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W.W.A.S.P.S. focus on: Midwest Academy

A retweet to the Midwest Academy account on Twitter from an unnamed [here] educational consultant:  

A Lesson Learned: A Teen's Perspective

My responses:

This Midwest Academy?!?

This Midwest Academy?!?

Midwest Academy is part of W.W.A.S.P.S.  W.W.A.S.P.S. these days may also be referred to by the name of one of its' marketing arms.  Teen Help [L.L.C.] is what folks may now refer to the programs under the W.W.A.S.P.S. umbrella. 

W.W.A.S.P.S.-- a song

Mark Levine-- Inside Scoop  part 2

Three of the links have very positive reviews as well as the negative reviews.  As stated in a previous blog post, testimonials are not nearly as valuable as longitudinal studies are in determining how well or poorly a given program is operating.  Any parents considering any type of boarding facility for their children should be acquainted with all rules and regulations that the students are expected to follow, the qualifications of individual staff, the use of time-out procedures and isolation rooms, what restraints are applied under what circumstances and the training that staff have received in using them, policy on telephone contact, policy on written contact, policy on visitor contact, the name and licensure of any medical staff and their hours on duty, emergency procedures, ombudsman, abuse hotline number and how the facility handles complaints of abuse, how the facility handles complaints that a student does not feel well, and the curriculum which the students will be following.  Parents should also be given a thorough tour of a facility under consideration with no areas considered off-limits.  Ideally, teens should also visit for a day prior to attending.  Under no circumstances should acceptance be offered via telephone before the parent has visited.  Any contract should be examined by a lawyer. 

Here are the things I have read specifically about Midwest Academy which I found to be troubling: limiting uncensored contact between students and their parents, not allowing students private access to a telephone in order to register a complaint or an allegation of abuse, use of a basement room with a lightbulb burning for twenty four hours a day as punishment, points taken away for laughing or talking with other students, rules against sleeping with one's head under the covers, requiring students to face a certain direction [to the wall was the way it was described] when sleeping, forcing a student to get undressed behind a couch, telling the student to put on the shorts without briefs, talking about the results of a gyn exam with one student in such a manner that other students are able to overhear, berating a student for not being a virgin after a gyn exam and negative comments on the visible appearance of her vagina, bunking ten students in one room for sleeping regardless of the size of the room, sexual abuse allegations.

Here is some information from Sue Scheff
[My info if different appears in brackets ].

Sue Scheff reports these boarding facilities as still open:

Canyon View Park, MT     [I was unable to verify this].
Camas Ranch, MT     [I was unable to verify this; my info says attempts to open
this program failed].
Cross Creek Programs, UT
Discovery - Mexico     [I was unable to verify this].
El Dorado, Costa Rica - 90 Day Boot Camp      [I was unable to verify this].

Horizon Academy, UT
Midwest Academy, IA (Brian Viafanua, formerly the Director of Paradise Cove [is the current Owner; current Director is Ben Trane].

Old West Academy f.k.a. Majestic Ranch
Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica
Pine View Christian Academy     [I was unable to verify this].
Reality Trek, UT     [I was unable to verify this].Red River Academy, LA  
Respect Academy, NV     [I was unable to verify this].
River View a.k.a. Utah River View, La Verkin UT      [I was unable to verify this].

Sue Scheff reports the following current marketing arms or service agencies connected to W.W.A.S.P.S. boarding facilities and seminars:

Help My Teen, UT a.k.a. Adolescent Services Adolescent Placement
      Lisa Irvin a.k.a. Lisa Irvine

Teens In Crisis
      Lisa Irvin a.k.a. Lisa Irvine

Lifelines Family Services, UT

      Jane Hawley - Lifelines Family Services
      Kathy Allred - Lifelines Sales Representative

      Sherri Schwartzman - Lifelines Sales Representative

Teen Help
      Mark Peterson - Teen Help Sales Representative

Parent Teen Guide
Youth Foundation, LaVerkin UT [a foundation that raises money for the schools and
also-- I believe-- does fund raising to help some parents with tuition costs]

Sue Scheff reports the following facilities as closed:

Academy of Ivy Ridge, NY
Bell Academy, CA

Carolina Springs Academy, SC
Casa By the Sea, Mexico

Darrington Academy, GA
Gulf Coast Academy, MS
Magnolia Christian School, SC f.k.a. Carolina Springs Academy 
MENTOR School, Costa Rica
Royal Gorge Academy, CO 
Sky View Academy, NV ?
       [I have no information that Sky View is open].
Spring Creek Lodge, MT 

      [unconfirmed] rumors that Spring Creek has reopened                               somewhere else in Montana.
Sunset Bay Academy, Oceanside, CA - rumors of short term program there [I was unable to verify closure or operating status].
Tranquility Bay, Jamaica

radical sapphoq says: The things that I have been reading on the web are starting to connect with stuff I have learned about cults and coercion. I am not claiming that the L.D.S. is a cult or that any particular boarding facility or individual is part of a cult.  What I am beginning to suspect is that some of the same factors that are related to mind control in cults may have some similarities to stuff that is alleged to happen both within the seminars for teens and parents and within the boarding facilities themselves.  I will have more to say about cult-like characteristics and how they operate in our society in a future post.
                                     Meanwhile, I respectfully caution anyone doing their own research against automatically deciding in haste that everyone who happens to have the last name "Allred" is related to polygamist groups operating out of Utah or elsewhere.  In my opinion, it may be too easy to assume a relationship between fundamentalist Mormon cults and programs or personalities that there is no real evidence for.  I have not myself seen any connection between W.W.A.S.P.S. and polygamy.
                                      And again, I wish to tell survivors of these programs this: I believe you.

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W.W.A.S.P.S.: a partial history of a leader in the troubled teens industry

W.W.A.S.P.S. Not the flying things that built a paper nest hanging from our cellar window which I kicked into dust one wintry day without knowing if there were any wasps in it. (There weren't).
W.W.A.S.P.S. the organization originating out of St. George, Utah. World Wide Association of Special Programs and Schools. Started by Robert Browning Lichfield in 1988. Robert Lichfield, the Robert Lichfield who was Romney's finances co-chair during his presidential campaign in 2007. A solid Later Day Saint in good standing. A family man. A farm. The first school was started several years before in or around 1984. Cross Creek in La Verkin, Utah. Four similar programs allied together and W.W.A.S.P.S. was formed. Carolina Springs, Majestic Ranch, Old West Academy, and Brightway Adolescent Hospital may have been the four similar programs but this is my guess based on the timeline further down the page. W.W.A.S.P.S. was incorporated in 1998.

There is some prior history which I think is important to mention. Back in the seventies, Teen Challenge [associated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God organization] was all the rage. I myself was quite taken by David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz and "The Cross and the Switchblade".  A friend and I traveled to Brooklyn to see the Teen Challenge program there one Saturday. The address I remember is 44 Clinton.  I don't know if that is correct.  It was a long half of a block down and across the street from the subway station that we got off at.  There were also the Brother Roloff boarding houses for teens.  He had a radio show which I actually listened to sometimes.  Before Teen Challenge and Brother Roloff, there were the Seed, Cedu, and Synanon.  I read about Synanon back then and again some years later.  In the eighties during a three year stint at a drug treatment facility for adolescents, a co-worker revealed that he had been to a t.c. [therapeutic community] which had modeled itself on Synanon.  He did not think the confrontational therapy and other methods used at the t.c. were abusive.  I did and I still do.  W.W.A.S.P.S. and other boarding facilities such as the Aspen Educational Programs to name one example appear to be descendants or spin-offs of Teen Challenge and Brother Roloff.  Tough Love [still talked about in 12 step recovery meetings today, although without any real understanding of the phrase] was in vogue.  Humiliation was part of the milieu.  Because the apathetic masses accept certain ways of doing things does not make those things okay.  I think of John Locke in a history class long ago and the question posed to us in a homework essay: Does the end justify the means?  I didn't comprehend that phrase back then but I sure do now.  

The W.W.A.S.P.S. programs and schools and centers are a loose umbrella of places connected together by limited partnerships and the use of behavior modification, Real Realizations (r) seminars-- now known as Discovery Focus seminars, and computer learning homeschooling/independent study modules put out by Robert Browning Lichfield's own firm.  There is a certain brilliance associated with the marketing being done for W.W.A.S.P.S. formerly known as W.W.A.S.P. without the S. at the end and currently being referred to as being under Teen Help, L.L.C.  There were and are a sizable amount of domains on the web which point to W.W.A.S.P.S. services.  Testimonials from pleased parents and successful students are freely available.  Teens get free from drugs, achieve excellent grades in post-W.W.A.S.P.S. educational endeavors, become respectful of parents and family members, become adults, get married, raise their own crop of kids. Parents get their sons and daughters back from the proverbial abyss.  Families are reunited. Violence and sex and gangs and pregnancy are no longer an issue. 

There are seminars held at W.W.A.S.P.S. / Teen Help.  The man who is the big name behind them used to be employed by Lifespring.  The man who started the Lifespring seminars had Werner Erhard as a co-worker prior to the EST a.k.a. Forum a.k.a. Landmark Educational Systems glory days.  David Gilcrease has not addressed publicly how much of his material which is presented to the teens and parents in the Teen Help Seminars are based on or derived from Lifespring.  Erhard denies any derivation of his stuff from Lifespring.  Other folks disagree with Erhard.  EST has been characterized as a cult.  I believe that because-- speaking anecdotally-- I had a close friend who disappeared into the Forum and an acquaintance who was a Forum "speaker" or facilitator or something.  My former close friend did talk about some of the confrontational stuff in her Forum experiences in a positive way. There are parents whose testimonials can be found all over the web endorsing David Gilcrease's confrontational seminars.  I found only one parent detractor in the sites that I explored.  Like Lifespring and EST and the Forum and Landmark, Gilcrease's "Discovery Focus" seminars also involve confrontation.  Reports of group sessions at W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities also involve heavy confrontation.  I was not able to find any scientific studies which validated the use of these confrontational methods with groups of adolescents.  The studies may exist, but I could not find them.  

Also not available are research studies and best practices demonstrating to what degree the seminars and the behavior modification program in use at the W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities work.  I am not aware of any longitudinal studies on the Internet.  I looked.  In my own opinion, anecdotal testimonials do not satisfy objective criterion for demonstration of a program's worth.  Neither do the anecdotal reports of [a legal term here, alleged] abuse.

And yes, there is a plethora of anecdotal reports of alleged abuse. Teens have reported items such as: being forbidden contact with a parent or legal guardian until it is earned via a point/level system and good behavior, being forced to lay on concrete in uncomfortable positions for hours/days/weeks, being placed in an isolation box [or O.P.], being denied medical care, being forced to fight, being called names, being held in dog cages, being restrained face-down, being forced to clean a bathroom floor with a toothbrush which is later used to brush their teeth, being pepper-sprayed...and a host of other complaints.  Teens have also reported denial to medical services, denial of contact with authorities in order to complain about their treatment, denial of free association via phone or mail with their parent or legal guardianship i.e. censorship by staff of phone conversations and stuff written in letters.  Masturbation appears to be forbidden in all W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities and is punished by loss of levels or worse when found.  A few teen who were rape victims before arriving at W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities were referred to as "sluts" during confrontational group "therapy" sessions or "family meetings" [each living group held its' own "family meeting" weekly].

Yes, I also found the lawsuits and a few arrests of employees on the Internet.  Lawsuits may be brought against an organization for a variety of reasons.  The presence or absence of lawsuits may not be a reliable indicator of the trustworthiness of any individual program or organization.  Almost all of the lawsuits against W.W.A.S.P.S. and its' programs have been dismissed on various legal grounds. The venue may be deemed improper (e.g. wrong court) or a plantiff's attorney may not be licensed to bring a case in the state of Utah, or a non-custodial parent may not have legal standing.  The teens who complain are not always found to be credible witnesses.  The troubled teen population is one that is characterized as being manipulative, dishonest or liars, seductive, disturbed.  I was able to locate arrests of only four staffers.  Jail time in one instance only (25 days) along with probation (one year).  Even so five of the seven counts against him were dismissed.  The charges against the other staffers were dismissed.  In one case, a staffer vacated the foreign country where the charges had occurred.    

THE PROBLEM that is mine: 

radical sapphoq says: But then I ran into a problem.  I am an observer via the Internet.  I am not personally involved.  I have never attended a trial involving a W.W.A.S.P.S. civil suit or of an accused employee.  I have not met any of the kids (to my knowledge).  I don't appear to be related to anyone that I've read about.  And I read an awful lot over the past two weeks.  In my own opinion and only my opinion, I found the anecdotal accounts of abuse from the "troubled teens" themselves to be compelling.  I believe them.  I believe those kids whose words I read, whose videos I watched, whose pictures I studied.  From my own personal experience and from my experience as an Investigator of Serious Incidences with a different population, I know that just because someone has a label, it does not automatically follow that the accusations are unsubstantiated. In my opinion, to discount a teen's testimony on the basis of that teen having been labeled as a teen in a treatment program is wrong. It's wrong to do that to anyone, even prisoners who are noted for bringing what has been characterized as "frivolous" lawsuits.  

I believed the kids even before I stumbled across affidavits given by former staff members under oath which also acknowledge and allege abuse of teens at W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities.  I found many many instances of Robert Browning Lichfield and other higher-ups discounting the testimonies and experiences of the teen survivors of W.W.A.S.P.S. by referring to them as "liars".  The staff people that had consciences and the gumption to quit: are they also liars? Unfortunately, it is easy to dispose of the victims by calling them liars and manipulators.  So, are the staff that have come forward liars and manipulators too?  After all, the staff have nothing to gain monetarily by coming forward.  What possibly could be their motivation?

In a perfect world, teens would be afforded many (but not all) of the same rights and responsibilities that adults in a free country (are supposed to) enjoy. A teen in any treatment program or boarding facility ought to have access to an ombudsman on demand.  Phone numbers for a state hot-line should be posted.  In facilities in foreign countries, phone numbers for the embassies of the students' home countries should be posted.  A phone should be made available to any teen who complains [even if the staff thinks the teen is fooling around or lying].  That teen should be allowed to have a private and unmonitored conversation with an investigating authority. Furthermore, that a school or program is religious or has the backing of a religious organization is no excuse for denying the ability to complain without fear of reprisal.  In Utah, Montana, and Florida-- from my reading on the Internet-- I believe that the rules and protections put into place for teens and children at religious facilities are either non-existent or ineffective.  In a perfect world, kids who complain about medical symptoms would be looked after. Even if the staff and medical staff of the facility think the kids are faking.  To err on the side of caution and safety is better than one kid dead on the floor because of a twisted bowel.  Or dead in the woods or on the track because of an asthma attack.  Or dead anywhere.  In a perfect world, we would protect our children and the children that we serve.  No matter where they are. 

And the situation in foreign countries appears to be worse. American children and teens placed in facilities outside of the United States have even less protection than placement in religious facilities within the United States brings.  When we Americans travel or live in other places, we are subject to the rules and regulations of our host countries.  Teens and children who already suffer as being extra-legals here in the United States have near zero hope of their human rights being protected in other places.  In my opinion, it is to the credit of the Mexican, Jamaican, Costa Rican, and Czech governments and agencies which were instrumental in shutting down the W.W.A.S.P.S. campuses in their countries after they were made aware of abuse allegations and/or immigration paperwork irregularities.  They took action.  [And it is my sincere hope that those programs remain closed].  Our own country did not.  This makes me both sad and angry.  And ashamed that we refuse to protect our own.  An advisory on a government website referring to sending a minor outside of the United States for treatment and/or education is not enough.  Period.

The time-line, and the lists of facilities and people and lawsuits and references that I present to you are incomplete.  The information, the twists, the detractors and supporters, all of the stuff that I found was not finished.  In many ways the full history of W.W.A.S.P.S. has yet to be written.  I don't know what will happen to Robert B. Lichfield's empire, or to the troubled teen troubled industry as a whole.  I don't know if the laws in the United States pertaining to the treatment of teens and children in facilities will change in time or will change enough to ensure the safety of the kids within those facilities.  I don't know if the survivors' websites will survive costly legal challenges.  I don't know at what point our eroding freedom of speech will be rendered ineffective in terms of our ability to continue to pass around this kind of information.  

There are lists available on the Internet, lists of teens and children who died while in these facilities.  Isn't that enough?  I wouldn't place my dog in a boarding or training kennel that had even one suspect doggie death. Where is the outcry to demand justice for our kids and teens? Where is the demand for meaningful oversight of the troubled teen troubled industry?  I celebrate when I read about citizens who are taking action, citizens who are participating in Anonymous or C.A.I.F.A. or H.E.A.L.  True heroes are deeply involved in systems change work.  I rejoice when the survivors on fornits or reddit or the anti-W.W.A.S.P.S. sites speak out.  So bloggers, keep blogging.  Anons, keep fighting.  Survivors, keep surviving.  Parents, do your own research.  Society, please change. We need a healthy dish of anti-apathy along with a stiff dose of skepticism and a draft of human kindness.  I don't know when our apathy to human suffering will kill us.  I fear that it is already making us less humane.

To all survivors everywhere-- of any programs in the troubled teen troubled industry [not just W.W.A.S.P.S.  I hope to cover more programs within the next few months], please don't give up.  There are folks here on the electronic airwaves who have heard your suffering and bear witness to your pain.  The Internet has brought you survivors together.  Use that power.  When you are ready, fight for the laws to change so that there will not be another generation of kids who have to live with the memories and the horror of what you have had to live with.  To all survivors everywhere-- of all forms of abuse-- don't give up.  It is hard not to be believed by family.  It is difficult to be discounted by the legal system.  It hurts to be hurt.  I won't tell you that there is a wonderful plan out there or that there is a mystical reason why.  I don't believe any of that myself.  I wish for you, and for all of us, healing.



I became aware of W.W.A.S.P.S. via accounts of radicals and of activists such as Anonymous on Twitter.  I do not speak for any one else.  I cannot speak for other radicals, journalists, bloggers, survivors, Anonymous, legal entities, courts, attorneys, advocates.  I am only my self.  I am not in the Educational Consulting business.  I am not a rival of W.W.A.S.P.S. nor do I own or am associated with any boarding facility site.  None of the websites or organizations mentioned endorse me in any way.  The information I have gathered here came directly via following links on the Internet.  Any identifying information such as phone numbers, addresses, employment, relatives all came from the Internet.  I did not use any paid websites to obtain this information. Although at least one video site had a plethora of videos available on the subject matter, I elected not to include them or links to them in this post.  A search on a video site for W.W.A.S.P.S. will yield the results readily.  I am publishing this information as a service to the public and to aid others who may be searching for the history of W.W.A.S.P.S. as I was.  I don't own or partly own any of the businesses referred to in this blog post.  It is not my intention to breach any intellectual property rights held by anyone else by publishing this blog post.  I have no personal grudges against anyone mentioned or referenced in this blog post since to the best of my knowledge I have never met any of the folks so mentioned or referenced face to face.  I have endeavored to indicate that there are conflicting reports.  Because of the nature of the Internet, not all links may work.  A few links were reported by my anti-virus program as having phishing objects. Please use caution in following any and all links listed below.  I cannot vouch for their safety.  As with all information on the Internet, I cannot vouch for the completeness or accuracy of any of the information presented here.  I did my best with a staggering load of information and this post is a result of what I have found.

It was impossible for me to remain objective or even to pretend to be objective.  Many of the sentiments that I've expressed in the first fourteen paragraphs are strictly my opinion based on what I've read.  My opinions are not to be construed as fact or legal or any kind of advice. 

To those who are not guilty, may you prosper.  

TIME LINE, incomplete:

1984: Cross Creek in LaVerkin Utah opened.


1986: Old West Academy founded.

1987: Brightway Adolescent Hospital opened in Utah.

1988: W.W.A.S.P.S. incorporated.
  [one alternate report that Cross Creek opened in 1988, not 1984].



1991: Chaffin Pullan reportedly worked at Cross Creek.

1992:  Chaffin Pullan reportedly worked at Cross Creek.




1996: Sunrise Beach, Mexico closed. Reportedly is open but is
not affiliated with W.W.A.S.P.S. or its' successor Teen Help
1996:  Tranquility Bay, Jamaica opened.
1996:  Spring Creek Lodge Academy opened in Montana by Cameron Pullan, Dan Peart, and Chaffin Pullin.

1997: MAY: Patricia Lichfield stepped down as President of
R.&B. Management Group.
1998:  Morava Academy, Czech Republic opened.
1998:  Morava Academy, Czech Republic closed.
1998:  Glenda and Steve Roach, operators of Morava Academy 
were arrested by Czech authorities on child abuse related
charges but reportedly never faced charges. 
1998:  Casa by the Sea, Mexico opened.
1998:  MAR or MAY: Brightway Adolescent Hospital, Utah closed. Reports of inadequate care and abuse.

1999:  Karr Farnsworth became an Administrator of Cross Creek.

2000: JAN: Ken Kay appointed or elected president of Brightway
Adolescent Hospital which closed in MAR or MAY 1998.

2001:  Dundee Ranch, Costa Rica opened.
2001:  JAN: Red Rock Ranch Academy student died from injuries sustained or related to a fall during a hike.
2001:  AUG: a girl suicided at Tranquility Bay.

2002:  Pacific Coast Academy, Samoa closed. Allegations of child
2002:  Woodland Academy (pregnant teens), Utah opened.
2002:  JUN:  6/12, Wayne Winder, Director of Majestic Ranch was arrested on charges of assault, threatening to kill a kid, sexually assaulting a girl, showing porn to a child, and a few other things. The five victims appear to be under the age of 14.  Released on 30K bail.
2002:  JUN or JUL:  Tammy Johnson takes over as Director of Majestic Ranch n.k.a. Old West Academy from Wayne E. Winder.
2002:  AUG: Amberly Knight, director of Dundee Ranch, Costa
Rica resigned in protest after notifying P.A.N.I. [Child Welfare Department in Costa Rica] of conditions there.

2003:  It is alleged in Torley Lawsuit that Robert B. Lichfield and
Brent Facer began transferring ownership of some schools
to principals/managers/other owners etc but the schools
remained dependent upon W.W.A.S.P.S. Enterprises d.b.a.
various marketing, outsourcing companies and tuitions were
also processed via same.
2003:  Bell Academy, California closed. Issues with Social Services.
2003:  Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica closed.
2003:  Midwest Academy, Iowa opened, started by Brian Vaifanua 
former owner of Paradise Cove in Samoa.
2003:  MAR:  Wayne Winder resolved all criminal charges from his arrest in June 2002.  No record, no admission of wrong-doing, no consequences.
2003:  MAY: P.A.N.I. raided Dundee Ranch, Costa Rica,
closed. The kids were boisterous when they found out that they could talk with their parents, and that they had a right to leave. It is alleged that some adults beat some of the children in order to get them to quiet down. Narvin Lichfield was allegedly detained for thirty hours and ordered not to leave Costa Rica. Four staffers were allegedly deported to Jamaica. Some of the teens were transferred to Tranquility Bay.
2003:  JUL: Robert Browning Lichfield gives his G_D the glory for his achievements in an interview published by the L.A. Times.

2004: Suicide by hanging at Spring Creek Lodge Academy.
2004: ?re-opened, Pillars of Hope, Costa Rica. (?closed again unk.)
2004:  Bell Academy reopened as Horizon Academy in Nevada.
2004:  SEPT: Mexican authorities raided Casa by the Sea, Casa Esperanza, Genesis (Rosario Beach), evidence of child abuse, irregular visas. Genesis is believed to have withdrawn its association with W.W.A.S.P.S. in actuality as well
as in name.
2004:  Death of 17 year old girl at Spring Creek Lodge in Montana
was investigated by authorities.
2004:  AUG:  [in lawsuit W.W.A.S.P.S.  v.] Sue Scheff and her organization P.U.R.E.  were found by jury to be not guilty of defamation and other charges as accused of by W.W.A.S.P.S.

2005: Eagle Ranch Academy opens-- on the site of the former Brightway Hospital in St. George Utah-- on the site of the Desert Inn Ranch, considered to be sacred by U.A.B. sect of L.D.S.
2005:  FEB: Bethel Girls Academy, Mississippi closed. Reports of abuse.

2006:  [ In the lawsuit of W.W.A.S.P.S  v.] Sue Scheff and P.U.R.E. won again on appeal.
2006:  JUN: 6/23:   Chaffin Pullan, Assistant Director [along with his ?twin? brother Cameron] of Spring Creek Lodge Academy uses the pay PR site to announce that school's withdrawal from W.W.A.S.P.S.

2007:  Randall Hinton arrested, allegations of abuse at Royal
Gorge Academy a.k.a. Royal Peak Academy in Colorado.
Randall Hinton and his family were alleged to be living
in the facility after his arrest and were court-ordered
to move.
2007:  AUG: Randall Hinton convicted of one count of false imprisonment, 3rd degree and one count of assault, 3rd degree.  He was acquitted of 4 or 5 other charges.  He received 25 days in jail and probation for a year.
2007:  SEPT: Skyview Academa a.k.a. Skyview Christian Academy, Nevada closed after "a hazing incident".

2008: ? Pillars of Hope opened again in 2008 or earlier ? 
2008:   Ron Garrott was fired from Cross Creek.
2008:  OCT:  Royal Gorge or Royal Peak Academy, Colorado closed.  

2009: Academy at Ivy Ridge, New York (state) closed. Not licensed.

2009:  Canyon View Park, Montana closed.
2009:  Woodland Academy closed.
2009:  Carolina Springs Academy in South Carolina license was
revoked. It may have closed then or in June of 2010
2009:  Tranquility Bay, Jamaica closed by Jamaican authorities.
2009:  JAN: Spring Creek Lodge, Montana closed.
2009:  MAR:  Darrington Academy, Georgia closed.
2009:  MAY:  Richard Darrington arrested.
2009:  AUG:  A lawsuit won against Skyview Academy.

2010: JAN: On appeal, lawsuit by Houlahan v. World Wide Association of Specialty Programs was dismissed (again). Houlahan is a journalist who claimed that W.W.A.S.P.S.' use of lawsuit against him was something called "an abuse of process".
[ ]
2010 OCT: Teen Mentor a.k.a. Mentor School, Costa Rica opened under Robert Walter Lichfield's Directorship.  Robert Walter Lichfield is Robert Browning LIchfield's son.
2010:  JUN:  Carolina Springs Academy closed, alternate date.

2011:  Some reports indicate that Carolina Springs Academy reopened under the name of Magnolia Christian School under the ownership of Narvin Litchfield and the directorship of Elaine Davis.  
2011:  Narvin Litchfield arrested for driving with a suspended license. Several reports that he also wrote bad checks on a Carolina Springs Academy account.
2011:  MAR:  Teen Mentor a.k.a. Mentor School, Costa Rica
raided and closed by P.A.N.I.

2012:  MAY: A lawsuit filed against Skyview Academy.
2012:  as of DEC:  various facebook pages indicate that many of the people listed below are facebook "friends."  Again, per facebook, some of the people listed below have taken recreational family vacations this year to Africa and other places.  



Robert Browning Lichfield: founder of WWASPS. Owner of
Browning Distance Learning Academy (a provider of homeschooling curriculum).

Patricia "Patti" Peart Lichfield: Robert's wife or in some places: ex-wife. Listed on a lawsuit as being the registered agent for Litchfield Family Limited Partnership.

Robert Walter Lichfield: ran Teen Mentor program in Costa Rica. He is reportedly Robert Browning Lichfield's son.

Narvin Lichfield: is Robert Browning Lichfield's younger brother. He owned Carolina Springs Academy near Abbeville, S.C., and the Academy at Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica.

Paul George Arslanian: Executive Director and co-founder of Eagle Ranch Academy.  Dave's brother.

David "Dave" Arslanian: Admissions and co-founder of Eagle Ranch Academy.  Paul's brother.

J. Ralph Atkin: owned Morava Academy. He is owner and founder of Sky West Airlines. He was listed in a lawsuit as being the registered agent for Cross Creek.

Elaine Davis: is the current director of Magnolia Christian Academy f.k.a. Carolina Springs Academy and is listed as registered agent in a lawsuit for Carolina Springs Academy.  

Brent M. Facer: co-owner of W.W.A.S.P.S. along with Ken Kay. [Robert Browning Lichfield is the top level owner].

Riley M. Facer: was the Assistant Director at Horizon Academy Boarding School November 2005 – September 2007

Karr Farnsworth: part owner of Bell Academy. Listed as past trustee or president of W.W.A.S.P.S. Operator of Cross Creek Center for Boys, L.L.C. and operator of Cross Creek Manor, L.L.C. along with Kerry Gubler.

Jason Finlison: operated the Academy at Ivy Ridge in Ogdensburg, New York.  Prior to that, he was a Director of Casa by the Sea.

John Fountain and Herman Fountain: may have been connected to Lester Roloff and his religious foundation rather than to W.W.A.S.P.S. They ran the former Bethel Academy for Girls.

Timothy Brian Foye: listed as operator for Teen Help, L.L.C. d/b/a Adolescent Services International Inc.. Teen Help is a marketing and admissions arm of the W.W.A.S.P.S. Enterprise Schools.

Jean Foye: listed as registered agent for Dixie Contract Services. Is or was manager of Teen Help, L.L.C.

Ron Garrott was formerly an Administrator at Cross Creek.  He reportedly conducted "therapy" sessions.  He called teen rape victims "sluts."  He ordered food and sleep deprivations for kids at Cross Creeks.  It is reported that he boasted about keeping some unknown number of teens in isolation for six months or longer.  He was fired in 2008 from Cross Creek.  He got out of the troubled teens troubled industry field and apparently is now working in real estate.

David Gilcrease: helped Robert B. Lichfield start his schools.  Is associated with Resource Realizations [on twitter as at rrealizations] f.k.a. Premier Educational Systems, L.L.C.  
Resource Realizations is the company that holds seminars for teens
  together and separately from their parents.  The material is used in the schools and centers as well as in seminars in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and other places. The Resource Realizations website has made it a point to describe itself as being separate from the W.W.A.S.P.S. programs that use the material; basis of "proof" is who the checks are made out to. (was employed by Lifespring 1974-81 
  which held encounter groups...on one site, David Gilcrease is referred to as a cultist involved with Lifespring.  Lifespring is considered by some folks to have some characteristics of a cult).
Resource Realizations is listed on Linked-In as having eight employees
and as being in Flagstaff, Arizona.
The eight employee titles are:
Transformational Coach, Flagstaff
Certified Performance Coach
Director of Corporate Relations, Los Angeles
Manager of Local Bands, Atlanta
Seminar Enrollment Coordinator, Atlanta

Resource Realizations holds or did hold Parent and Child Discovery workshops for the three schools which are listed as Affiliate Programs on their website.  Resource Realizations also holds coach and leadership trainings and N.L.P. seminars.  Las Vegas and Atlanta are listed as sites for these trainings and seminars.

Gilcrease's seminars are now called "Discovery Focus Seminars" on Facebook.

Dace Goulding: silent partner of Richard Darrington; was also
owner of Casa by the Sea and part owner of High Impact; and worked at Bell Academy before that. Is currently listed as being
employed by Orion Behavioral Health on Linked

Dusty Goulding: is or was director of student affairs at Red River Academy.

Kerry Gubler: operator of Cross Creek Manor, L.L.C. along with Karr Farnsworth.

Dicie Ellen Hagerman: listed as also living in either Renton or Waitsburg, Washington and also having worked at Skyview Academy. Unclear as to whether she is the same person as Orval Hagerman, a relative of Orval Hagerman, or unrelated to Orval Hagerman. Dicie Orval Hagerman is listed as an alias of Dicie Ellen Hagerman on one site. On another site, she is listed as a relative of Orval Scott Hagerman.

Orval Hagerman: was owner-Director of Skyview Academy. It lost its' license on September 28, 2007. Listed in a complaint/lawsuit filed 5/14/12 as being the manager of Skyview during 2007. Believed to currently reside in Renton, Washington or possibly in Waitsburg, Washington.

Scott Hagerman: son of Orval Hagerman, ran technology lab at Spring Creek.

Brent Hall: reported director at Red River Academy.  Latest indication is that he is a director at Discovery Academy in Provo Utah, which is not a W.W.A.S.P.S.-affiliated school.  

Luke Hallows: was an administrator of Casa by the Sea. Reportedly remains in the troubled teen troubled industry but not at a W.W.A.S.P.S. facility.

Randall Hinton: Director of Royal Peak Academy which closed in 2008. Then he went to Tranquility Bay. He boasted about his
use of pepper spray on at least one teen there.
His resume includes working at
Brightway Adolescent Hospital, Psychiatric Technician;
Cross Creek Programs,Youth Leadership Program for one year. He Assistant Director at:
Spring Creek Lodge, Montana;
Tranquility Bay, Jamaica;
Carolina Springs Academy, South Carolina.
Teen Help in placement;
Director of The Academy at Dundee Ranch, Costa Rica.
Left W.W.A.S.P.S. in 2002.
He is the only employee arrested that faced legal consequences:
Randall Hinton was convicted of one count of false imprisonment, third degree and of one count of assault, third degree.  He was acquitted of five other counts.
He continues to raise fancy Spanish horses in South Carolina and in Costa Rica.

Robert Huddleston: former president of Dixie State College, he was the director at Red River Academy sometime until around the spring of 2006.

Ken Kay: now vice-president [at times on websites described as the president so it is hard to tell which office he holds] of W.W.A.S.P.S. since March 2000. He was the director
of Brightway Adolescent Hospital. Is reportedly supervisor of Browning Distance Learning Academy-- which provides homeschooling curriculum-- and is owned by Robert Browning Lichfield. On the stand during W.W.A.S.P. vs. Pure, he stated that he didn't think that sexual contact between teacher and student is abuse.

Jay Kay: son of Ken Kay; and Tranquility Bay director where he had admitted to pepper-spraying teens along with staffer Randall Hinton. Jay Kay had worked as a security guard at Brightway Adolescent Hospital.

Amberley Knight: former director of Dundee Ranch, reported her
concerns to P.A.N.I. [Child Welfare in Costa Rica] and then quit.
A true Hera.

Dwayne Lee: Director of Paradise Cove, then worked for Teen Help.  

Richard LeGrande Darrington:
formerly employed by Casa by the Sea, Ensanada, Mexico
2004-2009 principal of Darrington Academy
Blue Ridge, Georgia
After his arrest in 2009 or allegedly assaulting two students at
Darrington Academy [one whose tooth possibly was knocked from his mouth during an alleged assault], he became employed by Whittell High School [Douglas County Nevada] as the Dean of Students and Athletic Director. He was granted a substitute teacher's license via the state of Nevada shortly before or during the hiring process.
After some community outcry in September of that year, it is unclear as to whether or not he is still employed at Whittell High School.

Robert Lemons: worked at Red Rock Canyon and remains in the wilderness adventure field.

Dan Peart: listed in a lawsuit as being the registered agent for
Peacox Enterprise, L.L.C.  He is Robert Browning Lichfield's brother-in-law. He and the Pullan brothers opened Spring Creek Lodge in 1996

Donna Peart: was listed in a lawsuit as being the registered agent

for Majestic Academy.

Willard Jake Peart: was listed in a lawsuit as being the registered
  agent for Teens In Crisis, L.L.C.  He is now working in real estate.

Cameron Pullan: listed in a lawsuit as being the registered agent for
  Spring Creek Lodge.  Brother or twin brother of Chaffin Pullan.  He, Chaffin, and Dan Peart opened Spring Creek Lodge in 1996.

Chaffin Pullan: opened Spring Creek Lodge in 1996 along with his brother Cameron, and Dan Peart.

Glenda Roach and Steve Roach: two former cops from Utah who
directed Morava Academy were arrested by Czech authorities for
child abuse charges.
Unverified reports vary as to their current whereabouts.  
One report claims that they moved to the Bahamas and are/were living there under assumed names.
Another claimed that Glenda Roach left the Czech Republic legally under a medical permit.
Another claimed that Steve Roach fled the Czech Republic in order to avoid prosecution.
Another claimed that Glenda Roach has a "SpaceBook" page under her real name, or that both Glenda and Steve do, but no location is listed.
Neither one had their day in court in the Czech Republic.

Jade Robinson: part owner of Bell Academy which closed, Casa by the Sea which closed, now director/administrator of Horizon Academy.

Cassie Robinson: was/is interning at or working at Horizon Academy. Jade Robinson's wife.

Mandi Facer Robinson: was listed in a lawsuit as being the registered agent for Resource Realizations.

Miguel Rodriguez: co-owner and a director of High Impact.  The dog cages were reportedly on one site his idea.  He also worked at Casa by the Sea.  He and family continue to live in the same town in Mexico that Casa by the Sea was located in.

Allie Rodriguez: wife of Miguel.  In Admissions at Casa by the Sea.

Lezlee Shaw: was the registrant of the website while in Ogdensburg.
Leslee Shaw reportedly used to work for the Academy at Ivy Ridge [Ogdensburg] and now works in admissions for Horizon School and is or was associated with

Brian Viafanua: former director of Paradise Cove, started Midwest Academy in Iowa after Paradise Cove closed. He is a  current director of Old West now.  Dwayne Lee married Brian's sister, thus is his brother-in-law.

Tim Waddoups: is listed as the registered agent of Adolescent Services, Inc. a/k/a Adolescent Services International Transport in the papers of at least one lawsuit.

Wayne E. Winder: Director of Majestic Ranch in 2001 up until he quit in 2002.  Allegations of abuse.  Was arrested but by 2003, problems with inconsistent testimony and recantation saw all but one count dismissed.  That one count was anticipated to be set aside after a year. 
Wayne E. Winder may be working as a Parent Co-ordinator at Majestic Ranch.
It appears that he also did work as or now works as Personnel Director at Majestic n.k.a. Old West Academy.
Majestic Ranch is now known as Old West Academy.


Academy at Ivy Ridge in Ogdensburg, New York (closed in early 2009; there'd been at least one riot by the students there and allegations of abuse; property sold). It was operated by Jason Finlinson and the subject of an intense investigation by the Office of the New York State General Attorney.

Academy at Ivy Ridge

Bell Academy in California (shut down in 2003 after issues with Social Services). Owners were Karr Farnsworth, Dace Goulding and Jade Robinson.

Bethel Girls Academy in Mississippi (shut down in Feb. 2005-- reports of abuse)

Brightway Hospital in St. George, Utah (Robert Browning Lichfield signed a contract to run this hospital for adolescents in 1987; it closed in 1998; there were compaints of inadequate care and abuse)

Ken Kay , now President (or vice-president perhaps) of WWASP(S), was the director/manager of Brightway Hospital.
Eagle Ranch Academy now operates at this location.

Canyon View Park--Located in Thompson Falls/Trout Creek, Montana. closed 2009

 Carolina Springs Academy (license revoked, name allegedly illegally changed to Magnolia Hills Christian Academy, website changed) in Abbeyville, South Carolina. Campus abandoned as of September 2010.  Appears to be reopened as Magnolia Springs Christian Academy with Elaine Davis serving as director. was owned by Narvin Lichfield, Robert Browning Lichfield's younger brother.
It appears that Narvin Lichfield continues to raise fancy Spanish horses there or on a farm near there and also in Costa Rica at or near the Dundee Ranch site.

Casa By The Sea and Casa Esperanza
Ensenada, Mexico

Dace Goulding, Karr Farnsworth and Jade Robinson all appear to have been in charge of this facility. The Mexican authorities raided
on or about September 4, 2004 and found dog cages allegedly for the purpose of punishing the teens, and other evidences of abuse.

Darrington Academy in Georgia. Closed in March 2009; 90 students were enrolled at the time of closure. School director Richard Darrington was arrested in May 2009. He was charged with battery of two students at the school. One of the charges was a felony.

High Impact Boot Camp, Mexico

High Impact was raided at about the same time as Casa by the Sea was by the Mexican authorities.

Morava Academy in the Czech Republic
opened 1998 and closed 1998
Glenda and Steve Roach arrested and charged w crimes against children-- two former police officers from Utah.
Owned by J. Ralph Atkins (also owns SkyWest Airlines and is invested in WWASPS/Teen Help Inc./etc.). It was run by Karr Farnsworth

Pacific View Retreat
  Sorry no web page available at this time. A "new" quasi-mental health retreat located in Mexico for young adults, possibly on the site of Casa by the Sea or High Impact.  

Paradise Cove

Pacific Coast Academy--Located in Samoa. closed 2002 due to abuse investigations.

Royal Gorge Academy or Royal Peak Academy--Located in Canon City, CO. Closed in October 2008. Note also that the director Randall Hinton was arrested for child abuse and went to trial. He admitted that he liked pepper spray when he was down at Tranquility Bay sometime after Royal Gorge closed. Students from that school then went to Red River Academy.

Sky View Christian Academy a.k.a. Sky View Academy, for boys, in Hawthorne, Nevada. Closed abruptly in 2007 after a hazing incident. Operating license was revoked by Nevada officials on September 28, 2007. There are a few unverified reports that it may have possibly remained open until 2010. A lawsuit was won against Skyview and W.A.S.P.S. on August 31, 2009. A lawsuit has been filed on 5/14/2012

Spring Creek Lodge Academy, Sanders County, Montana operated from the late 1970s until January 9, 2009.

Sunrise Beach Mexico-- closed 1996, run by Glenda and Steve Roach. The most current Sunrise beach is not connected to W.W.A.S.P.S. or is in the process of extricating itself from any connection.

Teen Mentor a.k.a. Mentor School, located in the former Hotel Carara near Tárcoles in Costa Rica. Opened October 2010 for business and shut down by Costa Rica authorities, specifically P.A.N.I. on or around March 25, 2011. Robert Walter Lichfield [Robert Browning Lichfield's son] is listed as having run Teen Mentor, a.k.a. Mentor School.

Tranquility Bay closed in 2009 after inspection by Jamaican authorities. It was owned by Narvin Lichfield, Robert Browning Lichfield's younger brother.

Tranquility Bay was alleged to be overrun with abuse. This is the program site that Randall Hinton allegedly used pepper spray at and boasted that he liked to do it.

W.W.A.S.P.S. programs are still operating as far as can be ascertained.
Currently W.W.A.S.P.S. appears to be operating the following programs:

Eagle Ranch Academy
115 West 1470 South St. George, UT 84770‎
(435) 652-8488

Located on Desert Inn D.I. Ranch property, considered sacred to the United Apostolic Brethren polygamist sect of the LDS, under prophet Owen Allred. This academy operates on the former site of Brightway Hospital.

Cross Creek Programs in Utah,
Cross Creek Academy
150 North State Street
LaVerkin, Utah 84745UT


Cross Creek Manor for Girls

Karr Farnsworth

Cross Creek Center for Boys

Gulf Coast Academy
2147 Mill Street Extension # A
Lucedale, MS 39452-6225

Phone: (601) 766-3036

Narvin Lichfield - Director [website not working]

(formerly Bethel Girls' Academy
Bethel Girls Academy
601-545-3531 Bethel girls closed in 2005

(Bethel Boys' Academy,
Bethel Boys Academy
877-278-6986 and
Eagle Point Christian Academy),

Old West Academy (f.k.a. Majestic Ranch Academy)
Randolph, Utah

6650 N Manhead Rd
Randolph, UT 84064-8406
Local: (435) 793-6222

Phone: (435) 730-1748
Fax: (435) 793-2666

founded 1986
Brian Viafanua is believed to be the current director of Old West Academy.

(formerly Majestic Ranch Academy
Majestic Ranch Academy WWASPS

Midwest Academy
2416 340th Street Keokuk, IA 52632
(319) 795-4258

Founded in 2003 by Brian Viafanua who was at Casa by the Sea. He is the former Director of Paradise Cove. Ben Trane is believed to be the current Director at Midwest.

Horizon Academy former location
H.C.R. 70 Box 531
Amargosa Valley, Nevada 89020
Phone: 775-372-1199

Jade Robinson who worked at La Casa by the Sea in Mexico is now associated with Horizon Academy. His cell phone is still listed on the website.

Horizon Academy moved to the campus of Cross Creek in
Utah and is now sharing facilities there.
Facility phone 1-435-635-6000
Jade Robinson 1-702-219-4749 (cell)
Cassie Robinson 1-702-556-9925 (cell)
Jared Stewart 1-702-449-8115 (cell)

Red River Academy
P.O. Box 1255
2810 Highway 71 S
LeCompte, Louisiana 71346
318-776-5655 phone
318-776-5654 fax
Brent Hall, Director and Administrator
Elvin McCann, Principal
brent at redriveracademy dot com

?Woodland Hills Maternity Home?   *current relationship to
          W.W.A.S.P.S. is unknown* 
#also marketed as "Benchmark Home"
75 West Oak Drive, Woodland Hills, Utah 84653
none of these 3 websites are working when I checked
opened 2002, closed 2009 and sold to non-troubled teen industry folks.
#this site on 3/16/11 specifically lists Woodland as still

It may have moved to another site.
#other sites vary in this info, also some question as to
whether or not this home is still part of WWASPS.
Jim Kemp – General Manager

Pillars of Hope, or Pilares de Esperanzas closed in 2003 but reopened again in 2004-- Open since October 28, 2008.
Narvin Lichfield was running it and seems to be running it now.  His horses may be here or at the former site of Dundee Ranch.
La Ceiba Cascajal, Alajuela
Costa Rica

Llamenos al (02322) 494175. O bien comuníquese al ID Nextel 547*5197.
To dial Costa Rica, 00 + 55 55 is the Country Code.
494175 is the local six digit telephone number in the old
In the most current report, one has to dial 11 and not 55.
I am unsure of what this 02322 is. But I think if you are not
in Costa Rica it may be something you have to dial before
the local number.

A cached version of the old website reports a phishing object. This may or may not be an anti-viral false positive.

(previously the site of closed school Academy at Dundee Ranch
Dundee Ranch -WWASPS - CLOSED
St. George
800-637-0701 ext 101
) in Costa Rica.


Adolescent Program Consulting, Arizona
owned by Robert Lichfield and Brent Facer

Adolescent Services International Transport

A second: Adolescent Services, Inc.

AMALFI Coast Investments, Ltd.
in partnership with RBL Management, L.L.C.;
owned by R.B.L. Management, L.L.C. and the
Lichfield Family Trust
Robert Lichfield and Brent Facer 

B.M.F. Management, L.L.C.

a listed partner of B.M.F. #1, Ltd.

B.M.F. #1, Ltd. The partners of this entity are
Brent M. Facer, Jillyn P. Facer, Robert B. Lichfield, , and B.M.F.
Management, L.L.C. are listed as partners.

Ralph Atkin, registered agent

B.M.F. #2, Ltd.
Brent M. Facer, registered agent

BMF, Inc. was a trustee and/or owner of Teen Help, Inc.
Brent M. Facer, owner

BMF Investments, L.L.C.
Brent M. Facer, Britta Facer, Corby Facer, Jillyn Facer, Riley
Facer, and Mandi Robinson, operators

Brent M. Facer, registered agent

BMF Management, L.L.C.
Operators Brent M. Facer and Jillyn Facer
Wendy Oldroydk, registered agent

Brightway Adolescent Hospital
Ken Kay was Manager and alleged that it would be
closed and dissolved in May 1998, but
Ken Kay was appointed or elected Manager of
Brightway Adolescent Hospital once again in January 2000.

Browning Academy a.k.a. Browning Distance Learning Academy
(homeschooling program used by WWASPS schools: was started by Robert B. Lichfield)
Directors: Karr Farnsworth, Ken Kay
Owners: Robert Lichfield, Brent Facer, Ken Kay
The Browning Schools, Inc.
Owners: Robert Lichfield, Brent Facer, Ken Kay
registered agent: Business Kit Services, L.L.C.

Business Kit Services, L.L.C.
390 Del Mar Drive
St. George, Utah 84790
(registered agent for The Browning Schools, Inc.)

(registered agent for Midwest Outsource Services, L.L.C.)

The Caribbean Centre for Change, Ltd.
was d.b.a. Tranquility Bay
Calabash Bay, Jamaica

Company Support Services, L.L.C.

Cross Creek Manor, L.L.C.
a.k.a. Cross Creek Programs
a.k.a. Cross Creek Admissions

Cross Creek Outsource Services
Robert Lichfield owned 76% of this and Brent Facer 24%
was operating in Utah

Darrington Academy
registered agent: Angela Panter

Dixie Contract Services, L.L.C.
registered agent, Jean Foye

It is believed that this service helps the programs to locate outsourced help for their office work.

Dundee Ranch
school in Costa Rica was owned by Robert Lichfield
and Brent Facer

Golden Pond Investments Ltd.

Help My Teen Utah
URL is at
              The two schools that I recognize as being two that are reportedly open and operating are listed as "This month's featured schools" along the left-hand side of the page:
  Horizon Academy [which moved to the Cross Creek Manor Campus-- the site of the old Lichfield family farm-- in 2011]
and Red River Academy, a WWASP/S school in LeCompte, Louisiana.
The site proports to be an Independent Educational Consultant company site [Independent Educational Consultants are not necessarily any of those three things-- some typically refer to W.W.A.S.P./S. programs, others to Aspen programs, others to whoever is signing their checks. Maybe there are I.E.C.s who really are I.E.C.s but I haven't been able to vet any yet.].
          A.S.A.P. a.k.a. Adolescent Services Adolescent Placement
The testimonies invoke Cross Creek and Spring Lodge [a.k.a. Spring Creek Lodge] both of which
are known WWASP/S properties.

High Impact, school formerly located in Baja, Mexico.

Horizon Outsource Services
Robert B. Lichfield 76% ownership; Brent Facer 24%

Lifelines Family Services, LLC Brookside, Utah
f.k.a. Lifelines Family Services, Inc.
Lifelines Family Services, UT
Jane Hawley - Lifelines Family Services
Kathy Allred - Lifelines Sales Representative

Sherri Schwartzman - Lifelines Sales Representative
Lisa Irvin - also associated with Help My Teen and Teens in Crisis

Mentor Corporation ABC Costa Rica SA
Midwest Academy, L.L.C.
registered agent: Mark R. Adams

Midwest Outsource Services, L.L.C.
registered agent: Business Kit Services

Military School Options
The domain lookup reveals the site registrant to be a staffer affiliated with W.W.A.S.P.S.

Morava Academy
Brno, Czech Republic

Narvana Resources, L.L.C.
may or may not be a.k.a.
Narvana Outsource Services L.L.C.
which is owned by
Robert Lichfield 76%; Brent Facer 24%

National Contracting Services, Inc.
a corporation that was organized in Nevada
owned by Robert B. Lichfield 76% and Brent Facer 24%

Octwell L.L.C.
  associated with Royal Gorge Academy, ?a holding company?

Optimum Billing Services
registered agent: Derrick Esplin

Pacific View Retreat, residential
school was located in Mexico, or possibly a young adult mental
health facility.

Paradise Cove, residential school
which had operated in Western Samoa.

Parent Teen Guide domain is currently up for sale.

Peacox Enterprises, L.L.C.
registered agent, Dan C. Peart

Premier Education, Inc.
was owned by Robert Lichfield and Brent Facer

Premier Educational Systems, L.L.C.
registered agent: Mandi Robinson

R.&B. Billing
1240 E 100 S #10, St. George, Utah 84790
registered agent, Mandi Robinson
Robert B. Lichfield owns 78% and Brent Facer 22%

R.&B. Management Group, L.L.C.
principal place of business:
registered agent, Ken Kay
Patricia LIchfield was president of R.&B. Management Group, L.L.C. until May 1997

RBL#1, Ltd.
owned by Robert B. Lichfield and Patricia Lichfield
also listed as trustees.

RBL #2, Ltd.
owned by Robert B. Lichfield and RBL Management, L.L.C.

RBL, Inc.
Trustee and Owner of Teen Help

RBL Management, L.L.C.
listed agent of AMALFI Coast Investments, Ltd. Robert Lichfield and Brent Facer are the owners. Alternate listing
Robert Lichfield and Patricia Lichfield as the owners.
registered agent: J. Ralph Atkin, P.C.

R.E.C.A.F., Inc.

contributed a lot of money to a Maine Republican candidate Chandler Woodcock in an unsuccessful bid for governor in

Real Realizations / Premier Education Systems, L.L.C.
see entry on David Gilcrease for more.
registered agent, Mandi Robinson

Red River Academy
2810 Highway 71 South
Le Compte, Louisiana 71346
Registered Agent: Brent Hall

Red River Outreach Services
Robert B. Lichfield 76% ownership; Brent Facer 24%
(cannot ascertain if Red River Outreach Services is
a.k.a. Red River Outsource Service or if it is a legal
separate entity).

Red River Outsource Service
Robert B. Lichfield 76% ownership and Brent Facer 24%
had a service contract with Red River Academy.

Red Rock Academy d.b.a. Narvin Lichfield
registered agent: Morris Peacock

Red Rock Springs, L.C.

Robert Browning Lichfield Limited Family Partnership
registered agent, Patricia P. Lichfield
  Papers filed with the state of Utah in 1995 show that Robert Browning Lichfield and his wife Patricia Peart Lichfield are the only two partners. Together they co-own many of the buildings on W.W.A.S.P.S. campuses and much of the surrounding grounds they are located on.  Robert Browning Lichfield is listed only as a trustee for W.W.A.S.P.S.

Sky View Academy, LLC
Sky View Christian Academy

Spring Creek Manor d.b.a. Spring Creek Lodge, L.L.C., d.b.a. Spring Creek Admissions
owned/controlled by Robert B. Lichfield and Brent Facer

Sunrise Beach
Punta Sam, Cancun Mexico
[is no longer associated with WWASPS]

Teen Escort Service

a company that takes teens to W.W.A.S.P.S. facilities.

Teen Help, L.L.C.
manager is or was Jean Foye
Mark Peterson - Teen Help Sales Representative
registered agent, Jean Foye
Teen Help is a marketing and admissions arm of the W.W.A.S.P.S. Enterprise Schools. Timothy Brian Foye is listed as the operator of Teen Help, L.L.C. in papers of at least one lawsuit. It is alleged that 80% of Teen Help, L.L.C. is owned by Robert and Patricia Lichfield.
Listed as being owned or trustee by RBL, Inc.

Teens in Crisis, L.L.C.
Brent Lichfield is the registrant contact for the domain.
registered agent, Willard Jake Peart

Teen Revitalization
website: admits to being affiliated with W.W.A.S.P. [no second s on that site] updated October 2005.

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools, Inc.(“WWASPS”)
principal place of
registered agent, Ken Kay


One lawsuit against WWASPS was won by Sue Scheff (twitter, at suescheff) on behalf of PURE, Inc. Other lawsuits were defeated or have not been to court yet. Arrests are usually also dismissed, with very little prison time served in actuality.

Randall Hinton was convicted of one count of false imprisonment, third degree and of one count of assault, third degree. He was acquitted of five other counts.

Another lawsuit I believe is still in process. [].

A list of litigation can be found here at The W.W.A.S.P.S. lawsuits stop about halfway down the page at the word "Miscellaneous".

[radio station from St. George, Utah-- pro Cross Creek Programs].!,9171,782109-1,00.html
[Bock, the defendant in this case, was a vic of Hurricane Katrina.  She was angry with Sue Scheff about referring kids to W.W.A.S.P.S. programs.  An attorney is currently working with Bock to overturn the judgment.  Bock alleges that she was not able to attend the trial ?due to personal aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, if I read that correctly?...did not appear at the trial nor was she represented by an attorney in absentia at the trial.  She appears to have lost the motion to strike the judgment against her: ].
[deaths occurring in non-WASPS-related programs are also listed].!search/profile/person?personId=337775373&targetid=profile

and sites of W.W.A.S.P.S. founders, staffers, supporters, facilities on the site commonly known as Facebook-- or FB-- which are hereby redacted.

radical sapphoq reserves the right to decide to publish or not publish any received comments.