Friday, March 30, 2007


I am a proud member of Bloggers Against Illegal Immigration.
I also intend to join Blogs 4 Borders.
The url for that is at:
Go check 'em out.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007


The Brit hostages are eating. At least that is what the photo of Faye Turney and a couple of her fellow seamen shows. Pity that the British government stands accused of bad behavior, thus compounding the matter. Alireza Afshar, Iranian military commander, is refusing to release Faye Turney who is the alleged author of a letter declaring her gratitude for good treatment. Tony Blair took the case to the United Nations but was only able to get agreement from the Security Council on a press statement. Pity that. Now Britain is faced with the prospect of having to pen a strongly worded presidential statement to be read into the minutes. Kudos to Tony Blair for deciding that there will be no pro quid pro.

I was accused several decades ago of irrationality when my response to the seizing of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran was something along the lines of "bomb the 6u3kers." Guess what. I am back to that same irrationality. Furthermore, any liberal American fans of Iranian President Ahmadineshad and the "niceness" he portrayed in his internet blog might do us all a favor by offering to take the place of one of the Brits being held hostage.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


Over in Germany, a woman judge took it upon herself to advise a German Muslim woman that the
Qu'ran allowed for the beating of a wife. Christa Danz-Winter should have her head handed to her. Various people in various places were pissed off and spoke out against her ruling. She was removed from the case.

I do not know what was going on in the head of that judge. Germany has constitutional laws. The judge is supposed to be an upholder of those laws. Whether or not the Ku'ran upholds the beating of married women is not the question here. The concern is that one judge was willing for her own interpretation of the Muslims' holy book to trump German law. The judge denied the woman's request for the suspension of the requirement for a year's separation before a divorce on the grounds of hardship. Getting beaten certainly sounds like a hardship to me. I think the judge shoulda left her prejudices at home.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Angel Raich from Oakland, California lost her case in a federal appellate court on Wednesday for the right to use marijuana for her chronic pain from a brain tumor and other conditions. Although California is one of eleven states that allow the use of marijuana on a doctor's prescription, federal law doesn't. Her ex-husband is her attorney. Although she is terminally ill, she lost in court. In a split decision, it was found that Angel Raich does not have a fundamental right to use marijuana to alleviate suffering and to keep her alive by granting her the appetite to eat. The ruling does pave the way for her to argue that she is using marijuana in order to stay alive if she is busted by the feds. The feds have been cracking down on labs in California which supply marijuana to those who need it medically.

radical sapphoq says: The law is an ass, just like Mr. Bumble in Charles' Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist" maintained. The U.S. Congress legislated that marijuana has no medicinal value back in 1970. That is an incorrect assumption. Marijuana has been used in glaucoma treatment as a matter of routine in Arizona according to a friend who lived there; and continues to be used to alleviate nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemo. Angel Raich has an inoperable brain tumor. In a day and age where a fetus is judged to have a right to live, why is it that a 41 year old woman does not? Our current federal law regarding this matter is broken. I am no pot smoker; however, I say to the legislators this: FIX IT.

radical sapphoq who has also been free from active addiction for many years

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I "should be" sleeping but I'm not. So instead I will rant. I will rant until I am spent and then perhaps I will sleep. Or at least rest.

I am under no obligation to entertain anyone's false ego. I am bored to death with the petty demands of some of the little people around me who want me to shut up, go away, stifle it, put up, be quiet, and stuff it. Been there, done that, ain't doing it again. And I am done with group think, mob behavior, those who think it is just dandy to pick on targets of their choosing. Done. Stick a fork in me done.

Everyone has a problem except you. Oh let's see. Maybe it's mental illness or a personality disorder or the inability to spell. [Guess what: you make spelling mistakes too.] Maybe it's the "wrong" witch path or too much of a mix path or no path at all. Maybe it's annoyance or the excitement of youth or daring to dream. Or your turf is being invaded. Maybe the fluffy bunnies are totally obnoxious and toxic.

Without proof, it's all words. Your "investigations" are empty. I know the secret. Here it is: "It" is not the your targets that possess all of those hideous frankensteinesque emo sub-human faults, it is YOU. You are not special. Not at all.

I am no longer going to read your stupid little vindictive postings, read your oh so freaking serious e-mails, respond to your sniveling attempts at baiting. I will not publish your snarking comments. And I will not buy your book. You are not brilliant. You are not the final authority on research or history or life. You are not the pagan police.

I have not attempted to comment in your blog for a month or six weeks or maybe never. I have not written you any e-mails, in spite of your belief to the contrary. I have no intention of calling you on your telephone or sending you a snail mail or otherwise interfering with your life. I am not threatening you with physical harm. That's not my style. I am not a stalker. I am no more of a troll than you are. You have other identities too. Big fat hairy deal!

I am putting you on notice. You have disrespected me in my own lair. I owe you nothing. You are nothing to me. Now back off. Go away. Go pick on someone who just might take you a tiny bit seriously. That is not me, babe. No, not at all.

radical sapphoq

Sunday, March 11, 2007


radical sapphoq is publishing the follow press release from Lillee Allee as a public service:

From Lillee Allee, release immediately

March 10, 2007 ....Salem, Mass..... In an effort to bring attention to the
matter of sexual predators on the net, the Allees have agreed to debate the
Browns in Chicago this spring.
The Browns have up a tripod site stating that they are offended with
John Allee's condemnation of dangerous sex abuse sites on the net. John Allee
feels that in the case of minors, "It is up to us to make sure that children are
not abused in their homes, in their communities, and should not be abused on
the net. A homophobic reaction to a site like N.A.M.B.L.A. is obviously just an
attention getting ploy by this couple. Young girls are in danger as often as
young boys. I will say it again and again, adults need to know just what sites are
out there on the internet."
At this time, two pagan groups in the greater Chicago area have already
been contacted and tentatively agree to host this event, as well as judge the
debate. The debate will be broadcast live on internet radio. Two sponsors have
already come forward.
"We have a problem," Lillee Allee, spokesperson for John Allee, stated.
"No one has been able to reach the Browns or even vouch for them except a
gentleman who goes by the name of Joe Satanist on the internet. He is alleged to be
Jason Sorrell. We don't even know if he knows them. We need the Browns to
put on this charity event. We are hoping someone out there can help."
The event will raise money for a local shelter for women.
"We are hoping to put on the debate in Salem (Mass.) as well, We have
already secured funding for the Browns' transportation and lodging here."
For more information or to get involved, contact: Tickets will go on sale as soon as a date is confirmed with the Browns.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


"Saint" Patrick's Day is upon us and there is a movement going on within some pagan, satanic, and witch groups to do something different. I have seen variations of this letter on several e-groups. This particular version I have chosen to publish here was gotten from Frogzilla over at who got it from Sharon over at who had picked it up elsewhere:

The Truth Behind St. Patrick's Day

On March 17, many people in this country will celebrate a holiday
that has nothing to do with their ethnic background or their current
country of residence, and everything to do with an historical
religious event. On this day, genocide was committed upon a Nation.
On this day the leaders, healers, teachers and priesthood of the
various Celtic nations died, those who were still alive by then. On
this day, the Christian church claims that St. Patrick drove all the
snakes from the shores of Ireland. Most of these people did not
leave those shores alive. Snakes are the symbol used by the
Christian church to symbolize Pagans. The legend of the removal of
all the snakes from Ireland (which never had any snakes to begin
with) stems from the symbol of the snake to represent Paganism. As
was the way with those lands and cultures conquered by the Christian
church, all records of the former religions practiced by the people
of the land were wiped out to the best of the abilities of
those who usurped authority from the rightful leaders, both civic
and religious.

On March 17, I will not wear green.
On March 17, I will not wear a shamrock.
On March 17, I will not honor the man who lead the conquest of Ireland.
On March 17, I will wear black.
On March 17, I will wear snakes.
On March 17, I will mourn the deaths of my spiritual ancestors.


Friday, March 09, 2007

LETTER ***adult*** 3/9/07

Warning: If you are offended by bad language, references to homosexuality, or diverse spiritual ideas you ought to stop reading now. I marked this entry as Adult because it is truly an adult story. Out of respect for my readers, I have placed this warning here. spike q

Relaxing in the sunshine my brother Joey and I are, reading the funny papers. Joey, he likes the sports section. At least that's what he says. Them scrawny ass chickens got out of the pen again. We thought-- being Sunday and all-- we'd let them roam. Maybe we could get more money for them at the market, being free-range and all. We don't go to church anymore. We're done with that racket. Them people at the end of our road they're right good neighbors and all-- ha! They called me and Joey queer.

Queers and in-breds and filthy tobacco road. Like their own shit don't stink. Them Marbo twins down the road are the worst of the lot, cornhol'ing each other out in Mrs. Pika's hayfields last July. I caught them I did as I went a'walkin' looking for the cows that had escaped through the open gate. Them filthy Marbo twins left the gate open I knows they did. But the joke back-fired as I seen with my own two eyes what they was doing. Pulled up their britches real fast they did I tell ya'. And they call me and my god-born brother Joey queers. Goddamn them little punks.

They set the hen house on fire they did last Christmas. The sheriff up here he is a useless piece of trash. Marbos' cousin I reckon. He said he ain't coming up here no sir. He don't want to catch no homo disease and the law be on his side. He steppin' out regular with the pastor's wife he does. But he sits all prim and proper in the church listening to his own wife singing in the choir. Yes he does. With his shiny white suit and his gentleman's cap.

Me and Joey, we ain't really brothers. Me and Joey, we are queers. And we don't go to that church no more. Jesus he is a hermaphrodite and a queer too. And he must got pretty good hearing cuz he's the only one who listens to me cry at night into my pillow cuz Joey done threw up again or pissed the bed and gettin' skinnier by the breath.

Yessir, that's right. We are the queers here in this here place and Joey got the homo disease he does. And he's gonna die right here and no one is gonna care when I point the end of the gun into the center of my queer in-bred forehead. No one gonna care. 'Cept for maybe Jesus the queer hermaphrodite who listens to queers dieing from the homo disease even though the church god don't.


Monday, March 05, 2007


Rocky Mountain News reports that a prisoner with a traumatic brain injury [and P.T.S.D. who also hears voices] along with his cousin allegedly killed a third inmate back in 1999. William Sablan-- the prisoner with the t.b.i.-- was taped pulling out guts [from the sliced abdomen] of dead man Joey Estrella and showing them to a guard who was awaiting entry into the prison cell. William Sablan, who had arrived at the prison three days earlier and not given a psych exam at that time, also drank from a bottle which he said contained Estrella's blood and boasted loudly that he had killed Estrella. His clothing was covered with the blood of the murder victim.

Sablan's cousin Rudy Sablan was the third cellmate. He is also accused of the murder of Estrella. Both men face the death penalty if convicted. Estrella was choked with a headphone cord around his neck allegedly by Rudy Sablan. This was followed by the slitting of his throat with a prison-issued razor allegedly by William Sablan. It is the loss of blood from the throat wound that caused Estrella's death. Neuropsych Reuben Gur testified that William Sablan's brain injury limited his ability to plan the murder and to control his behavior.

Another inmate, Arthur Peck, testified that William Sablan and Joey Estrella were drinking and fighting in the cell on the evening of the murder. He also maintained that he saw Rudy Sablan choking Estrella with the headphone cord.

William Sablan's other criminal activities included burglary, assault, and the takeover of a fed pen. He has confessed to the crime, adding that it wasn't any big deal. The defense team is maintaining that "he couldn't help it."

Oh pluuu---ease. Dude did it. Dude said he did it. Dude had enough of a functioning brain to play a significant part in the planned takeover of a fed pen in Saipan. And now what? We are supposed to feel sorry for him. If dude is "unable" to control his behavior, dude is still a huge risk for doing it again. Furthermore, dude was drinking. Folks with t.b.i. are not supposed to drink even a little bit, whether in the penal system or not. radical sapphoq says: guy needs to fry.

Meanwhile, some real heroes are going without adequate treatment for traumatic brain injuries received in the blasted war over in Iran and all the rest of those places. The Veteran's Admin can boast all it wants to about assigning case managers to soldiers. Soldiers are being kicked out of the hospital early, being given inadequate directions to find caseworkers or out-patient clinics, being threatened with cutoff of treatment because their families didn't want them to be sleeping all the time so private treatment was sought and obtained, or being told they were "always slow" and are faking brain injuries for show.

I'd say our priorities are mixed up. Taxpayers are footing the astronomical bill for William Sablan's defense lawyer. Yet our soldiers are going without. Our soldiers deserve the absolute best state-of-the-art treatment for every single medical ailment they have in clean and beautiful surroundings for the rest of their lives, not just for two years after combat as currently allowed. Apparently Walter Reed Hospital has a mold problem. I'd say that is the very least of what is wrong with the system of health care for our returning vets. Let's hope that the new head of the hospital can get the hospital's act together a bit better.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

JANE DIED 3/3/07

Jane died last week. She was 47 years old. Husband, friend, and I went to a memorial for her last night.

Jane was a real spit-fire. She was one of the earliest members of Act-Up New York City. She organized needle exchange programs, advocated tirelessly for women who have A.I.D.S., and later on became an avid animal rights spokesperson. She was a true activist. She told people exactly what she thought. She pulled no punches-- whether she was dealing with politicians, friends, or clueless others.

Jane had diabetes. She had to get some toes amputated, then her kidneys failed and she chose to go on dialysis. She died at home in her sleep. She will be missed.

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