Monday, October 27, 2008

The Presidential Race in the United States

I dislike both of them.

Obama has more of my issues but I don't believe he can give the country the leadership we need.
McCain has the leadership but I am sick of religion (specifically but not limited to fundamentalist Christianity) being pushed into politics and what is happening to the separation of church and state.

*I think we have to drill for oil within the United States while continuing to develop the technology that (hopefully one day) will enable us to become totally free from foreign oil sources, environmental groups be dammed.

*I think that a public education should be exactly that and non-sectarian in nature. I am opposed to the use of taxpayer funds for school vouchers.

*I am opposed to having an office for faith-based organizations and charities and stuff.

*I am opposed to the government giving any sort of money or grants of any nature to religious organizations that are involved in social services programs of any nature.

*I am opposed to the privatization of social security.

*I am opposed to allowing people who entered our country illegally to have a path to citizenship.

*I am opposed to providing illegal aliens with drivers' licenses and permission to stay on because they marry a United States citizen or have a baby on U.S. soil.

*I am opposed to forcing AIDS educators to talk only about abstinence as a way to prevent the transmission of HIV, both in our schools and abroad. I think that high school kids, with parental permission, should be told that no sex is the best however that condoms is one way that can prevent AIDS (but not all the time as rubbers do break). I think that adults in places where AIDS is a huge epidemic should be told about other options besides abstinence and to quit frucking monkeys if any of that is still going on. I think that anyone who contracts AIDS should be counseled to consider never having sex again or only having sex with someone else who has AIDS. If someone who has AIDS decides otherwise, they should definitely be taught safer sex practices if they don't know them and to be reminded about condoms, dental dams, and other forms of barriers. Furthermore, I think that men and women who engage in oral sex should be told about dental dams. Women together know about dental dams. Let's talk about sex. Oh, wait. More another time. I'm no Dr. Ruth.

*I am opposed to giving people new mortgages, especially those who were not credit-worthy in the first place when they got their loans. I understand that I don't know much about economics and that folks more qualified than I have other ideas about what to do with the world economic crisis.

*I am opposed to the crooks who helped to cause the crisis getting away with their huge salaries and no jail time.

*I am opposed to the government giving us tax stimulus checks although I am not rich enough to be able to afford to send mine back.

*I am opposed to all the so-called fixing that has been done to Medicare and this "donut hole" shit which causes much financial hardship among our senior citizens and disabled folks on Medicare.

*I don't know what should be done about the medical insurances stuff. I only know that something needs to be done.

*I am opposed to abortion except in cases of rape, incestuous rape, or to save the life of the mother. Although I am reluctant to go all the way with pro-life and outlaw abortion, I am equally reluctant to go all the way with pro-choice. A woman's life is valuable and a woman should be able to govern her own body.

*I am opposed to pharmacists not providing a pill to rape victims which would not allow the fetus to implant. I believe that once an egg and sperm unite, there is new life there. However, it is inexcusable that a pharmacist will not provide doctor-ordered medication to people on the basis of a religious belief. That a rape victim would have to travel to a different drug store is inexcusable. Better yet, let that pill be offered in every emergency room to every rape victim.

*The United States maintains a stabilizing military presence in many foreign places and the natives do not want us to leave. I believe that we should not pull out of Iraq all at once. I believe those decisions need to be made by military experts and not by the populace.

Nifty net polls tell me that the candidate who has the most of my issues (51%) is Ralph Nadar. I didn't even know he was running. I think I will write in my dog.