Tuesday, May 18, 2010

George and Lucien

*kudos to the mate for pointing this one out to me*


Baptist minister George Rekers with rentboy dot com Lucien on a ten day trip in Europe. For seventy five bucks a day, Lucien carried George's luggage-- and shared a hotel room, a couple of meals, eight hours, and possibly a daily hour of what has been called sexual massage albeit without the sex.

George Rekers is a co-founder of Family Research Council and was-- until after this particular story broke-- a board member of NARTH-- those folks that offer therapy to those gays who want to change over to the straight side of the streets. He also is "against" gay adoption. He maintains that he himself is not now or ever has been gay.

Lucien, the gay male escort, maintains that he only advertises his services on the rent boy site and that George did feel the heat when Lucien administered his sexual without the sex massages.

radical sapphoq maintains that if one is against gay adoption, then don't adopt a gay. Furthermore, George Rekers may indeed "not be gay." Some gay folks refer to this particular condition that George may have as "straight appearing and straight acting." Others prefer the phrase, "Bisexual perhaps."