Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey, it's okay to pray

Dear Dude in charge of The Gathering,

It's okay to pray in the park.
It's okay to stage a Christian concert event there too as long as you have the proper
permits [which you did].

It is NOT okay to tell a small group of friends on a picnic that you rented THE WHOLE PARK
and that we had to go.

Excuse me Sir.  We do not have to go.
Furthermore, you did not "rent the whole park."

The park is a City Property.
We pay taxes toward the upkeep of the park.
We are allowed to use the park on the day of your Christian concert event
and every day that the park is open.
Furthermore, we know this
BECAUSE WE CHECKED at City Hall before the day of your event.

So by all means, have your Christian event
with your microphones and your stages
and rocking Christian music.
By all means, pray using the microphone at the
opening of your event and any time thereafter
that you feel so moved.

But please please please
don't attempt to kick out
folks who are enjoying the park and
using the park facilities in a respectful
non-interfering manner.

We picnic here.
We walk our dogs here.
We teach our kids to fish here.
Our kids play on the playground here
and play on baseball teams here.  We love our city and our park.

We deeply regret this misunderstanding.

radical sapphoq

P.S.  Sometime after you made it clear that you did not want us at the park,  
a staffer came over to ask us to purchase raffle tickets for a motorcycle!
        And we were the ones who happily invited the two hungry people to 
share our food.