploads to scribd as a record of how she believes she is being harassed by Michael Waxman.  If these are Devoe's notes, they are not signed and therefore not acceptable as such in a court of law.

May 26, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Judy Potter seven times on this date-- her one time attorney Potter who quit the case and quite being Handrahan's attorney-- directing Potter to tell the Federal Investigators who surely must now be communicating with Potter about how Michael Waxman has control over Igor Malenko and therefore over the child.  Handrahan maintains that a recording of this conversation is uploaded to a site called Audioboo.  Another email directs Potter to tell the Feds about all the other recordings up at Audioboo regarding Igor Malenko and Michael Waxman smoking meth, the frypan incident, and the Spurwick report, along with Handrahan's allegations about the misuse of federal monies toward a child pedo ring in Maine.  Another email directs Potter to tell the Feds that Bonnie Lewis resigned from an organization called Maine Children's Alliance because Dean Crocker-- following in the footsteps of Sandusky of Penn State football scandal fame-- signed his name to a fraudulent report.  Another email directs Potter to be sure to tell the Feds about a Westport-Swiss Insurance Company case involving Michael Waxman [vs.?] and a couple by the last name of Cummings.  [She had also emailed the wife].  In yet another email, Handrahan directs Potter to tell the Feds about Malenko's alleged illegal immigrant status [a patent falsehood] which Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be glad to straighten out [by deporting Malenko?] once they hear from a "director".  And another email directs Potter to tell the Feds about the screenshot of Igor Malenko's work computer parked at a child porn pictures trading site.  Yet another email directs Potter to tell the Feds that the Cape PD lied about a report to Potter for a month which they allegedly gave to Michael Waxman the same day.  In yet another email, Handrahan directs Potter to tell the Feds that Governor Larry Le Page has promised to work for the return of the little girl to Handrahan. 

May 28, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Gary Grindler of the U.S. Department of Justice.  In it, she asks for the return of the child to her as well as an investigation into corrupt public officials in the State of Maine. 

May 28, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to District Attorney Stephanie Anderson.  In it, she address the lawsuit that Igor Malenko had brought against Anderson for violating his civil rights [in saying she had contacted a judge who directed the day care center to release the child to Handrahan on January 27, 2011 which was the day that Handrahan had tried to kidnap the child, when in fact Anderson may not have actually spoken to the judge].   

June 2012  Lori Handrahan is named "Abuser of the Month" on the S.T.E.A.M. website located here: 

June 8, 2012  The Washington Times publishes a Lori Handrahan article.  In it, she accuses the state of Maine for being a "failed" state.  She also accuses the state of abcsounding with some federal funds earmarked for internet crimes against children.  She also states, "Maine indeed it is a miserable state, particularly if you are a child hoping to be kept safe from pedophiles."
June 9, 2012  A blog site reprints the Lori Handrahan article the next day. 

June 28, 2012  by Keith Harmon Snow    Article alleges that Igor Malenko raped his [and Lori Handrahan's child when the child was two years old].   Lori Handrahan alleges that in June 2009, the child came home with what Handrahan calls "a shredded vagina," charges that her child has been stolen by the State of Maine and given to [her ex-husband and his new wife] illegal immigrants at least one of whom gained American citizenship underhandedly, and additionally that the State of Maine "has trafficked" her child.

June 28, 2012  Since Lori Handrahan has failed to respond to the tort filed by Igor Malenko against her, the case was removed from the court calender and judgement filed against her. 

June 29, 2012  Keith Harmon Snow posts a blog on rape threats going around on FedBook  of course I mean FaceBook.  He also refers to Michael Waxman as "the abusive and litigious Maine attorney."

July 6, 2012  Please see the third comment down by "Gaia" which also provides a link to Keith Harmon Snow's blog post on 6/28/2012 here: 

July 10, 2012 - July 19, 2012  A series of emails between Lori Handrahan, Dorothy Price Hill, and Michael Waxman.  Handrahan asks Price Hill to have her boss who is the CEO of a firm called Mid-Market Securities in New York City register a complaint against Michael Waxman, Price Hill talks about child porn and sexual abuse stuff, Michael Waxman tells Price Hill that he will sue her for defamation of character.  Price Hill calls Handrahan sweet and says Handrahan ought to have full custody of the child.  [Dorothy Price Hill is one of Lori Handrahan's online supporters.  I gather Handrahan has asked Price Hill to help nail Waxman for alleged wrongdoings regarding his Uncle's properties and securities somehow].  Michael Waxman also emails Mid-Market Securities, telling them that he does not appreciate Price Hill contacting a personal friend of his, Christina Duvernay.  Dorothy Price Hill had informed her [erroneously] that Waxman was stalking Price Hill and that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was investigating Waxman [also patently false].  He tells Mid-Market Securities that he will name them as parties to a lawsuit if Price Hill does not cease and desist from contacting his friends in order to spread falsehoods.  [I don't blame him.  I would have done the same.]. 

July 10, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to George E. Prudent of the U.S. Department of Justice resending the FOIA that she says he didn't know about.  She says the FOIA was filed by an organization called "Cause of Action" [Washington D.C.].  She also forwards a copy of what she says is Igor Malenko's illegal immigration status and wants to know why the child is not being protected from him.  She ccs this email to every Maine Senator and Representative for the entire state.

 July 10, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes two separate emails to Gary Grindler of the U.S. Department of Justice asking about federal funds being sent to the State of Maine and an investigation into their misuse being blocked.  She also references a protected child pedophilia ring in Maine which is protected from legal hassles.  She says these people should be investigated: Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, Donald Alexander, Dean Crocker, Daniel Despard, Bill Fisher, Glenn Lang, Michael Waxman, Bill Dimond.  She ccs this email to every Maine Senator and Representative for the entire state.  Handrahan says that Michael Waxman is guilty of cyberbullying, stalking and terrorism of both herself and Dorothy Price Hill. 

July 10, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Gary Grindler of the U.S. Department of Justice.  She says that the psychologist who did the mental health evaluation on her and Igor Malenko did not find anything wrong with Handrahan.  She says the credentials of the psychologist-- Carol Lynn Kobacoff-- are suspect.  She forwards Michael Waxman's "illegal" deposition of Kobacoff to Grindler.  Handrahan also talks trash about Kobacoff's husband, Robert Kobacoff and his early work on Gopher.  Apparently, being called a Saint and an Internet god are bad things.  Finally, Handrahan is disgusted that Carol Lynn Kobacoff's license to practice has not been pulled by the State of Maine for her shenanigans.  Finally, she throws both Kobacoffs into the pedophile ring along with her usual suspects: Michael Waxman, Honorable Jeffrey Moskowitz, Donald Alexander, Daniel Despard,  Dean Crocker, Igor Malenko.

July 13, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Rick Raven whom she describes as the "Head of the Criminal Division of the IRS."  She points out that Governor Larry Le Page of Maine has indeed referred to the IRS as the Gestapo in order to create butthurt so the IRS will not investigate the State of Maine, Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, Donald Alexander, Dean Crocker, Daniel Despard, Bill Fisher, Glenn Lang, Michael Waxman and a bunch of child protection type agencies don't get investigated for misuse or disappearance of federal funds.  Her list of people and agencies that she wants investigated does appear to be growing.  She ccs this email to every Maine Senator and Representative for the entire state.

July 19, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Andy McKee and Brandon Trice of the Office of the Inspector General of the HHS pointing out that she met with them three months prior and has yet to hear from them regarding the investigation into DHHS Maine fraud in respect to funds received from the federal government.  She states that she has presented them with a large amount of "circumstantial evidence" that Dan Despard and Dean Crocker in particular are doing bad things with the fed monies, which include that the child is being sexually trafficked.

July 22, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to JoAnne Chiedi, Assistant Director of the Office of Inspector  General, Health and Human Services.  She wants to have Mary Mayhew held accountable for the cover-up of the sexual abuse and trafficking of the child as well as for misuse of federal funds given to the DHHS in Maine.  She also mentions Dan Despard.  Additionally, she refers to the 5/31/2011 meeting of the Commissioners as where Mary Mayhew was advised by the "experts" that the burden of proof for the exploitation of the child was met in abundance.  She refers to the powerpoint that she herself [reportedly] presented on that date detailing the child's abuse history according to Handrahan.

July 22, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to the Office of Inspector General, Health and Human Services.  In it, says that she has attached a copy of an email dated 3/4/2011 from Kathy Veilleux showing that Mary Mayhew received a packet of information from Handrahan.

July 24, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to Mary Mayhew, Polly Campbell, Micki Mullen [aide to Governor Le Page], and Stephanie Anderson.  In it, she tells them that they are colluding with Igor Malenko and Michael Waxman in committing the crimes of sexual abuse and trafficking on the child.

July 25, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email addressed to Mary Mayhew, Polly Campbell, Micki Mullen [aide to Governor Le Page], and Stephanie Anderson.  In it, she tells them that they can be convicted for the crime of child endangerment, a felony because they know that the child is being abused.

July 25, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email, subject is "The Story."  It is clearly Handrahan's version of corruption of what she calls "Defending Childhood" at the Department of Justice.  She claims she has sent tons of evidence and that no one will meet with her.  She claims that Homeland Security Chief of Staff's Noah Kroloff's office asked why Igor Malenko has not been deported. 

July 29, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Representative David Burns.  She believes that his call for investigation of funds being sent to Lt. Glenn Lang is being blocked.  She advises him to report [his suspicions?] to three other people that she names instead: "..Kevin Perkins, Head of Criminal at FBI, Rick Raven,
Head of Criminal at IRS, and Margaret McCarty, DOJ's OIG." 

July 29, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Polly Campbell, asking Polly why she [Polly] is suddenly being silent.  In the email, Lori says, 
quote/ may take time but the cover up of my daughter's                          substantiated sex abuse, rape at the age of two years
           old by her  father, criminal alien not legal in America
           and subsequent trafficking by Michael Waxman, Jeff
           Moskowitz, Dan Despard, Dean Crocker, Donald
           Alexander will be prosecuted. Those in Maine, who
           are on record, as are Polly Campbell, Mary Mayhew,
           Stephanie Anderson, Micki Mullen of knowing about
           the sex abuse of my daughter and making a decision
           to remain silent when you all have serious, unavoidable
           legal obligations to come forward and report the cover
           up of my daughter's sex abuse and trafficking, will be

           Brenda Harvey and Lucky Hollander's emails about this

           cover-up, apparently ordered by former AG Janet Mills 
           who was told to do so by a ―judge I have been told, will 
           be made public and read on national television, as were 
           the emails of cover-up at Penn State. The cover up and                     collusion with the sex abusers of child sex abuse is as 
           much of a crime as they sex abuse itself.  Polly Campbell                will you come forward and to the right legal and moral 
          thing? Or will you stay silent and violate the law, colluding
          with the likes of Michael Waxman, Jeff Moskowitz, Dean                 Crocker and Dan Despard?/unquote

July 30, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Gary Grinder at the D.O.J. and Kevin Perkins at the F.B.I. and cc's it to many people.  In the email, she alleges that the two organizations will persecute Christian mothers but not an illegal alien [Igor Malenko] who has committed crimes while in the United States. 

August 1, 2012 Lori Handrahan emails Noah Kroloff, Chief of Staff for Janet Napolitano.  She ccs a bunch of "Hill Staffers."  She notes that Noah Kroloff has not responded to her emails.  She claims that  money or a purchase of property via Michael Waxman's family company can be exchanged for illegally obtaining citizenship in the United States.

August 1, 2012 Lori Handrahan emails the Inspector General at the Department of Justice.  She ccs a bunch of "Hill Staffers."  She notes that the Inspector General at the Department of Justice must be a dummy account.  She says no one will meet with her or help her.

August 1, 2012  An unnamed person allegedly sends Lori Handrahan an email claiming that the unnamed person worked on the Medicaid audit.  The email is difficult to understand.  It reads like there are a bunch of providers who overcharged and can provide their own waivers or vouchers so they can overcharge again.  The thing is, information of this kind without names [as in who wrote this alleged email] is just a collection of words.     

August 2, 2012  Lori Handrahan emails Kevin Perkins, "Head of Criminal" at the FBI.  She ccs the email to a bunch of people.  In the email, she talks about an FBI agent from the Boston Field Office who killed himself in Maine and that it was not covered by the local papers.  She wants the name of the agent so she can investigate whether that agent was involved in the coverup.  Handrahan says that the FBI in DC were very interested in speaking with her about the coverup of the sexual abuse of the child.  However, once DC checked with Portland, suddenly there was a lack of evidence.  Consequently, that is evidence of a coverup also.  She says that she [Handrahan] does not herself suffer from any mental conditions or from suicidal ideation.  She says if anyone wants to finish her off, they will have to make it look like a mugging gone bad.

August 2, 2012  Lori Handrahan sends an email to Assistant Attorney General in the Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General.  In it, she says she wants a meeting to discuss racketeering in Maine as it relates to Fed monies [from taxpayers].  She calls for an investigation into Mary Mayhew, Brenda Harvey, Dan Despard, and Dean Crocker.  She also wants correspondence between Lucky Hollander and Janet Mills because said correspondence will prove that the sexual abuse of the child is being covered up. 

August 3, 2012  Lori Handrahan sends an email to a bunch of "Hill Staffers" asking them "if anyone can assist in a meeting with FBI's Kevin Ohlson, Chief of the Professional Misconduct Review Unit at the U.S. Department of Justice."

August 3, 2012  Lori Handrahan reaches out by email to Kevin Ohlson.  She requests a meeting with him in order to "discuss the many aspects of the corruption of public officials in Maine, which center, in part, around the USAG Office in Portland Maine and their friendship and cooperation with Michael Waxman in apparently providing a waiver against deportation for a criminal alien from Yugoslavia, substantiated for raping [her child].  USAG Office in Portland Maine is giving every appearance they are part of the cover up of a pedophile/child trafficking ring in Maine." 

August 4, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Kevin Ohlson of the F.B.I.  She cc's it to a lot of people.  In it, she complains that Agent Paul Pritchard of the Portland office in particular and others in general are "covering up the sex abuse and trafficking of" the young child. 

August 10, 2012   by Robert Franklin, Esq.   Article about Igor Malenko getting custody of his daughter and some background on events perpetrated by Lori Handrahan. 

August 10, 2012  The Washington Times publishes an article written by Lori Handrahan regarding porn and the executive branch of the government.  To the comment writers who suggested blocking porn sites on the fed computers:  This won't work because of SSH tunneling.  Just saying.

August 21, 2012  Lori Handrahan provides a response as to why she had not contacted the court [sealed] which went into many other areas of her concern; and Judge George Singal denies her motion to reconsider.

August 31, 2012  Igor Malenko, his child, and attorney Michael Waxman attend an evidentiary hearing regarding damages owed in regards to tort claims of injury vs. Lori Handrahan.

September 7, 2012  Article written by Lori Handrahan alleging that the Justice Department has employees who like child porn.  She talks about the State of Maine in this article.  Within the second page of comments are urls leading to the Lori Story.

September 9, 2012  Lori Handrahan article about child porn fans protecting each other from government agencies and state agencies on down.  One of the states she cites is Maine.

September 23, 2012   CTVCA news program interview of Lori Handrahan in which she alleges a large pedophile porn ring which includes government officials et. al.  She cites cases in Vermont and Maine.  She charges that the Department of Justice protects officials, police and military officials from prosecution of child porn and child trafficking.  To her credit, she does not identify any judicial officials associated with her own court cases. 

September 24, 2012 publishes an mp3 interview with Lori Handrahan.  The printed introduction says that her child was involved with sex trafficking.

October 24, 2012  Judgement entered for the plaintiff Igor Malenko and the minor child in reference to the tort alleging injury.    Also:

October 28, 2012  by Robert Franklin, Esq.   Article states that Igor was awarded $450,000 and the daughter $300,000 in damages.  Federal District Judge George Z. Singal states that visitation with the daughter was contingent upon her seeking and receiving mental health counseling regarding her personality disorder.  Judge also states that Lori Handrahan has not had any contact with her daughter since 2011.  Telephone contact was permitted without the requirement that Handrahan be under mental health care, but she has not spoken to the child.  Further, Handrahan did not attend court on 10/28/2012.

November 1, 2012  Lori Handrahan article on child sex trafficking is published at World Net Daily.  In it, she alleges that Maine is full of corruption and child prostitution rings.

November 3, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an opinion for a paper in Iowa.  In it, she indicates that she was at The Tenth Annual Preventing Child Abuse Conference held in Des Moines, Iowa the week before.  So that conference took precedence over attending court in a matter that had to do with her biological offspring.  See 10/28/2012.

November 9, 2012  Blog post  appears to be finding of facts from a ruling by Judge George Singal against Lori Handrahan showing she harmed both Igor Malenko and their daughter emotionally by her actions.  Reference is made to the article by Robert Franklin, Esq. published on October 28, 2012.

November 13 - 14, 2012  screenshot of two tweets regarding #OpMaine and threat to dox the [male] sex abuser. 

November 14, 2012 from April 9, 2012  List of tweets regarding the doxing of Lori Handrahan and the SaveMila hashtag being a "fake."

November 14, 2012 - November 16, 2012  Correspondence from Michael Waxman to Lori Handrahan regarding her desired arrest, an e-mail from Sara Tyrrell to Lori Handrahan, and a letter from Dawn Henderson to the website expressing her dismay over the site accepting Lori Handrahan's version of things.

November 17, 2012  by L.E. Becker.   Blog post published on Lori Handrahan's social media campaign re: her daughter, and her allegations of abuse against her ex-husband Igor Malenko.

November 19, 2012  Forbes publishes an article by Lori Handrahan regarding porn among the higher eschalons of the government and all of that.  She mentions Maine as one of the states that she has documented with a "...that appear to be running state protected child trafficking rings with evidence of cops, judges, lawyers, clergy and government employees covering for each other. This kind of racketeering creates powerful, and extremely profitable, pedophile rings."

November 20, 2012  Michael Waxman writes an email to Lori Handrahan regarding his hope of a warrant being issued for her arrest. 

 December 12, 2012 from May 2, 2003     Lori Handrahan's ratings as professor from twelve assumed students yield the following average as of 3/7/2013: Overall Quality 3.5; Helpfulness 3.6; Clarity 3.4; Easiness 2.3.  A large gap is observed between 12/28/2004 - 5/1/12.  Earlier ratings appear to be less favorable than the ratings done in 2012.

December 26, 2012  Email communication between Robert Lowery, Executive Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Lori Handrahan.  Roberty Lowery states that as in a previous email, his organization is unable to help Lori Handrahan or her attorney.  Lori Handrahan's response reads in part, "as we enormous proof, Maine law enforcement are involved in the ongoing cover-up of the trafficking and sexual abuse of my daughter."  

December 28, 2012  Lieutenant Glenn Lang of the Maine State Police writes Lori Handrahan an e-mail asking her not to contact him or his family again and to cease talking about him and his family in a slanderous manner.  He also mentions the video that Lori Handrahan took of the child talking to her stuffed cat about her father [allegedly] touching her vagina with his penis.  Handrahan responds by uploading e-mail correspondence to on 1/6/2013 which includes her commentary and a link to the video. 

December 28, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes two e-mails to Melodee Hanes, Acting Administrator Office of Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention.  The first one asks why the Department of Justice is granting or will grant immunity to Lt. Glenn Lang.  The second one is cc'd to a lot of other people in state governments and is a reminder that she is waiting for a FOIA on ICAC funding for the State of Maine.
December 29, 2012  Lori Handrahan writes an email to Janet Mills, Attorney General for the State of Maine.  Handrahan asks Mills "to open an investigation into Glenn Lang's obstruction of justice, conspiracy to commit child abuse and misuse of federal and state funds."  Handrahan also alludes to the idea that people are wanting to shut Handrahan up by making her "disappear." 

January 4, 2013  Family Court in America blogsite posts an article by Lori Handrahan about child sex trafficking which was first published on 11/1/2012 at the WND site.

January 10, 2013  Lori Handrahan posts a video to alleging that government workers get away with involvement in child pornographic activities.  She identifies herself as being a professor at American University.  In fact, she was not invited back by American University

January 12, 2013 including e-mails from as far back as April 2012  This collection of documents on Scribd alleges that Lori Handrahan was fired for reporting cyberstalking.  Responses from her former boss and others indicate the issue is more related to other things.

January 17, 2013  Robert Franklin, Esq. publishes an article regarding the firing of Lori Handrahan from American University.

January 23, 2013  Lori Handrahan vs. a critic, Sara Tyrrell.

January 24, 2013  Copy of communication which Lori Handrahan sent to Kevin Perkins of the F.B.I. about Sara Tyrrell.  In it, Lori Handrahan states the following, "It  is my belief there is serious corruption of public officials in Maine, including judges, lawyers,state employees and state politicians. I believe there is a child trafficking ring in operation that my daughter is trapped in. Praying you will be able to help me identify the stalker and put an end to this nightmare as well as address the root of the stalker which is the trafficking of my six year old daughter who is being harmed, sexually abused and trafficked. Whomever 'Sarah Tyrell' is she is clearly working with Michael Waxman to destroy me so he can retain my daughter whom I have no doubt he is molesting."

February 5, 2013    Lori Handrahan uploads a flyer concerning an event to be held on Valentine's Day calling for an end to violence against women. 

February 15, 2013  [URL links to a cache of the article].  Lori Handrahan publishes an article in the Christian Monitor regarding child sex abuse in Maine as a conspiracy of sorts.

February 15, 2013  Brandee Nielsen-Smith has a blog entry published on BelieveInChristNet wordpress' blog site.  She uses a pseudonym for Lori Handrahan and thankfully at least does not mention the child by name.  
Brandee Nielsen-Smith founded an organization called Believe in Christ Foundation.  She is also a Christian singer-songwriter.  She is not a sock of Lori Handrahan.  

February 18, 2013  Michael Waxman asks for the Christian Post article that Lori Handrahan wrote to be brought to Judge Moskowitz' attention.  The article mentioned her daughter by full name. uploaded by Lori Handrahan on 2/18/2013.

February 23, 2013  "Bigs" submits a Lori Handrahan article to CyberWarZone complaining that "her stalker" got her fired from her job at American University.

February 28, 2013  Lori Handrahan sends a lengthy e-mail to CyberWarZone which is published on this date as an update to another article.  In my opinion, her e-mail sounds like more self-promotion to me. 

March 1, 2013  Lori Handrahan's lengthy e-mail of 2/28/2013 is re-published on the birch indigo site.  Handrahan claims the following in the e-mail, "The FBI has been busy protecting the pedophiles in Maine and so they are all over me—not helping me but trying to stop me. DOJ called my lawyer and said they had been given orders to silence me because I was creating a hassle for important men in Maine.So, if she ever does get arrested and jailed or imprisoned for violating a court order to not use the child's name or pictures on the Internet and to take down all such references and sites, this is the bad ol' F.B.I.'s fault.  And maybe the D.O.J.'s fault too.

March 2, 2013  Submitted by "Bigs."  This appears to be an article written by Lori Handrahan about a large pedophile ring within the state of Maine.  She mentions her child directly by name without revealing the relationship between them.

March 2, 2013  A paste bin goes up with links.  Submitted by an unnamed user.

March 6, 2013  "Bigs" submits an article by Lori Handrahan, self-styled whistle-blower on government pedo-rings.  She says, "Whistle blowers are always getting harassed."  She also claims that Michael Waxman has been stalking her Twitter  account. 

March 9, 2013   [re-blogged from same site 2/20/2013]  Lori Handrahan vs. a critic, Sara Tyrrell.

March 10, 2013   A blog referred to on Twitter® by Windvine1 complaining about Sarah Tyrrell and a few others who are not on Lori Handrahan's side.

Please read this site for more information about Igor Malenko's first child and the people who care about her:  A site put up by S.T.E.A.M.

Some References: 
     posts #13-15 on November 21, 2011 and the first post on page 2.

Again,  Please read the savingmila site for more information about Igor Malenko's first child and the people who care about her:  A site put up by S.T.E.A.M.