Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Watch Words-- Things that Make Homeland Security Pay Attention to Social Media Mutterings

Morning Boys and Girls:

We welcome you to our school.  You will surrender your passwords to all social media immediately.  Pay attention.  This is important.
The monitors are passing out a list of Bad Words that you must not use in your mutterings-- I mean blog posts, tweets, e-mail, web searches, or homework.  Evah.  Is that clear, boys and girls?  Use them and you risk immediate suspension and imprisonment in Gitmo.  Got it?

[what follows is an excerpt of the list, taken from the Anal I mean Analyst Desktop Manual recently obtained by via a FOIC]:

attack          cops          drill          exercise          mitigation
law enforcement          initiative   gangs             deaths
response     recovery    police       crash              looting
threat          gas            plume       cloud              hazardous
infection     mutation   sick           toxic              wave
strain          power       airport       epidemic        collapse
grid            smart         failure       decapitated    pirates
help           fundamentalism          wildfire          disaster
social media                2600          phreaking       hacker
virus          ice              tornado     plot                 hail
avalanche  snow          terror         extremism      execution
drug          narcotics    cocaine      marijuana       heroin
drug war   bridge        cancelled   port                 dock
service disruption       subway      electric           swine
resistant    bacteria     kidnap        burn               bust

I hereby additionally order that you will not cover any news of or history of the following countries and other places during this school year:

[excerpts from the same list follow...]

North Korea          Listeria (in New Jersey)          Mexico
Tuscon                  El Paso                                     Iraq
Iran                       Afghanistan                              Pakistan
Somalia                Nigeria                                      China

Furthermore, your cameras are being confiscated so that way you don't take any pictures of suspicious devices found on your bicycles.  Agents are right now raiding your homes collecting computers and smart phones and video games and other electronic devices from your parents in a voluntary surrender drive to eliminate subversive cultural influences.  You will be allowed to use word processors at school only.  Any posting to social media must be approved by an agent a school monitor first.  This will occur during recess only.

Again, welcome to our school.  It is our wish that you have a peaceful and prosperous academic year filling with the joy that learning can bring.

                          radical sapphoq

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Re: The Murder of Billy McDermott [and his friend]

Re: my friend Billy McDermott

Dear Chief Gregory Culick, Amsterdam Police Officers, Investigators, and Helpers,

With Respect:

Billy McDermott was my friend.  And I was honored to be his friend.  This is not a matter of "how he lived his life,"or "he had a history."  Some people who are addicted to drugs, even to crack cocaine, do recover.  Did you find drugs in his apartment?  Was there evidence of illicit drugs found in his autopsy, tox report?  I heard there wasn't.  Billy had had a heart attack about four months ago.  That scared him.  That scared him into another period of abstinence.

Oh I know Billy had a damming "history."  But Billy was also a very gentle soul and a sweet man-- whether he was using or not.   Until there is concrete evidence demonstrating that Billy was high at or just before the time of his death, we don't really know that he was high recently.  To blame his death partially or fully on his addiction sucks.  Are you aware that Billy had periods of abstinence as well as periods of time when he was using?  Billy did not just "live his life" high.  He wrestled with his addiction.  He wanted to be clean.  He also loved his parents, his brothers and sisters, his children and grandchildren.  Billy had a true generosity of spirit.  He bought lunch for people who were hungry.  He love kids.  He was always willing to listen, using or not.  Billy was truly a Sweet William.

I hope that Billy's past does not get in the way of finding the animals who perpetrated the double homicide which took his life and the life of Cheryl Goss.  There are other motives for violently stabbing people to death besides drugs.  Two of them are money and jealously on the part of current or ex-lovers.  I know the cops have difficult jobs and that you all put your lives on the line so we can live in relative safety.  I have to trust that you will investigate all leads-- the ones that point to drugs as well as the ones that point to financial greed and revenge. 

I hope you find the people who murdered Billy and Cheryl very very soon.  And I hope that they get put away for the rest of their natural lives without parole, regardless of the motive or motives for the murders.  And I hope that the truth will out.


                Yours in the struggle,

                   radical sapphoq

Friday, March 02, 2012

Twitter Rolls Over Beethoven Mini Surf Up

Well, well.  Larry the Twitter bird was forced to tweet the I.P. addys of Guido Fawkes, @p0isAn0n, @OccupyBoston and all of the folks who #BostonPD during a short week in December.  One wonders how many folks retweeted anything identified as #BostonPD.  Kudos to the ACLU for speaking out though.

On top of that, a twit who stated that he wanted to have S&M sex with a woman named Michele [why oh why?] will have his identity turned over to a grand jury.  If he had merely stated his intense infatuation with her and that he wanted to marry her, would his 140 word claim to fame had been adjudged a possible threat?

Lamar Smith's "Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act" is up, just biding its' wait time until the House of Rep can get to it.  And yes, it is just another way for the Government et. al. to spy on Joe Average or Not-So-Average Citizen.  Much as demanding the e-mails of the #BostonPD hash tag users who were either actively participating or retweeting a conversation under the guise of looking for possible criminals, this Act is just another witch hunt without any specific suspects being targeted.

In the interest of convenience to mili police departments everywhere and perhaps also to giant advertising corporations, Facebook's timeline will be mandatory by this time next week.  No opting out of that one.  Six days remain to purge anything that you don't want included on your timeline.  I sneer at Facebook.

Two Louisiana State University students weigh in on Anonymous-- one pro and one con-- for their school e-pub Isureveille.  Both students can be followed on Twitter of course. [ @TDR_dscheu and @TDR_ccrockett ]. 
     I don't think Anonymous deserves the National Security Agency designation of "terrorist organization."  Furthermore, the fact that a script kiddie can help bring down a website via a tool that he or she can download from the internet (without knowing a bit of code) is total FAIL on the parts of the folks who are in charge of making sure their company websites are not prone to attacks.  The problem is security vs. privacy.  Even large brand name companies have been found to be lacking in following common sense ideas.  Paypal's usage of plain text to store their customers' passwords springs easily to mind.  And I am supposed to trust that my ISP, Google +, and other sites are good at keeping my wallet info secure?  Uh, no.  That is ridiculous.   
     Comparing the hacking of websites to burning down a building is a bit of a stretch.  I find that to be a piss poor analogy.  Not too many revolutions are accomplished without bloodshed and destruction.  Many people have died for freedom.  And many more will.  I am willing to die for freedom.  Freedom is under attack these days.  The freedom that is under attack is much bigger than the sharing of information being circumscribed.  We need information in order to create change.  The status quo is against the free flow of information because the status quo wants to remain the status quo.  Business as usual is not okay.  Legislating morality: shoving the morality of corporations such as the Roman Catholic Church down the throats of their secular employees is not okay.  Corporate "personhood" should never trump an individual's conscience.  We the people need to know what the higher ups are doing.  Business as usual allows government figures to wiretap offices for their own purposes.  Business as usual does not want us to know about it.
     Over protests by business as usual, the Pentagon papers were published in book form designed for consumption by the general public.  Wikileaks gives anyone with access to a computer the ability to read what some governments and agencies would rather us not see.  Anonymous is a meme that points out the flaws in a system that very often divides people up on the bases of who they are and who they know and how much of the local currency they have been able to amass.

Against this backdrop of fouled tweets and bad legislation hiding under the coats of "oh but we must save the children" and the sharing of the poisoned NSA sacrificial well water, there arises songs for freedom as beautiful as those composed by Beethoven and his pet starling.  My own atheist non-soul was immediately won over by The Church of Reality website.  How refreshing it was for me to find this bastion of wisdom in the midst of other internet clutter!  The bird of freedom flown by the Church of Reality does not bear the first name of Larry.

This morning I also found the EFF's https add-on for Firefox and a list from 2007 of hosting sites that will stand by freedom of speech.  Although the list is old, I do plan to go through it with the idea toward finding a place to mirror my blogs and to move my blogs should that ever become necessary.

radical sapphoq says: radical sapphoq already said it today.  Scroll up.

Today is March 2, 2012.  Don't forget to participate in Black March:

Don't buy any books, cds, movies during the month of March.  Send a clear message to Big Hollywood that we resist any attempts to control where we go and what we do here on the Internet. 

Kudos to my s.o. who has decided to join the boycott in spite of not knowing what I am talking about most of the time.  Love ya, sweetie.