Thursday, May 31, 2007

Live Journal Strikes Out

Live Journal recently showed really poor judgment in getting involved with a group calling itself "Warriors for Innocence" [their main site is going deliberately unlinked due to the spyware infestations] which apparently should be renamed Warriors for Installationofspyware. A huge outcry penetrated the web right into such places as C/Net, Boing-Boing, and Perverted Justice [as of 5/30 and 5/31,P.J. noted that L.J. does not seem to know the difference between fanfic involving Harry Potter and real-life pedos who are into sex with children]. Live Journal suspended the accounts of individuals and communities involved with B.D.S.M., fanfic, rapefic, surviving childhood sexual abuse, and fashion right along with some folks expressing pedophilic ideas. And discussions about the novel Lolita. Then there was the "explanation" about interest lists equaling "I like _____." Stupid, stupid, stupid. Apologies are nice sometimes but it might take far more than that to fix this. Warriors for installationofspyware cross-posted a "Wall of Shame" to two of their blogspot sites.

There are many banners and icons floating around l.j. regarding the strikeout. Evie_dux over at has created the one that heads this post and she has some more that are very cool.

Reading through the blogspot sites [yes, plural] of those supposedly involved in ridding the net of pedophiles [links cited above] and following the profiles of those involved yields quite the picture of who these people are. The cursing is proficient [and I thought I was good at it] and there is name-calling of the variety that divides people into several camps-- fundie christians who are for what they are "doing," pedophiles, and pedoheads [--defenders of pedos, if I am reading this stuff correctly]. There are threats to "investigate," direct statements that this group of vigilantes will "follow" those who abandon Live Journal to other sites where the reporting and contact with advertisers will continue.

These people have no listing of resources for those who have been victimized by the pedos, no mission statement, no legalese, nothing that legit sites like Perverted Justice has in plain site. Ya know what, if I get listed as a pedohead for posting this blog, then so be it. I know who I am and what I am not.

Folks who have survived rape, folks who are fanfics, folks who are not straight or republican or a particular variety of literalist christian, folks who like Harry Potter, folks who have read the novel Lolita and want to discuss it, folks not deserve to be roped into the category of pedo, pedo-defender, or potential pedo.

Folks who are after kids for illicit sex [I will not call it "childlove" because it is not] whether on the internet or off the internet should be civilly committed for life, perhaps given housing on prison grounds within the gates. As for the rest of us, those of us who are civils, leave us the hell alone and we will do the same for you.

radical sapphoq

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who gave you YOUR medical degree?

I am in recovery. I have been continually clean for more than a quarter of a century.
Yes, I attend 12-step programs regularly.

I have blogging buddies who drink.
I have blogging buddies who use street drugs.
I have blogging buddies who do both.
I have blogging buddies who do neither.
I like them for who they are just fine.

I take pysch drugs as prescribed by one doctor filled by one pharmacy with no apologies to anyone.
If you are not one of my medical doctors, you don't get to tell me not to take them.
I was at a meeting once where well-meaning people told my friend to flush her psych meds down the toilet.
I was the one who took her to the emergency room sometime later to be admitted to the nutward.
Bad advice.

Pain meds are a necessity, period.
I used to work in a nursing home.
An older woman was dieing. She had leukemia.
She had refused all pain meds from the beginning of her illness.
She was screaming in pain.
The nurse tried to get her to accept a shot to ease her pain.
She would not do it.
She died screaming.

The kindest thing any health care professional can do for me on my deathbed
when my body is wracked with pain is to administer a morphine drip.
Other people are welcome to die screaming in pain.
I prefer not to, thank you very very much.

Cancer is painful.
Chemo is full of pain drugs.
Crohns's Disease is painful.
So is Degenerative Joint Arthritis as it progresses.
Guess what?
If I get one of those, I will take the pain meds.
I am not a martyr.

When I had my appendix out, I got put under.
When I had my severely impacted wisdom teeth out, the oral surgeon put me under.
when I got my nose fracture repaired, you can bet there was no way that I was going to consent to stay awake for that.
Medicine has come a very long way since using leeches for blood-letting.
And I am glad of it.
Five hundred years or so ago, appendicitis was a death sentence.

I am in recovery.
I have a few blogging buddies who are in recovery.
I have blogging buddies who aren't.
That is just the way I like it.
I celebrate diversity.

The highest insult that I can give another human being is to attempt to mold them into my image.

spike q.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am blessed 5/22/07

I feel blessed because 'a friend' has nominated our address to receive the special holy handkerchief made from paper [on loan]. It came all the way from Oklahoma along with a sealed bible prophecy and instructions to sleep with them by bedside, send the handkerchief and prayer request and donations to the church the next day, and only then to open the sealed bible prophecy.

Along with that, a certain guy named Jack T. has come out with a new cartoon tract called, "Fairy Tales?" In it, little Harry kills two classmates cuz they told him that the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny are lies. He goes to juvie hall and then later materializes on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list along with Osama Bin Laden. I won't spoil the ending for yas.

So I am indeed truly uh, blessed. I hope that the god of the gaps isn't too put out by me opening the special sealed bible prophecy before bedtime. Then again, they knew I was gonna do it.

radical sapphoq

Thursday, May 17, 2007


By now most of us know that Jerry Falwell has kicked the bucket. [It just might be time for me to break out my "Jerry Falwell is the Antichrist" button and sell it on e-Bay.] Wikipedia has an entry for him which now includes his date of death. The Positive Atheism site has two categories of Falwell quotes-- "scary" and "more reasonable." Jerry Falwell did not care for folks who aren't heterosexual, people with A.I.D.S., feminists, feminazis, the separation of church and state, stem cell research, or the A.C.L.U. Some of us hated him back when the A.I.D.S. crisis was hitting a peak, and hated him more for blaming 9/11 on us. Yep, I was one of the folks who mocked him for deciding that Barney the Dinosaur was demonic and for deciding that one of the Teletubbies was "gay." [Understand please that I don't have any special love for Barney the demonic dinosaur or for the Teletubbies. It's just that I think it might have been better for Jerry Falwell to attack the trash on television as a whole and in the movies rather than focusing on two innocuous cartoons of the G-rated variety. Anyone who is attempting to live a life apart from the world would do well to get rid of the one-eyed monster in their living room. Or at least limit its' worship.] Other folks loved him for calling things as he saw them according to his fundamentalist take on the christian bible.

The Positive Atheism site leaves out his apology given via C.N.N. shortly after his appearance on Pat Robertson's 700 Club. In his apology, Falwell makes a clear distinction between who was responsible for 9/11 [the terrorists] and who has helped to create a secular environment which led the American people away from his Savior [that be us]. Cal Thomas, a conservative and a Christian, presents a nice eulogy of the man. Public viewing arrangements have been set. I hope that all of us will remember to behave ourselves and not use a family's and a university's grief as a time to haul out the protest signs.

For any fools who are "glad" to see the death of an "adversary," please know this: Jerry Falwell is survived by two sons who are both ready and able to carry on his ministry. Wishing for the death of someone we don't particularly care for is an exercise in mental masturbation best left in childhood. There will be folks coming up after Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, George Bush, Jesse Jackson, and all the rest just as there will be folks coming up after us. Now is not the time to proclaim our superior thinking, religious or non-theistic viewpoints, or political ideology.

radical sapphoq

Sunday, May 06, 2007


San Francisco Mayor Newscom has made it clear that he does not want federal raids against illegal immigrants carried out in his city. He wants San Francisco to remain a sanctuary [as declared in 1989.] The problem remains that some legal immigrants are being snatched up and temporarily terrified. If that is indeed the problem, then the feds need to firm up their investigative units so that doesn't happen as much. There is no sanctity in hiding criminals. Prevention of natural consequences for bad behavior is enabling, illegal in this case, and probably downright unholy.

radical sapphoq