Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Suspects Resisting Arrests and Cops

     I have been amazed and horrified by the news coming out of Ferguson and other places of late dealing with citizens resisting arrest and their subsequent deaths. I don't really know what happened with Michael Brown or Eric Garner. I suspect that the mainstream media does not tell us everything about anything. 

     Seems to me that cops are allowed to do whatever they can to people who are resisting arrests. That a cop can use an illegal choke hold on someone and not have anything happen to him [or her] as a result makes me question why cops have allowed procedures and procedures that aren't allowed. The choke hold used on Eric Garner is not illegal by the laws of New York State however N.Y.P.D. cops are prohibited from using it. ]. According to the laws as they exist, the grand jury did not indict the cop. Whether or not the cop is disciplined by his department is up in the air at this time. He is reportedly on modified duty until the internal investigation is completed.

     Michael Brown's legal history referred to at:
and at:
is pretty much unknown. If he was convicted of any serious juvenile offenses, they would have been released. So either he had no juvenile record or one that contains only minor crimes. The family says he had none. I choose to believe the family until I find evidence otherwise.

     Eric Garner's legal history at:
involves repeatedly selling loosies. He was out on bail for selling loosies or for having [untaxed] cigarettes in his possession during the incident that caused his death. His family says that he didn't have any untaxed cigarettes on him at the time of his death:

radical sapphoq says:I echo the wise words of Jaleni Cobb at the New Yorker:
There is no such thing as “racial profiling”—there is simply racism.