Friday, December 23, 2011

To the Vatican

 Dear Vatican, Popes, and all the rest:

     I have been educating myself about Rwanda and the genocide there in 1994.  You have claimed that actions of the individual are not necessarily condoned by Rome.  Allowing a priest who fled Rwanda to continue in priestly functions, i.e. work as a priest, in Florence UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME certainly seems like complicity to me.  Whether he calls himself Anthanase Seromba or Don Anastasio Sumba Bura, you surely cannot honestly claim not to have known what happened over there in Rwanda before showing up in Florence, Italy.  Did you think he fell from the sky?  Yeah, he turned himself in to answer charges of perpetrating [perceived] racial [actual] violence and murder.  But only under pressure by external sources.  Anthanase Seromba is where he belongs-- in a prison in Dabon serving out his life sentence for genocide and extermination.  No thanks to any of you.

                                    No Love,

                                    radical sapphoq,ICTR,,,48b690172,0.html

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