Friday, October 12, 2012

My Akin Vagina

I must live in a cave.  I was tuned in when a college student was called a slut.  I remember the idea that institutions have feelings and that somehow that makes it a-okay for Roman Catholic institutions to refuse to offer birth control coverage for their employees cuz that offends institutional sensibilities.  But on August 18th, I discovered the wonders of Google Sketch-Up(r, no copyright infringement intended) and I am just now resurfacing for air.  So I missed the whole Todd Akin fiasco regarding legitimate rape and repelling vaginas.  And I missed Tom Smith of Pennsylvania saying that carrying a pregnancy that resulted from rape to term is equivalent to having a child out of wedlock.  Uh, excuse me please.  WHAT ???  Oh lawdy lawdy, my Akin vagina.

A good friend of mine, a college student-- a devout Roman Catholic college student-- was raped one night while walking back to the dorms after her job.  The rape, the legitimate rape, was definitely forcible.  I guess her Akin vagina failed to do the job it [or should I refer to her vagina as "she?"  I don't rightly know] was Divinely Created to do.  Because she did indeed turn up pregnant after the rape.  As a devout Roman Catholic, the proper thing according to a bunch of men in dresses would have been for her to stay pregnant.   

Alas, there was a twist.  My friend had cancer.  [She is dead now].  Her specialist informed her that if she continued her pregnancy, she would die.  Sooner, rather than later.  And the baby inside of her Akin vagina pretty much didn't have a chance anyway.  Because abortion was not available as a legal option, her specialist did a very compassionate and humane thing.  He arranged for her to have a safe abortion via the "exploratory surgery" route.  Sorry folks, I don't feel bad about her medical insurance company having to pay for that one.  [This was much longer than eight years ago, b.t.w.].

My friend did not want to have the abortion.  Her specialist understood the true value of life.  He understood the value of a baby's life and also the value of the mother's life. 

I too was raped.  I was raped several years before my friend got raped.  But my Akin vagina did her job.  She repelled the rapist's sperm and I walked away unscathed.  Uh, well, not exactly unscathed.  That was an unfortunate choice of words.  I walked away unexpectant.  At least I think I did.  I have been told once by one person that a woman can have a spontaneous abortion and not even know she was pregnant.  One person believed that, so it must be true.  This spontaneous or "natural" abortion thing will happen in cases where the baby is totally deformed.  Not all cases obviously.  Just in some percentage of cases.  A quandary of the highest order.  Does God allow spontaneous or natural abortions in the case of rape?  Maybe so.  Or maybe not.  Oh my.  I don't know what to think.  Neither does my Akin vagina.  I'm so glad that those men in dresses and a bunch of politicians can do my thinking for me.

Men can get raped too.  Not just forcible rape in prison by other men either.  Men can and do get raped by women.  I know it happens.  Well, specifically I know it happens at least once.  Because it happened to a male acquaintance of mine.  But men cannot get pregnant.  And men aren't commonly ordered by divine writ to be subservient to women.  Maybe a few men are subs-- oh never mind, that is quite the subject for a different day.  Maybe even a different blog. 

I'm suddenly thirsty.  I shut down the computer and go stumbling off in search of some of that totally kewl powdered sugar in packets to stir into a glass of water.

radical sapphoq

P.S.  And then to discover that Todd Akin was put in charge of some kind of science and tech committee!  That just makes me want to join those poor folks who migrated to Guyana with their good buddy Jim.